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Framing and reframing


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Published in: Education
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Framing and reframing

  1. 1. Creating value with a single loaf of bread A solution by Team #25858To Homework Challenge Three A Crash Course on Creativity
  2. 2. We began our project with a single loaf of egg bread
  3. 3. We converted half of our loaf to bread crumbs and the other half into bird-size bites
  4. 4. We then waited patiently, with ourcamera poised to capture our feathered friends
  5. 5. Until our “solution” gained popularity with our target audience, albeit VERY slowly
  6. 6. Clearly, our assumptions about the behaviorof our feathered friends were ambitious, at best And so we reframed our problem and changed our strategy
  7. 7. A ready-made feast for our feathered friends We took our valuable pieces of breadto the beach, in hopes of their being devoured
  8. 8. We located our target audience
  9. 9. Readied our camera,then captured their enthusiasm
  10. 10. And in less than three minutesour entire loaf of bread had been devoured
  11. 11. We created valueBased on the enthusiastic response from our feathered friends, we feltsatisfied that we had, indeed, created tremendous value from a single loaf ofbread. Too bad we didn’t have the means to capture their enthusiasm with atime lapse video! We hope that you have enjoyed our presentation.