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WordPress Social Meta Optimization | WordCamp Raleigh 2017

  1. Social Meta Optimization Presented by @tonyzeoli Founder,@dswks
  2. @tonyzeoli • Founder, Digital Strategy Works - @dswks • Digital Strategy Coach - @mtnbizworks • Co-organizer of @wordpresschill MeetUp • WordPress, Social Media, SEO, Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Newsletter Marketing, Ecommerce, Analytics • B.S. Digital Communications and Media from NYU
  3. Boosted Post
  4. What is “social meta optimization”? • An aspect of social media optimization. • Social media optimization: • connect social media accounts in cohesive, consistently branded network pointing your potential customers where you want them to go. • SMO Pros employ strategic, multi-point process to build a successful SMO foundation, boost SEO, and drive more potential customers to your site.
  5. What it is not• Social SEO not a “ranking signal” today (but could be in future). Links from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ do not increase your page rank or help you land higher in search.1 • Google views Twitter and Facebook posts as “pages” but has low confidence in their “authorship,” which is very important to search. • Google crawler is finite and cannot crawl social “pages” (posts, tweets) as they change over time. Even Google has a limit. Cannot index trillions of posts, so takes representative sample. • Sites with “high social engagement” are usually great sites anyway and generate high quality back links organically.
  6. Intent • Ensuring the social posts you create are optimized. • Title • Description • Site • Image, Video
  7. • Publish rich content to social media hubs • Drive interactions back to website landing page, product page, home page, etc. Social Objects
  8. Facebook Open Graph • The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook. • All social networks use Open Graph tags to convert links into objects that can ultimately be shared. • Learn more
  9. Basic Metadata
  10. Publishing Objects
  11. What you need • WordPress: • Social Meta module included in All in One SEO Pack: • Sharing module included in JetPack: • Facebook Developers Portal: • Facebook Developers Debugger: • Twitter Debugger:
  12. AIOSEO Pack Social Meta • Download All in One SEO Pack • Enable and Configure Social Meta Settings in AIOSEO Pack • Add your Facebook ID: Use: • Create an App at and obtain your Facebook App ID. Add your App ID.
  13. AIOSEO Social Meta • Adds social meta management for: • Posts • Pages • Products • Post Types • Taxonomies
  14. AIOSEO Social Meta Knowledge Base • meta-module/
  15. Social Meta Panel
  16. JetPack Publicize & Sharing • Download JetPack and enable Publicize & Sharing. • Connect your social networks.
  17. JetPack Sharing
  18. JetPack Publicize
  19. `
  20. Show & Tell • Walk through of how to manage social meta for a post • Discuss Object Types • Discuss Twitter Card • Use of photo or video in a social share
  21. References 1.Does Social Media Affect SEO? Matt Cutts Answers by Traphagen, Mark, 7 June 2016, online, Internet, Source: cutts-understanding-social-identity-on-the-web-is- hard