Class in america


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Class in america

  1. 1. Todd Magee
  2. 2. The separation of the classes in America isalarming. The impact that race, sex, and incomehave is significant in your chances for success inAmerica. The gap between the rich and the poor ismuch greater than it should be, with 60% of thepopulation holding less than 4% of the nationswealth. Race and Gender are other factors thatcan greatly affect social standing. If you are anonwhite female head of household in Americayou have the greatest chance of poverty and lowerclass standing.
  3. 3. Do you think that you could be equallysuccessful in these situations?• If you were given every opportunity, endless amounts of money, and a last name that could open any door.• If you were born into poverty, had little to no money, and a last name that was unknown.
  4. 4. “class is not discussed ordebated in public because classidentity has been stripped frompopular culture” (Mantsios, p.178)The author is trying to convey the idea thatwe are made unaware of, or programmed tonot discuss class differences.I chose this quote because I disagree with it. I feel that the classseparation has been extensively discussed and is a majordebate topic with our leaders. With the occupy wall streetmovements there has been a new interest in the unbalancedsociety.
  5. 5. “The contrast between rich andpoor is sharp, and with nearly one-third of the American populationliving at one extreme or the other, itis difficult to argue that we live in aclassless society.” (Mantsios, p179)America is not close to being equal with themajority of the money with the minority of thepopulation.I chose this quote because it gives a brief description of what thisentire article is about, the class separation.
  6. 6. Synopsis• The fabulously wealthy but morally bankrupt Duke brothers make a one- dollar bet over heredity vs. environment. Curious as to what would happen if different lifestyles were reversed, they arrange for impoverished street hustler Billy Ray Valentine to be placed in the lap of luxury. Simultaneously, they strip wealthy Louis Winthorpe III of his identity and wealth. When Billy Ray figures out that the brothers intend send him back to his life of poverty once their experiment is complete, he seeks out Winthorpe, and together they plot their revenge on the Duke brothers
  7. 7. Do you agree with the recentbehaviors of America? Is it timewe had a more egalitarianculture?
  8. 8. • Mantsios, Gregory (2006). Class in America: Myths and Realities.• Rothenberg, Paula S. (2009). Race, Class, and Gender in the United States. (8th ed., pp. 177-192)