Ken Jurina - Keyword Research - PubCon 2012


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Ken Jurina’s presentation on Keyword Research to Pubcon in Las Vegas on October 17, 2012.

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  • Let’s face it, keyword research sucks. It’s long tedious work, and in the end there is no definitive “aha these are my 100% 8 phrases that make me money”, it’s grouping of phrases and thousands of phrase variations…and in the end you’re still guessing
  • There is no magic bullet. Right. You do keyword research and if your smart you know no one source is accurate so you look at more sources and more sources…
  • figuring “hey the more keyword research I do the more I’ll know what to optimize on…but the more research you do…
  • …the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know. Right? Because the long tail of phrases is like fucking long!
  • Some of the people there will be making a pile of money from a few short phrases, so you may want to change your wording so that this keyword research is a good addition and a way to get a better understanding of phrases that your competitors don’t even know exist.
  • Good for a few phrases, but difficult for a large dataset. Tell a story about how someone might come to getting their keyphrases, printing them off, then putting them up on a wall to analyze in person. Then animate in the image.
  • A lot more security and freedom/liberty phrases with Bush, more phrases about our time and now for Obama. Inaugural speeches have similar ingredients, but their recipes can vary. You can get some great insight into the variances by breaking them down to their component words.
  • Ken Jurina - Keyword Research - PubCon 2012

    1. 1. Keyword ResearchThinking Beyond the Phrase Ken Jurina President & CEO, Top Draw Inc. @kenjurina
    2. 2. Keyword Research Sucks
    3. 3. Keyword Research Sucks• No magic bullet – Keyword research tools are inaccurate. – At best “the numbers are just guides as to the popularity of terms relative to each other.” – Danny Sullivan
    4. 4. Keyword Research Sucks
    5. 5. Keyword Research Sucks
    6. 6. Let’s think beyond the phrase• Word Patterns• Word Co-occurrences• Niches• Tools
    7. 7. Let’s start with your site…• How many keyphrases does your website get traffic on? – How do you determine patterns?
    8. 8. You could…Option 1: Pattern match on keyphrases
    9. 9. Or, you could… Option 2: Pattern Match on WordsWhat would tip you off that you’re reading a Bush speech vs an Obama speech?
    10. 10. • Bush: security, freedom, liberty• Obama: our time and now
    11. 11. RomneyObama
    12. 12. Keyword Co-occurrences Insight into phrase variances via breaking them down to their component words.
    13. 13. Wholesale Candles
    14. 14. Fookes: NoteTab
    15. 15. Keyword Co-occurrences
    16. 16. Keyword Co-occurrences• Full article by Tom Schmitz• Compile a master table• Sort keyword: # of words, then by # of searches =LEN(TRIM(A1))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A1),” “,””))+(LEN(A1)>1)• Set aside relevant 1, 2 & 3 word phrases• Isolate optimization & Content Marketing opportunities• Automating & Scaling Keyword Research By Richard Baxtor
    17. 17. Google SuggestRemove Suggest Personalization (pws=0)
    18. 18. Product Suggest
    19. 19. Suggest – Expanded• Expand Google Suggest term by adding a, b, c…
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Keyword Expander
    22. 22. Keyword Expander Top 10 Google Suggest phrases for up to 100 keywords
    23. 23. Google Suggest API• Access via simple HTTP REST command: • toolbar&q=pubcon
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Keyword Research Tools 29 Tools for brainstorming a seed list - Quintura - Yahoo Search Assist Keyword popularity – Wordtracker - Trellian’s Keyword Discovery – Google Trends - Hitwise Competitive Intelligence – SEMrush - KeyCompete – Keywordspy - iSpionage - SearchMetrics - Spyfu
    27. 27. Thank You! Ken Jurina President & CEO, Top Draw Inc. @kenjurina Download Presentation