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Ring Central Hosted Vo Ip


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Hosted VoIP for small businesses fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook Contacts

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Ring Central Hosted Vo Ip

  1. 1. Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 239 New Road Parsippany, NJ 07054 Phone (973) 244-1470 Fax (973) 582-0320 WWW.INTERCS.COM Email: Offering Hosted VoIP as an Affiliate: IP Telephony Solution for Small Size Businesses Based on RingCentral Hosted VoIP Summary Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony or Voice Over IP (VoIP) enables you to make voice calls via your Local Area Network (LAN), your Wide Area Network (WAN) and the internet. When you have an office where you want people to transfer calls to each other, or put an incoming call on hold, check if another colleague is available, and then transfer an incoming call, then you will need a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Since you want to reduce your phone bill with 50%, you will want an IP PBX using VoIP. Since an IP PBX is minimum $2,000 and since you may have only 2-5 people in your office, you may want a cheaper alternative. A hosted VoIP solution is such an alternative. In the hosted VoIP solution, the IP PBX is at the premises of the Hosted VoIP provider such as Ring Central. You will have to pay only for the VoIP phone service monthly and one time for the IP Phones. If you have 3 extensions, your monthly bill will be about $60, and your 3 phones will cost $240 in total. You will need some help to set up your phones and your service. Also you want to set up the auto attendant menu properly for your business. Internet Customer Solutions can set all this up for you using Ring Central VoIP. We also provide training and support. If you are interested in this very economic solution, please call us at 973 244 1470. We will then enable your order via the following web link: 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 1 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  2. 2. Features Internet Phone Service for small business The RingCentral virtual phone system with a Toll Free 800 numbers delivers all the power of a “big company” system but with no hardware to buy and nothing to maintain. It’s an ideal telecommunications solution for mobile professionals, home offices and small companies. Set up in minutes When you sign up for RingCentral, you immediately get your own Toll Free 800 or a Local Area Code phone number that serves as your business’ “front door” – Or, you can transfer your existing phone number into RingCentral and enjoy the same features that help you effectively manage your business communications. Now you can answer calls on your existing mobile, home and office phones, or even on your PC. You can also use RingCentral to send and receive faxes, automatically route calls to any member of your team regardless of their location and provide callers with an auto-attendant (e.g., “Push 1 for sales, 2 for shipping, 3 for billing,” etc.) and a dial-by- name directory. Phone system that grows with your business RingCentral gives you the flexibility to easily configure your virtual phone system to match your needs, whether you work alone or with a team. As your company expands you can add extensions for new employees, create departments and connect remote offices. 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 2 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  3. 3. Upgrade your company’s professionalism over the phone RingCentral gives your business a “big company” image and a competitive edge. You can welcome callers with professionally recorded custom greetings, on-hold music and promotional announcements Software Users or extensions, and calling features can be configured via a web interface that looks as follows: 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 3 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  4. 4. The RingCentral call Controller or softphone enables you to make calls from your PC or to receive calls. It looks as follows: 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 4 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  5. 5. For outgoing calls, the Call Controller is integrated with MS Outlook Contacts so that calls can be made either from your Call Controller or from your MS Outlook Contact in MS Outlook Contacts. For incoming calls, you can opt to have the caller information show up automatically from your MS Outlook Contacts. 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 5 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  6. 6. Because you can make calls directly from MS Outlook Contacts, and you see the MS Outlook Contact information of the caller when a call comes in, you can now take notes of your customer conversation in the MS Outlook Contacts Notes section. You can also schedule new appointments, new tasks (calls), new meetings or a new email in the Action section of MS Outlook Contacts. You can share all this with other colleagues via MS Outlook with Business Contact Manager, or via MS CRM (Online) with other people. Hardware 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 6 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  7. 7. The Linksys 922 A Full-featured Business Class VoIP Phone Stylish and functional in design, the Linksys 922 VoIP Phone is tailor-made for a hosted phone service. As a full-featured business phone, the Linksys 922 includes speakerphone, caller ID, call hold, conferencing and more. “Plug and Ring” ready, the Linksys 922 arrives fully configured and ready to help you take your business communications to the next level. Competitively priced Linksys 922 VoIP Phones are available right now at the promotional rate of only $59.99/phone, a savings of almost 50%. Loaded with business features • Line Status—Active Line Indication, Name and Number • Menu-Driven User Interface - Multiple Languages Supported • Digits Dialed with Number Auto-Completion • Full-Duplex Speakerphone • Call Hold • Call Waiting • Caller ID Name and Number (only if name is in directory/contact list) • Outbound Caller ID Blocking • Call Transfer—Attended and Blind • Call Conferencing • Automatic Redial • On-Hook Dialing • Call Swap • Call Back on Busy • And more… RingCentral is also explained in the following online videos: • Overview: • Faxing: • RingCentral iPhone Application: Benefits The savings of VoIP are enormous, and are as follows: 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 7 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  8. 8. • Cost Savings o Part Savings: About 50% in a new building.  Only voice wires for needed for analog phones. IP phones use the existing data wires. So, a lot less voice wiring needed.   No more a PBX. This is a huge savings!  No more new business cards and stationery when employees move to a new area code since they can take the phone number with them or, an IP PBX can forward calls to their new extensions o Labor Savings: About 50% in a new building.  Less installation costs. Less voice wire purchasing. Less voice wire installation, testing and maintenance. Existing data wires should suffice. The phone wiring nightmare is past.  Less maintenance costs. No more telecommunications department since the data networking group can take care of all IP Telephony. IP telephony maintenance is much easier than with the traditional phone set up. Moves, adds and changes of a phone set just involve a change in the IP Telephony database.  Less expensive development of screen pop up or data directed call routing applications. o Phone service savings: Dramatic savings.  No more surprising phone bills. However, you may need to upgrade your internet connection to a T1 to accommodate the additional IP voice calls. Telco cost for phone numbers is about $40/phone number. You can keep your existing phone and fax numbers.  No more toll or domestic long distance call fees and no more T1 voice channels to remote branches. An intranet data network enables your IP PBX to reach all these branches while bypassing phone companies.  Less travel phone costs since a digital phone adapter or a PC softphone can be hooked up to the internet in a hotel or hot spot for a low fee or for free. • Revenue generation • Higher work productivity for employees. o Integration with MS Outlook or Webmail enables your employees to dial from MS Outlook or Webmail, to send and retrieve text email, voice mail and faxes all from the same application. Incoming calls could pop up automatically the callers information that is in your MS Outlook or Webmail or any other business application. All information will be now at my fingertips and eartips so that I can make faster a decision and avoid the creation of delays and errors. o Conferencing can be done by employees without any help o Voice recording has now become easy to do. Recorded voice clips can now be easily forwarded to others so that they can listen to it anytime anywhere. o “Follow Me” enables an employee to have the IP phone call be forwarded to the phone at hand, be it the office phone, cell phone or home phone. An employee will never miss a call if this is needed. • Better customer service. o Virtual contact centers can now be set up much easier and cheaper. Calls can be forwarded based on the required skills to the right agent 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 8 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc
  9. 9. anywhere in the world via the internet. Complex issues will be handled timely by the right expert even when he/she is on the road. o On websites, you will be able to just click on a phone number to dial that phone number. Of course the website has to enable this. o On websites, live chat or Click to Phone Me will be much easier to implement Why Choose Internet Customer Solutions, Inc? Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. has uniquely positioned itself in the market by: • Offering a total Internet solution which is customized for your business, but will also save you a lot of money • High quality design of applications, networks and VoIP • Strong experience with databases, E-Commerce and VoIP • Well documented proposals, good project management and support commitment Other Services Some of our other customized services include: • Website development • Web store (E-Commerce) development • Business to Consumer • Shopping Cart capabilities • Secured credit card information transfer • Business to Business • Purchase order submission • Order form transmission • Web application development • Implementing and customizing Microsoft CRM and ERP packages • Web access service (T1, DSL) • Website and email hosting • Networking (LAN, WLAN, WAN) I would like very much to meet with you to discuss the many ways Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. can provide your company with a world-class IP Telephony Solution. Based upon your requirements I will be happy to submit a proposal for your consideration. Regards, Your Sales Contact 9/21/2009 Copyright to Internet Customer Solutions, Inc. 9 ringcentralhostedvoip-12535592682194-phpapp01.doc