Baumann wmep top floor seminar 10 23-13


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Baumann wmep top floor seminar 10 23-13

  1. 1. ExporTech™ Proven Results for Export Growth October 23, 2013 Top Floor Technologies / Taking Your Website Global New Berlin, Wisconsin Roxanne Baumann, Director Global Engagement, WMEP
  2. 2. Next Generation Mfg Survey :  <50% of manufacturers believe Global Engagement is important.  75% of manufacturers rate their progress as furthest from world-class.  9 out of 10 manufacturers rate export sales growth as furthest from world-class. 2010 NEI – National Export Initiative – Double Exports in 5 years.
  3. 3. Betting your business on 5%? The New Realities: 95% of consumers are outside the US. Majority of middle class growth is outside the US.
  4. 4. 2013 WI Economic Future Study: Exports Not On Radar  37% of WI Mfrs have NO STRATEGY or PLAN  Only 41.5% felt export was important to success over next 5 years.  Only 17.9% felt they made progress towards world class.  Only 12.9% felt they had sufficient talent in place.  Only 20.2% had a greater than 25% increase in exports over the past 3 years.
  5. 5. Why Export?  Growth – Successful exporters grow 2.4 times faster; and fail less often than non-exporters.  Product Life Cycle – revitalize products at end of their cycle in fresh markets.  Risk Mitigation – better manage economy fluctuations.  JOBS!! • Exporters grow jobs 4x faster than non-exporters. • Export is job multiplier. • Exporters offer better opportunities for advancement • Exporters are 8.5% less likely to go out of business. ©WMEP 2012
  6. 6. The CEO conversation …Growth? Increase the Top Line Reduce Cost
  7. 7. Maybe I’ll…… Do nothing? Do it alone?
  8. 8. I need a plan!
  9. 9. Roger Bensinger, Prolitec
  10. 10. What Are My Options? Hire a consultant? 20-25K ROI? Will it work? ExporTech? < $2,500 Our team learns, buys-in, and gets proven results.
  11. 11. ExporTech™ Model
  12. 12. Rick Kettler, The Wagner Company
  13. 13. CEO Roadblocks Answered • ExporTech fast tracks you Getting My Arms to the best export markets Around It with an outcome, resultsbased roadmap that grows How would I do it… exports and drops $$ to even if I wanted to? your bottom line. How long before I • ExporTech has a proven ROI averaging 900K in 9 get my ROI? months. Unknown timeline • Averages 1.5 jobs created makes me fearful of • Averages 5 jobs retained investment!
  14. 14. CEO Roadblocks Answered Are the markets really there for my products? • ExporTech helps you sharpen your value proposition. • ExporTech focuses on market research to identify your top 34 countries for your products; with least risk; greatest ROI. • Wishing & hoping; dabbling & It’s nice when reacting only goes so far. these surprise international orders • ExporTech provides helps you craft a strategy to fast track arrive. Wish that you to customers and profits! would happen And you get a coach, too! more!
  15. 15. CEO Roadblocks Answered There are a lot of • ExporTech removes your risks with a solid plan. unknown risks • Connects you to the here. Wisconsin export community. I don’t want to lose • Experts vet your plan, to avoid costly mistakes. any money! Hmmm……. What’s the ROI Again? • ExporTech companies are averaging 900K in 9 months • ExporTech companies are adding average 1.5 new jobs. • ExporTech companies are retaining average 5 jobs
  16. 16. Future ExporTech™ events: Place Dates Appleton, FVTC Nov 12th, Dec 3rd, Jan 7th Waukesha, WCTC Dec 5th, Jan 9th, Feb 6th,
  17. 17. ExporTech™ contacts: Joni Geroux Outreach Program Manager UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center (715) 232-5270 office (715) 225-3446 cell Roxanne Baumann Director Global Engagement WMEP 262 442 8279 cell Follow me on Twitter @RoxanneBaumann