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  1. 1. March 3, 2011 PowerPoint Skill Creating Mental Models Checklist Beginner:  Background: layout,Why use PowerPoint – research on effectiveness-Consider possible use, application, UDL template, slide color-Explain the PowerPoint behind the scenes using a Whiteboard scheme  Text with different Demo of Action Settings and Buttons, colors and fonts Student reports– Rainforest & On the Job  Large font Cause & Effect – Fireworks  Clip art and drawings Coloring Books – Hats & Captain Underpants with modifications – Using animation- Learning Colors by Beth color, size, cropped Creating a quick slide show from picture file – My cat  Word Art Mental Models & Concepts – Zoo story, examples/not  View & arrange: Interactive Story – Drakes Day of Decisions by Dana or Frog Using Slide Master Self-checking quizzes – Getting dressed by Jennifer  Photo and image from Adding Sounds – My House by Greg the web Integration with movies - Add Effects (.mov vs. .mpg)  Slide Transitions PowerPoin  Animations  Sounds t as Assistive Tech – talking story book pdf file Advanced:  Movies Saving PowerPoint and putting it on Slideshare, Google Docs  Animation Adding actual ppt to the wiki  Charts  Action ButtonsResources:  HyperlinksGame format for review – Jeopardy, Millionaire, Squares.  Non-linear presentation  Feedback and LinkingInpics  Vox ProxyNO GAMES FOR YOUR LESSON/Skill 6  Pack & GoAssignments Due - March 17 Work on Project Finish all assignments due to date, write lessons, include UDL Create other lessons – remember you have three FREE choice tech lessons in your unit. Review concepts in Teaching Every Student. Skill 5: Lesson plan with Word processing Develop an activity following the example provided in class, using a word processor. Develop the activity so that the students use features of the word processor AND practice a skill related to your unit. The activity plan should include follow the barebones lesson plan on opposites found at: Skill 6: Create Powerpoint and Lesson plan – as a check up send me the whole lesson plan Both will be labeled with your name and skill6 because they are different kinds of documents. DO NOT DO SUBMIT A JEOPARDY OR OTHER GAME from a template. Include approximately at least 10 pages in PowerPoint Include some element of example, not examples for teaching – you can have two PowerPoints Include non-linear elements: quiz with checking, coloring activity, cause/effect, interactive story a. background- with different schemes b. word art, graphics, buttons, and text effects AND at least one sound d. transition effects & build animations e. a “hot-link” to an web site
  2. 2. f. action buttons for non-linear accessg. digital images