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Toozla for Samsung Wave mock-up


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Toozla for bada demonstration

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Toozla for Samsung Wave mock-up

  1. 1. Toozla
  2. 2. Toozla is a location based service for travelers all over the World
  3. 3. Toozla uses GPS, A- GPS and Wi-Fi hybrid positioning approach, thanks to modern bada system
  4. 4. Remember, virtual informational spots surround you in any city.
  5. 5. You just need the relevant tool to access them. This tool has the name: Toozla.
  6. 6. Text, image and audio are delivered to you from each of these spots in automatic mode, when you pass by the sights. This is the ideal tool for sightseeing tours: you just run the application and can put mobile into the pocket - it tells you about the nearest objects.
  7. 7. The list of stories reflects all the stuff received.
  8. 8. Stories are delivered to you over internet; they are relevant to your age, sex, language.
  9. 9. Content depends on context, i.e. location and time.
  10. 10. The wizard helps you to setup your basic preferences at the first run of applet.
  11. 11. Content is combined into streams, and you can subscribe/ unsubscribe any kind of information.
  12. 12. Want to share your opinion and anchor it to your current position - it can be done just in a second!
  13. 13. Application currently works on the following platforms: iPhone, Android, Nokia Java Samsung bada 1.200.000 + audio stories 20 + languages Works outdoor where mobile internet is available