Esp @ GolfBic March 2012


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ESP GolfBic March 2012 Presentation

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Esp @ GolfBic March 2012

  1. 1. ESP Leisure (0) 208 251
  2. 2.  Powerful and effective Golf management software solutions  Over 20 years at the forefront of the industry  Provider to many of Europes leading Organisations and Clubs  Comprehensive and scalable portfolio of software modules  Friendly 24/7 support service  Designed to meet the diverse requirements of the Golf IndustryESPLeisure > Look out for us on:
  3. 3. ‘We operate two clubs using the same system; we can manage two sets of membership using one system. The Elite Management System provides us with a complete solution to successfully manage multiple clubs at the same time. I cant fault the support we get from ESP; their knowledge of the golf sector is excellent - their products exceed the golf sector’s requirements.’• Mark Harrhy• West Midlands Golf Club
  4. 4. ‘Woburn Golf Club has worked inpartnership with ESP since 1997 andtogether we have evolved the softwareto suit the needs and demands of ourgolf club. ESP has provided support;training and development. Through thiscommitment to Woburn Golf Club, andthe endeavours and drive of our team atthe club, our company knowledge of thesystem, and indeed the benefit it delivers,has grown.’• Jason O’Malley• Woburn Golf Club
  5. 5. Elite Applications Bookings Membership Food & Beverage Property Management Retailing Internet Bookings
  6. 6. ‘The fully integrated nature of ESPenables us to manage ourcomplex effectively.We are delighted with the way thesoftware has evolved and continues todevelop over the years. We would haveno hesitation in recommending ESP toany client seeking a system to bestmanage their facilities.’• Sean Clarke• Gainsborough Golf Club
  7. 7. ‘Our partnership with ESP has beenestablished for nearly 10 years, during thistime we have introduced the Elite productto all areas of our diverse business. As abusiness we now have complete controland integration of our entire customer baseallowing us to work more efficiently andeffectively. Having all this information inone place the reports provided by the Eliteproduct means we can make informeddecisions to ensure our customers have afirst class experience.’• Shaun Russell• China Fleet Golf Club
  8. 8.  App Driven Desktop Multi Tasking Client Easy to use Navigation Single User Login Integration with Customer Minds
  9. 9. ‘ESP provides easy to read statisticsand financial information for everypart of our business. It acts as a database and controls all our pricing andstock control. In particular the teebooking system is second to none.Historical information is always tohand enabling year on yearcomparisons and forward trends tobe determined. Totally reliablesoftware completes the picture.’• Steve Wright• Dummer Golf Club
  10. 10. ‘Implementing ESP across all of our 3sites has helped us make betterbusiness decisions. All of our teamstudy the Weekly report which is anincredibly powerful tool. We havealso made administrative efficienciesover and above what we expected asone person can now managemembership across all sites’• Richard Haygarth• Maple Leaf
  11. 11. Postcode Look-up Direct DebitSoftware SoftwareCredit Card Account Systems AutomatedClearing Software Journal CreationEmail / SMS Driving Range BallMarketing Dispenser Integration
  12. 12. ‘We have been using the ESP systemsince 1998 and have now installed theESP Elite system throughout our 5 Surreybased golf clubs within the AltonwoodGroup. Whether managing our directdebits for all of our members or bookinga wedding the Elite system takes care ofeverything. The financial reports fromthe system are very detailed, and it isvery simple to look at information bothhistorically and for the future.’• Simon Hodgson• The Altonwood Golf Group
  13. 13. ‘ESP software helps us run the leisureand hospitality operation effectively. Weutilise several modules: PropertyManagement; Food and Beverage; TeeTime Booking and Range Ball Dispensing.Club members can also book tee timesonline. The Online Helpdesk functionalityand response speed are excellent and wehave no hesitation in recommending ESPto others in the leisure and hospitalityindustry.’• Dee Hinch• Greetham Valley Golf Club