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MozTW 離線報


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MozTW 離線報,在 COSCUP 活動上發送!
建議各位可以下載來閱讀,因為似乎不適合在 Slideshare 上閱讀。

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MozTW 離線報

  1. 1. Mozilla Taiwan !doctype html> <html> <head> <script> function updateOnlineStatus(msg) { var status = document.getElementById(status); 離線報 var condition = navigator.onLine ? ONLINE : OFFLINE; status.setAttribute(class, condition); var state = document.getElementById(state); state.innerHTML = condition; var log = document.getElementById(log); log.appendChild(document.createTextNode(Event: + msg + ; status= + condition + n)); } function loaded() { updateOnlineStatus(load); Offline Paper document.body.addEventListener(offline, function () { 2008.08.23 MozTW at COSCUP. InDesign by Toomore. Foxmosa Designed by 他踢的. Firefox® is a registered trademark of the Mozilla Foundatio</script> </head> </html>