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Wikis for Teachers


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an introduction to the use of wikis by teachers

Published in: Technology, Education
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Wikis for Teachers

  1. 1. Wikis in a TAFE Classroom WIKI Tony Whittingham
  2. 2. Have you heard about wikis? They are websites that anyone can publish and maintain They can be a portal to multimedia teaching resources Students can find and contribute information and collaborate Teachers having a chat at Randwick TAFE Campus
  3. 3. Wally examines a wiki for enhancing teaching and learning This wiki contains images, videos, cartoons, polls, surveys, documents and slide shows
  4. 4. This wiki is used by 4 groups to collaborate on the development of major projects Dalia examines a wiki used by students for collaborative projects
  5. 5. Show me how to add digital media resources to a wiki. Dominic wants to add images, audio interviews and videos to the wiki
  6. 6. Create the media, get the embed code and add to the wiki. It’s quick and easy Dominic demonstrates the processes for adding digital media resources to a wiki V I D E O A U D I O S L I D E S
  7. 7. The teachers are ready to create a subject’s wiki I have an mp3 recorder for the interviews I have a digital camera for the photos and video I have a laptop, let’s get on with it
  8. 8. WHY W I K I S ? Uses generic workplace technologies. Teach about AND teach with. Makes teaching and learning interesting and fun. Emphasises essential skills for the 21 st Century WHY WIKIS ? COLLABORATION – COMMUNICATION - CREATIVITY
  9. 9. I use the subject’s wiki to access instructions, resources, participate in discussions and plan my projects. I use my blog to promote my projects I use the wiki to manage my projects’ development STUDENTS USING WEB 2.0