Barebones lesson for 750 ela example


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Lesson example on opposites

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Barebones lesson for 750 ela example

  1. 1. Lesson  on  Opposites  1.  PrePlanning:    Objective:   Given a word processed document with certain words underlined, the student will highlight each word and change the word to a word with an opposite meaning at 100% accuracy. Depending on the student’s skill level, students will be presented with different documents and number of words underlined.Materials:   Computer with projection of the paragraphs for editing Smartboard- notebook activity with opposites Or PowerPoint show with opposites – focus on using the words and not pictures2.  Lesson  Opening:     Today we are going to continue to work on our writing. Have you ever read a book and loved the way that that author described a person, a room, place or event. They probably used a lot of descriptive words to set the mood. One way you can work on the words you use is to think about words and then think about words that mean the same – synonyms and words that are opposites – antonyms. We have already worked on synonyms. Today we are going to work on antonyms. You can write something one way and then use opposite words to change the mood or place totally. Another time we use opposites or antonyms is when we are talking to someone and we have a different opinion from the one they have. Both synonyms and antonyms help use understand what we read and also help us be better writers. Now that everyone has a blog using kidsblog you want to be sure that you are using the correct words to describe the event you are posting. At the end of this lesson you will have more practice with antonyms.4.  Lesson  body:    Part 1MODEL:     Examples and not examples of antonyms These are antonyms, they mean the opposite Bad- good These are antonyms, they mean the opposite Happy- sad These are antonyms, they mean the opposite Mad – peaceful These are antonyms, they mean the opposite Asleep – awake These are antonyms, they mean the opposite Crying – laughing
  2. 2. These are NOT antonyms, they don’t mean the opposite Handsome – beautiful These are NOT antonyms, they don’t mean the opposite Cloudy – overcast Discuss the words, their meanings and then the pairingLEAD:  Teacher  guided  problems/discoveries  (guided  practice)   Have students provide a word and see if others can give an oppositePart 2MODEL:    Now  I  am  going  to  show  you  a  paragraph  that  has  been  word  processed  The boys were very sad as they lost their soccer game. They were not going tocelebrate tonight. They all went home and went to bed.Now watch how I am going to change this:The girls were very happy as they won their baseball game. They were not going tocelebrate today. They all went out for pizza and went to play video games.Notice that sometimes there is not one word that means the opposite but in writingwe might have to put in more than one word. Also we are leaving important editingskills in our word processor when we do this activity as you are learning to highlightthe word and then type the new word.LEAD:      Here  is  another  paragraph  that  together  we  will  find  words  that  we  can  turn  into  an  opposite.  The pirate ride was very scary. The little boy hid under the seat be away from themon the boat.TEST:      Now I have set up the computers in the room with a file for each student. When it isyour turn to go to the computer open your file and change each underlined word tothe opposite. Students will have individual word files with different paragraphs,reading levels and number of words underlined.DIFFERENTIATION:  All students will use the computer to complete this activity but some students will beable to use text-to-speech, special spell checkers, word prediction, or voice input.
  3. 3. 5.  Lesson  closing:    Remember that we are working on opposites or antonyms today. When it is your turntoday you will complete your paragraph and print it to turn in to me. Example: We went to the amusement park. I like to scream on rides. Some rides go around. Some rides go high. The roller coaster is my favorite.7.  Evaluation:    During the next week you will be reading my blog post and then creating a responseby taking my paragraph and changing some words to opposites. I will record eachstudent and the number of words changed and the number of correct opposites.Objectives will be evaluated based on the IEP goals for each student.