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  • My name is Amy Toombs, I am the Librarian at TA Howard Middle School in Mansfield ISD\n
  • Start w/ video-- powerful way to illustrate the importance of integrating technology into the classroom`\nThis video illustrates the reality of the information economy for us and for our students (5 minutes)\n
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  • Today’s students expect to create, consume, remix, and share information with each other and the world\n
  • Our job as educators is to prepare our students to compete in a global information economy by thinking critically. Computation is for machines, innovation will be the key to success in the future.\nOur goal with this project was to combine technology and higher order thinking to produce a digital portfolio.\n\n
  • Today we’re going to present our project idea and some examples of student work, an overview of the Web 2.0 tools that made this project possible, and end with a discussion of copyright restrictions related to publishing material on the web.\n
  • This project will take up the better part of six weeks. Be sure to locate multiples (at least 4 or 5) of the books you will assign well before the project begins. Partner with your librarian, department head, and other campuses (believe me, they have books they aren’t using!) to come up with your selections\n
  • Inviting each group to their own wiki means anyone can view it, but only they/you may edit\nRemember, students must have a valid email address to accept the invite.\n\nExplain the assessments prior to reading. Students will know what the expectation is and where to focus as they read. All projects will be completed with input from everyone in the group; project manager is responsible for posting drafts, soliciting input and revisions, and posting the final product by the due date.\n
  • A quick note about assessments; technology can make even the worst, most basic factual recall look impressive by presenting it in a visually appealing way; Wordle and/or Tagxedo are great examples. \n\nIf an assignment is not designed with critical thinking in mind, the use of technology doesn not make it GT level work. A poorly designed assignment is just that, whether it looks pretty or not. \n
  • This is an example of little input, big output. It’s safe to say that this is visually appealing, but the sad fact is it took me about five minutes of Googling, copying, and pasting to create. Choose assessments carefully and use Web 2.0 tools for a fresh way to present information.\n
  • That said, our assessments were as follows:\n\nBook Trailer~Students used persuasive media techniques to promote their book to an audience \n\nBook Review~Students analyze plot, setting, and theme, evaluating the effectiveness of each and rating the overall appeal of their book\n\nTheme~Students demonstrate deep understanding of theme by generating and ranking a list of thematic words for their novel\n\nLiterary Terms~ Students use a Power Point presentation to demonstrate knowledge of literary techniques used, as well as provide example phrases and appropriate imagery\n\nCharacterization~ Students demonstrate thorough understanding of a character by creating an “all about me” poster from that character’s point of view.\n\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
  • We matched those assignments with the following tools:\n
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  • Your hub wiki is your teacher or classroom wiki, and is essential for a number of reasons:\nIt allows you to post assignment details, due dates, rubrics, and FAQs. \nWe also added a tutorial page linking to howtos for each tool that we located on YouTube.\nYour hub wiki will also serve as a gateway to your students’ portfolios \n\n
  • I also highly recommend creating an example wiki in which you complete mini versions of the assignments your students will complete using a book you’ve recently read\n\nYou don’t necessarily have to show your students the example you created; it is a useful exercise whether you use it for demonstration or not.\n
  • And now to the tools! Wikispaces is a free, easy to use wiki; a wiki of course is a webpage that allows members to update and change content.\n
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  • Animoto in their own words “creates killer video from your images automatically” Again, free.\n
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  • Audacity, also free : ) allows you to create and edit MP3 files of whatever you choose; music, a voice, whatever.\n
  • Tagxedo is an application for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.\n
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  • Interactive postering program. Insert words, images, video, even sound. \n
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  • Unfortunately, a hazard of posting work on the web is that lots of people outside the classroom will be able to see it, making copyright extraordinarily important as far as this project is concerned\n
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  • The work products created by your student groups (and you!) will be published to, and accessible on, the Internet. Copyright law must be followed very carefully; this is very different form just creating a ppt and presenting to classmates. \n
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  • 21st Century Literature Cirlces TAGT

    1. 1. 21st Century LiteratureCirclesConnecting students and reading throughWeb 2.0 technologies
    2. 2. MelanieBeckettEnglish II TeacherTimberview High SchoolMansfield ISD
    3. 3. AmyToombs LibrarianT.A. Howard Middle SchoolMansfield ISD
    5. 5. What DOES it all mean?
    6. 6. Today’s students expecttocreateconsumeremix& share information with each other and the world
    7. 7. Our partprepare students to compete in today’s globalinformation economyteach students to think critically; technology isadvancing and information is changing at anincredible paceComputation can and will be done by machines;innovation is the key IMAGINATION IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN KNOWLEDGE ~EINSTEIN
    8. 8. ObjectivesThe project (21st Century Literature Circles)The toolsCopyright issues
    9. 9. In the beginningLocate a selection of books available in multiplecopies (we used B of B)Create student groupsCreate educator accounts for Web 2.0 toolsCreate “hub” wiki and play/experimentMake sure students already have (or will establish)a working email account
    10. 10. And thenAssign a novel to each group or print summaries/reviews and allow students to self selectCreate a new wiki for each group/book; “invite”only those group members to their wikiProvide an overview of each major portion of theprojectStudents assign project managers
    11. 11. Lipstick on a pigdon’t commit the “little inputs, big outputs” errorassessment design is critical!Take a great assessment and make it better byadding technologyDon’t use a poor assessment and make it prettyby adding technology!
    13. 13. Our AssessmentsBook TrailerBook ReviewThemeLiterary TechniquesCharacterization
    14. 14. Our Tools
    15. 15. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto
    16. 16. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto Book Review~ Audacity
    17. 17. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto Book Review~ Audacity Theme~ Tagxedo
    18. 18. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto Book Review~ Audacity Theme~ Tagxedo Literary Terms~ PPT/Slideshare
    19. 19. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto Book Review~ Audacity Theme~ Tagxedo Literary Terms~ PPT/Slideshare Characterization~ Glogster
    20. 20. Our Tools Book Trailer~ Animoto Book Review~ Audacity Theme~ Tagxedo Literary Terms~ PPT/Slideshare Characterization~ Glogster and, of course, the wiki~ Wikispaces
    21. 21. What is a wiki?A wiki is a Web site that allows users to add andupdate content.The term “wiki” comes from the Hawaiian phrase,“wiki wiki,” which means “super fast”.A great example of a large wiki is the Wikipedia, afree encyclopedia in many languages that anyonecan edit. DEFINITION COURTESY OF TECHTERMS.COM
    22. 22. TEXT
    23. 23. “Hub” wikiYour teacher, or classroom wikiA central location for assignments & otherdocuments,important dates, rubrics, FAQsA gateway to your students’ completed portfolios CHOOSE CAREFULLY WHEN NAMING YOUR WIKI
    24. 24. Create an exampleExperience with the programs your students willbe usingUnderstanding of how the assignment reflectslearning, time to tweakExperience creating/navigating a wiki CHOOSE A BOOK YOU’VE READ AND/OR TAUGHT RECENTLY
    25. 25. Wikispaceshttp://www.wikispaces.com/by verifying your wikias educational, youcan eliminateadvertisements (free!)Hub wiki
    26. 26. wikispaces tutorial(s)
    27. 27. Animotohttp://animoto.com/educationCreate an Animoto forEducators accountJeckyll & Hyde BookTrailer
    28. 28. animoto tutorial
    29. 29. Audacityaudacity.sourceforge.net/Download and installDownload and installlame mp3 encoderCall of the Wild review
    30. 30. Tagxedowww.Tagxedo.comcreates word cloudsfrom the text that youprovideDoes not require usersto create an accountElijah of Buxton ThemeTagxedo
    31. 31. tagxedo tutorial
    32. 32. Glogsterhttp://edu.glogster.com/Create a Glogster foreducation accountElijah of BuxtionCharacterization Poster GLOG BY SUNNYNICOOOOLE. HTTP:// SUNNYNICOOOOLE.GLOGSTER.COM/
    33. 33. glogster tutorial
    34. 34. A word about copyrightUsing someone else’swork, whether it bewords, images, sounds,or video without givingcredit to that person isPLAGIARISMYou MUST give credit toany person or entitywhose work you use overthe course of this project IMAGE COURTESY OF MEINWORDS.WORDPRESS.COM
    35. 35. A FAIR(Y) USE TALE
    36. 36. PublicDomain all works used will be in thepublic domain (aka “royaltyfree” or “copyright free”)this does not mean you VARLAN, HORIA. LARGE COPYRIGHT GRAFFITI SIGN ON CREAM COLORED WALL. FLIKR. HTTP://WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/HORIAVARLAN/4273272605/don’t have to cite yoursource...
    37. 37. Citationalways give the VARLAN, HORIA. LARGE COPYRIGHTauthor’s name, if GRAFFITI SIGN ON CREAMknown COLORED WALL. FLIKR. HTTP:// WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/ HORIAVARLAN/4273272605/state the website orservice where the Last Name, Firstimage was located Name. Website. URL.give the URL for theimage
    38. 38. Amy MelanieToombs Beckettamytoombs@misdmail.org melaniebeckett@misdmail.orgPRESENTATION AVAILABLE AT SLIDESHARE.COM
    39. 39. http://beckettschilis.wikispaces.comhttp://beckettsbulletin.wikispaces.com
    40. 40. Session Code HERE