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Tony Zeoli presentation at WordCamp Raleigh 2016 on Social SEO for Business with All in One SEO Pack

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Social SEO For Business

  1. 1. Social SEO for Business presented by Tony Zeoli @tonyzeoli | @dswks |
  2. 2. @dswks About • Digital Strategist @dswks • • • WordPress, SEO, Social Media Integration, Content Marketing, Analytics) • Founder and Co-Organizer of WordPress Chapel Hill • Two and a half decades working with web technologies • BS in Digital Communications and Media, New York University • Member since February 18, 2005 (11 years)
  3. 3. @dswks What it’s not? • Social SEO not a “ranking signal” today (but could be in future). Links from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ do not increase your page rank or help you land higher in search.1 • Google views Twitter and Facebook posts as “pages” but has low confidence in their “authorship,” which is very important to search. • Google crawler is finite and cannot crawl social “pages” (posts, tweets) as they change over time. Even Google has a limit. Cannot index trillions of posts, so takes representative sample. • Sites with “high social engagement” are usually great sites anyway and generate high quality back links organically.
  4. 4. @dswks So what is it? • Ensuring the social posts you create are optimized. • Title • Description • Site • Image, Video
  5. 5. @dswks Branding • Ultimately, everything we do is about branding. • Crafting the right message for our intended audience is critically important and we don’t want to leave it to chance that our audience sees something we don’t want shared. • Past: Brands and Publishers did not have control over what was being shared in social news feeds. • Today: OpenGraph provides the basis for crafting the intended message - not the message social news feeds decide you might want to see.
  6. 6. @dswks OpenGraph
  7. 7. @dswks How it works
  8. 8. @dswks OG Tags
  9. 9. @dswks Select the Share Image • If don’t set OG for Image, the sharer then has control over which image is shared. • The image you want shared might not be first loaded in page and can only be selected by navigating the images (as shown below). • Facebook may pull the available Site Title and Description, but you may want to retain the Title and Description for SEO and change it for Social Meta.
  10. 10. @dswks Managing Your Open Graph • All in One SEO Pack (Free and Pro) • Social Meta Manager allows you to easily manage your on site Social Meta for Open Graph • Set home page image from media library or set to call the featured image, first image in page, and more. • Set Post, Page, Custom Post Type, Taxonomy Social Meta, so when a page or post is shared, the correct Title, Description, Image, and Video is in the social share.
  11. 11. @dswks Google Knowledge Graph • Adds link, org/person, and name to “knowledge graph card.” •
  12. 12. @dswks Facebook • Find your Facebook Admin ID • • Is you personal Facebook page ID • Generate a Facebook App ID for a Website • Must have a Facebook Developer Account •
  13. 13. @dswks
  14. 14. @dswks
  15. 15. @dswks
  16. 16. @dswks
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  19. 19. @dswks Facebook and Twitter Cache • Both Facebook and Twitter cache content. Each service has tool to dump cache and clear old content. • Facebook Debug Sharing Tool • Clears Facebook cache of last known images, title, description • • Twitter Card Validator •
  20. 20. All in One SEO Social Meta Demo
  21. 21. @dswks Reviews • Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and others fighting for reviews of your business. • Customers will: • publish a review with services they know • may not realize they should post review on your website • We lose the SEO value of our reviews by having them published on other sites • The trade-off is you have reviews everywhere, but then reviews are disparate and have to mange reviews in multiple places
  22. 22. @dswks Reviews • A customer won’t see a review of your business on Facebook, unless they are driven to your Facebook page. • A customer will see a review of your business in a Google search if your business has a “knowledge graph card.” • Google My Business - • Google will pull microdata for star reviews and place it under your search result. • Google will display star reviews for a landing page, not a home page.
  23. 23. @dswks References 1. Does Social Media Affect SEO? Matt Cutts Answers by Traphagen, Mark, 7 June 2016, online, Internet, Source: understanding-social-identity-on-the-web-is-hard/