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Standardizing WordPress Workflow


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Presentation by Tony Zeoli, WordPress Coach, Trainer, and Consultant and founder of Digital Strategy Works on standardizing your WordPress workflow.

Published in: Software
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Standardizing WordPress Workflow

  1. 1. Standardizing WordPress Workflow by Tony Zeoli WordPress Coach, Trainer & Consultant
  2. 2. @tonyzeoli
  3. 3. Background • 23-year digital media career • Web 1.0 - read only • Web 2.0 - read, write, publish • Web 3.0 - semantic • Web 4.0 - mobile • Web 5.0 - AI • Lived through innovation and the evolution of software products • We didn’t have the connective tissue with APIs we have today • Slack is really just an AOL Chatroom on steroids
  4. 4. Innovation • Evolution causes Innovation • Innovation fueled by problem solving • Problem solving spawns ideation • Ideation creates solutions • Solutions adopted by tribes • Tribes coalesce around solutions to solve problems
  5. 5. Tribes • Tribe, in anthropology, a notional form of human social organization based on a set of smaller groups (known as bands), having temporary or permanent political integration, and defined by traditions of common descent, language, culture, and ideology. - Encyclopedia Britannica Source:
  6. 6. Today’s Tribes • “…despite the years of evolution and technology that have created the foundation we currently stand on, there is one common denominator that has remained unchanged, even after centuries of growth: The inherent desire to form tribes.” • “Historically speaking, a tribe was a community of families that bonded over one goal – to survive and raise their next generations. Today, however, we can define tribes as something less critical, like individuals who are linked by their social interests.” Source:
  7. 7. WordPress Tribes • WordPress • Plugin Developers • Theme Developers • SEO Experts • Social Media Managers • Bloggers • Form Builders • Analytics Analysts • Digital Marketers • Podcasters • Videographers • Photographers
  8. 8. Common Traits • Leadership • Trust • Community • Economic • Shared Knowledge • Accountability • Support • Security • Context • Popularity
  9. 9. Competing Tribes
  10. 10. Organizational Behavior • Your perception is your reality. • Storming, norming, and performing • Joharis Window
  11. 11. Overload
  12. 12. Competition for Attention
  13. 13. Even more competition
  14. 14. WP Elevation
  15. 15. Workflow
  16. 16. Build Your Own Toolbox
  17. 17. Avoidance 1. But I always use this one… 2. But my friend said… 3. You’re going to use this one… 4. This one seems okay… 5. Oh, I use Theme “Black Forest… 6. Let’s just install it… 7. Conflicts 8. Going down that road… 9. Let’s use email or just text me, okay? 10. Do what you want!
  18. 18. Lead Your Tribe • Be the leader of your of your tribe • Exude confidence • Explain why your method(s) works for your business and their brand • Potential Cost (+/-) • Ease of use • Simplicity • Duplication • Hard conversations • Education
  19. 19. Their toolbox • But we already use… • Sometimes you’re stuck, and that’s okay. You’re joining their tribe. • Be flexible, but firm in your convictions. • Other times, remove and replace, as long as it works and doesn’t increase costs or client (internal/external agrees to pay costs (time/labor/deadlines) if necessary.
  20. 20. ` • Basecamp for simple project collaboration with clients with tasks and timelines. Store project assets. • Trello for agile sprints with card’s for product backlog items • HarvestApp for project time tracking • Evernote for note taking • Slack for team communication • Team Viewer,,, Skype, GoToTraining for, • Google Calendar for online meetings • Drop Box for sharing large files • Cloudup, Cloudapp for screenshots, screen records • Camtasia for screen records • Email (the last resort!)
  21. 21. My Toolbox: Invoicing • Generate and send invoices from Harvest • Take payments through Stripe • Deposits sent to bank • QuickBooks connected to bank and Stripe for reconciliation
  22. 22. My Toolbox: Themes • Bet the farm on Make by The Theme Foundry • Make Plus companion plugin • Page builder functionality • Developed great rapport with support team who are responsive and help with code snippets and suggestions to solve problems
  23. 23. My Toolbox: Plugins • JetPack • Akismet • All in One SEO Pack • Gravity Forms • WooCommerce, Cart66 • The Event Calendar • OptinMonster • WP Smush • Cloudflare (free SSL) • Adsanity • Edit Flow • Co-Authors Plus • Blubrry Powerpress • Google Analytics Dashboard • Video Background Plus • Featured Video Plus • WP Charitable • Open Menu (restaurants)
  24. 24. My Toolbox: Hosting • Got off of cheap shared hosting plans with CPanel • Moved to WordPress managed hosting with WP Engine • Daily Backups, Staging, Git connectivity, SFTP, 24-hour chat support, multisite, free SSL, push storage to Amazon, and more… • Bill clients monthly for hosting, or get referral fees through affiliate program
  25. 25. GSuite • Moved email to Google GSuite • Better Spam protection • Other integrated services, like Hangout • Email, Docs, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Groups • Better team collaboration
  26. 26. Agreements • Adobe Sign • DocuSign • Or, I just set up terms in Harvest App, client accepts estimate and accepts the terms.
  27. 27. Use Cases - Client 1 • Removed Ninja Forms in favor of Gravity Forms • Client didn’t even know how they got Ninja Forms, nor did they know where their license key was • Rebuilt and launched new forms in Gravity Forms
  28. 28. Use Cases - Client 2 • Client using unsupported theme from Theme Forest • Switched to Make theme framework by Theme Foundry • Now client has support for theme and a page builder • Easier for me to manage
  29. 29. Use Case: Client 3 • Client using Yoast SEO • Was not using to full extent • Switched to All in One SEO Pack Pro • Export/Import Data • No cost to client; hour of my time to work in tool I know
  30. 30. Questions
  31. 31. Links • Slides: • • • Sites: • •