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ABC Bible School: Prophets 1 - Introductions


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An introduction to a five-week series on the Old Testament prophets, as part of the 2012 Bible School at Above Bar Church, Southampton.

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ABC Bible School: Prophets 1 - Introductions

  1. 1. The Prophets
  2. 2. How do you feel about the Old Testamentprophets? ?
  3. 3. They have a queer way oftalking, like people who,instead of proceeding inan orderly manner, rambleoff from one thing to thenext so that you cannotmake heads or tails ofthem or see what theyare getting at. Martin Luther
  4. 4. GODus
  5. 5. GODthem us
  6. 6. Language Geography r d Religion to g s in ie n r a r t a s b r n de uCulture History
  7. 7. Whether he is discussing the past, presentor future, the prophet is seeking to makeGod the most genuine reality that men canknow and experience. A.B. Mickelson Interpreting the Bible, p. 287
  8. 8. not foretelling
  9. 9. forthtelling
  10. 10. conditional future?
  11. 11. Prophecy is essentially a ministry ofdisclosure, a stripping bare. Israel’s greatprophets do not merely lift the veil of thefuture in order to destroy false expect-ations; at the same time, they expose theconduct of their contemporaries. . . .Prophets tear the masks away and show thetrue face of the people behind them. Hans Walter Wolff, Confrontations
  12. 12. The Word of the LORD
  13. 13. Calling people Covenantenforcement back to the mediators covenant (Fee and Stuart)
  14. 14. Warning ofjudgment
  15. 15. Promisingrestoration
  16. 16. Identification of Declaration of Israel’s sin God’s love for IsraelAnnouncement of Announcement of judgment blessing
  17. 17. The ‘prophet in scripture takes on the roleof gracious mediator. He stands betweenGod and the people to deliver the word ofthe Lord. . . . The person of the prophetsubstitutes for the presence of AlmightyGod himself.’ O.P. Robertson, The Christ of the Prophets, p. 10
  18. 18. Applying the Prophets
  19. 19. key themes
  20. 20. 1God is the ruler of all ofhistory and every nation
  21. 21. 2 Humanity’s most fundamental need is to be right with God
  22. 22. 3 Religion, politics andsociety must all be on a firm moral base
  23. 23. 4God offers us the choice of judgment or hope
  24. 24. The [Latter Prophets] did not call forreform, for they knew it was too late; theend of the present order was near andcould not be averted. Donald Gowan Reclaiming the OT p. 125–6
  25. 25. 5The future kingdom of God
  26. 26. Old NewTestament Testament Promise Fulfilment
  27. 27. two horizons
  28. 28. deep focus
  29. 29. 6 The glory of God
  30. 30. God’s ultimate concern