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What is the lifetime value of your blog posts? Does it seem like your old posts just wither and die, and you constantly need to feed your website with content to keep up the flow of visitors? Would you like to know which topics have an active audience that you could tap into? Adriel Michaud of Top Draw will provide tips and easily implemented strategies to help you attract more visitors and iron out roller-coaster type traffic.

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  • Obama bottom, Romney top
  • Who do you want on your website? Different types of keyphrases flag out different intent.
  • Who do you want on your website?
  • Who do you want on your website?
  • You’re looking for how competitive the phrase is by the quality of competition
  • You’re looking for how competitive the phrase is by the quality of competition
  • Site 1: no pictures or video, site 2 old as dirt with no recent updates, site 3 wikipedia
  • Google doesn’t just have webpages in results
  • How to promote your posts

    1. 1. OverviewGet the Most Out of Your PostsAdriel Michaud, Top Draw
    2. 2. Overview Getting Traffic to your Website • Writing posts that no one reads sucks
    3. 3. Overview
    4. 4. Overview Why don’t I write stuff that people are looking for, but doesn’t exist or isn’t great?
    5. 5. Overview Website To Do: 1. Keyphrase research and topic ideation 2. Optimizing Your Website 3. Building links and promoting your post 4. Differentiating your site 5. Measured results 6. Hippy crap
    6. 6. 1. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation
    7. 7. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation 1. Come in with an idea on what I want to write, but with an open mind. 2. I use Google Adword’s Keyword tool to compare what I think will be good and what Google sees people looking for. 3. Take note of other concepts or spins on the topic I want to hit. 4. Look for opportunities where there’s lots of the right people searching and few high quality websites out there on it.
    8. 8. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation User Intent Informational queries: • “How to water tomato plants”: 140 searches/month Symptomatic: • “Brown spots on tomato leaves”: 390 Transactional: • “Buy tomato plants”: 170 B2B • “Enterprise ready tomato processing solution”
    9. 9. Google Adwords Keyword Tool
    10. 10. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation Keyphrase Research “how to water tomato plants”: 140 “how to water tomato plant”: <10 (non plural) “watering tomato plants”: 590 (new keyphrase ideas) “tomato plant watering”: 73 (re-ordering of keywords) “watering tomato plants in pots”: 91 (niche) “watering tomatoe plants”: 22 (common misspellings)
    11. 11. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation Keyphrase Hit List Tomato plants: -how to -watering -outdoors -in pots/containers -over watering -tips -heirloom tomatoes
    12. 12. Keyphrase Research & Topic IdeationGoogle those phrases!
    13. 13. Keyphrase ResearchCan I compete? Strong competition: Wikipedia, exact match domains. Medium: exact match titles or categories or pages on strong sites Weak: forums, directories, etc
    14. 14. Keyphrase Research & Topic IdeationScope out the competitors/partners
    15. 15. Keyphrase Research & Topic Ideation Keyphrase Research Summary: 1. Throw your ideas into Google’s Keyword tool to validate and gain perspective. 2. Make a hitlist of keywords that you like from the keyword tool. 3. Check out the competition. 4. Understand your title, and some of the words you want to add in for spice.
    16. 16. 2. Optimizing Your Website: WordPress
    17. 17. Optimizing Your Website Why WordPress?
    18. 18. Optimizing Your Website Setup: Change your
    19. 19. Optimizing Your Website Setup: Permalink Results Before: After: Or install an SEO plugin like Yoast
    20. 20. Optimizing Your Website Apply keyphrases to: • Page title • URL (web address) • Headings • Subheadings • Images • Video
    21. 21. On posts:
    22. 22. 3. Building Links to your Website
    23. 23. Building Links and Promoting Your Posts Link Building from: • Those that link to your competitors • Vendors/Partners/Distributors • Geographically relative sources • Clubs/associations you belong to • Blogs, news sources focused on your industry • Press coverage • Other sites that show up in searches you want
    24. 24. Please, guv’nah. Link to my website.
    25. 25. Building Links and Promoting Your Posts
    26. 26. 4. Differentiating Your Site Taking things up a Notch
    27. 27. Taking Your Site up a NotchUniversal Search
    28. 28. Taking Your Site up a NotchImage Optimization Great images + proper tagging = image results domination
    29. 29. Taking your site up a notch
    30. 30. Taking your site up a notchGoogle+ Authorship
    31. 31. Taking your site up a notch Basic Application 1. Verified email matching the domain you’re applying for. • -> 2. Reciprocal links (from your G+ page to your site and vice versa)
    32. 32. More details:
    33. 33. Taking Your Site up a Notch Advanced Google Authorship Tips 1. Use a great head shot! 2. Link your G+ profile to your other social media profiles. 3. Start using Google+ more More info on optimal G+ headshots:
    34. 34. Taking Your Site up a NotchSchema and Special Markup (reviews, product info, business info, events, etc)
    35. 35. 5. Measured Results What’s working?
    36. 36. Measuring Results
    37. 37. Measuring Results
    38. 38. Measuring ResultsStart with my dashboard!
    39. 39. Summary • Find opportunities • Target them with (great) content • Diversify your keywords • Measure, and re-apply generously! It’s nice when your site drives traffic all on its own.
    40. 40. 5. Hippy Crap
    41. 41. Why Unique Searchable Content is so Cool! Humans regularly innovate or advance understanding in areas but don’t document or share their findings. When we make those findings searchable via our websites, we advance the collective of the human race which saves time, enhances knowledge, and solves problems.
    42. 42. Why Unique Searchable Content is so Cool!Took me 7 hours to fixThe other posts on this topic sucked30 minutes to blog (not Shakespeare)
    43. 43. Why Unique Searchable Content is so Cool! That post is now read by 400 unique visitors per month Assuming only 70% follow my advice, that post helps 280 people per month and assuming I’m an average mechanic, it takes a 7 hour task down to 1 hour for others. That’s 1680 hours saved each month, and 20,160 hours per year. Average hours worked per year per person: 1702. At the average US hourly earnings of $23.58/hr, that post is saving $475,372 per year.
    44. 44. The shortcut page This presentation: Google Adwords Keyword Tool: Google Authorship: Optimal Google+ Headshots: My Topical Google Analytics Dashboard: Other Schemas to try: