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A guide to the best way to tile your house!

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Be gone boring_bathroom_tiles

  1. 1. Be Gone Boring, the Right Bathroom Tiles Spice Things Up!! Gone are the days of basic white tiles and hospital like designs. The bathroom can be an oasis of spa delights for those that choose to take it up a notch. The tiles that you choose to elevate the room can make all the difference. While ceramic tiles are still the most economical option for home owners, they now come in a succulent variety of colours and shapes that allow creativity to flourish. There are no limits to the variety that you can choose. One basic colour with an additional colour thrown in here and there as an accent, checkerboard wall pieces, and accent colour borders and shapes provide spectacular interest. Bathrooms can be modern black and white, or sensual with the addition of some lipstick red. There are beautiful blues that create a watery room, and outdoor greens that can take the bathroom into a fun fishing or cabin theme. The hottest trend in bathroom tile is the use of natural colours and stone. The warm colours of the Grand Canyon, in rich oranges, rusty reds, browns and beiges can turn your interiors into a welcoming and relaxing paradise. Adding the natural stone elements to a waterfall shower and garden window tub can complete the picture. These options are much more expensive, but for those that can afford the luxury it is certainly worth it. Kitchens and bathrooms are the main selling points for homes and the importance of a relaxing and pleasant environment should not be forgotten. There are many wonderful resources online, in magazines, or on television for those that are looking for photo inspiration and ideas to revive an old or outdated bathroom style. Sometimes a creative
  2. 2. approach or a few decadent details is all that it takes to turn a boring bathroom into a pleasant designer show piece. Using sculpted border or accent tiles is another way to step things up. These tiles are usually much more expensive than the basic tiles, but you usually don't need to use many of them to make a statement. Creating a line half way between the sink top and the mirror is the typical placement but with tile, anything goes. These accents come in all types of textures, colours and designs. Some have designs painted on them, and others are splendidly sculpted to look like handcrafted clay work. Antique Italian tiles are available and though pricey provide an unbeatable elegance and richness to the room. Many bathroom remodel jobs use a basic tile for the largest parts of the room, and then invest in special accent pieces to bring the design together. Be sure to purchase all of the necessary vapor shielding and base products for installing bathroom tiles as well as actual bathroom qualified tiles to avoid deterioration of your tiles and an expensive and messy repair in the future. There are tiles designed specifically for the walls, floors and for interiors of the shower and tub, you will want to be sure to choose your tiles from the proper categories for the best results. If you are new to tiling, you may want to seek the help of a professional to install the tiles for you. We offer a full range of tools to help you remove, replace and add tiles – please see: