Tootifruity.Com-The Social Network For Teenagers


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Tootifruity a social network for teenagers.Meet people online,chat, date and make new teenage friends online from all around the world. Join on and meet new people online

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  • wow! its very nice teen social network. it's very helpful for teen chatting.
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Tootifruity.Com-The Social Network For Teenagers

  1. 1. Tootifruity.Com The Social Network For Teenagers
  2. 2. About Tootifruity Tootifruity is a social network that enables teenagers to make new friends locally and globally. We are the first social network designed to enable teenagers to make new friends, flirt, date, video chat and share interests with other teenagers. Whether you wish to make new friends in your home city or in a completely different country we offer a local and global community of teenagers to socialise with and make new friends
  3. 3. Playing Fliks On Tootifruity Fliks is an interactive game that allows you to quickly see thousands of other teenagers profiles and then enables you to choose those that interest you. You can "Like" or skip the profiles and choose who you wish to chat to or who you just might fancy.
  4. 4. Meet Teenagers Nearby Tootifruity is more than just a teenage social network. It's been especially designed for teenagers. We are constantly working on to make it better for you. The site is 100% free. The only thing you need is your charm and a desire to meet new and interesting people of your own age. Create yourself a profile today and start meeting new people! .
  5. 5. Make New Friends Tootifruity is the fastest growing global network for meeting new teenagers and making new friends. Chat, exchange messages, post photos, browse profiles and photos, and hotlist new friends playing Fliks.
  6. 6. Teen Chat We are your #1 source for free chat and video chat for teenagers. Meet teenagers at where teenagers can meet new people online from all over the world. Make a new friend today. Tootifruity is just for teenagers and we are committed to keeping a safe environment for you to chat and communicate with other teens both local and globally.
  7. 7. Free Video Call Video Call is now available for tootifruity users. It is important to be able to take a snapshot of the other user on video chat for safety reasons. Anyone who is unable or unwilling to show their face to you should be taken as a warning. They may not be who they claim to be and/or may be much older than they claim on their profile. Do not take any chances. If the other person wishes to hide their identity from you on video chat then report the user to Tootifruity and give them a poor feedback score to warn other Tootifruity users.
  8. 8. Follow Us