Workshop compentency based lessons perigueux toon (2)


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How to design your lesson as a competency based assignment? By Toon Rekkers professor of competency based and online teaching at Koning Willem I College in the Netherlands.

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Workshop compentency based lessons perigueux toon (2)

  1. 1. Generating Competency Based Lessonsin a structured way, with simple tools. Concepts for a Successful Self-Organized Learning, 11-15th May, Périgueux (France). Toon Rekkers
  2. 2. Agenda of the workshopKnowledge ( 15 minutes) Example: competency based lessons for IT Flashback: about how do we learn? Tips: helpful tips for competency based lessonsSkills (Brainstorm) (60 minutes) Creative hands-on about lessons (from you)Peformance (45 minutes) Show us what you created.
  3. 3. Publishing in WindowsAn example of a competency based project (series of lessons) from our IT Department Publishing in Windows (see next slides)
  4. 4. Publishing in Windows homepage
  5. 5. Publishing in Windows project
  6. 6. Publishing in Windows competences
  7. 7. Publishing in Windows customer 1
  8. 8. Publishing in Windows customer 2
  9. 9. Publishing in Windows selfassesor
  10. 10. Publishing in Windows assignment 1
  11. 11. Publishing in Windows assignment 2
  12. 12. Flashback: What is a competency? (changing the oil) Knowledge: Attitude/Competence: Skills: Performance:
  13. 13. Flashback: How do we learn? Self Organized Competence (do) Skills (can) Knowledge (know) Strong Guided TimeStart Exams
  14. 14. Flashback: How do students learn? Self Organized Competence (do) Skills (can) Knowledge (know) Strong Guided Time Start Exams
  15. 15. Tips: Positioning assignments and lessons Self Organized Competence (do) Practical assignments Skills (can) Series of lessons Theoretical assignments Practical lessons Knowledge (know) Strong Guided Theoretical lessons Time Start Exams
  16. 16. Tips: Conceptual or integratedConceptual;(guided) Integrated;Courses: (know) (self organized) Knowledge (facts) theoretical assignments Theoratical lessons practical assignments Instructional lessons Projects: (know/can/do)Training: (can) (Competencies) Skills (cognitive) 1 Case studies Practical simulation 2 Masterproof (practical lessons)Project: (series of lessons)(DO) 3 Reflection
  17. 17. Questions to be answered before we design a competency based lesson or assignment.• What is the key competence? – Maths, Science/Technology , ICT?• What is the workprocess? – Calculations, Experiments, Installing?• Which perfomance indicator? (What the student needs to …know, can or do?) – Which knowledge do we need? – Which skills are requiered? – Which (and how) competencies must be accomplished?And at what ‘reference’ level!?!?
  18. 18. Integrated learning route Lesson/Project/Case Study Competence Knowledge Skills
  19. 19. Conceptual learning route Knowledge Skills Competence CAN DO KNOWLesson/Course Lesson/Training Lesson (s)(series of) Project
  20. 20. The Brainstorm
  21. 21. The Brainstorm
  22. 22. The Brainstorm
  23. 23. The Performance