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The Traditional Sales Funnel is dead

A workshop on marketing and sales process, and how it has changed, and what it means.

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The Traditional Sales Funnel is dead

  1. 1. The Traditional Sales Funnel
  2. 2. The ModernSales FunnelWha t we will c o ve r in this s e s s io n: How social media fits in What many SME’s get from it 7 steps to take to get with it How to test & measure it Consider Consumer’s thinking Suggest a strategy SELL you on why you should be thinking about it
  3. 3. What businesses use social media for:
  4. 4. SME’s gaining customers via social Media?
  5. 5. % of customers who will buy from brands they follow?
  6. 6. % of Facebook users likely to buy from brands they follow?
  7. 7. Getting with the programme
  8. 8. Getting with the programme
  9. 9. Getting with the programme
  10. 10. Getting with the programme
  11. 11. Getting with the programme
  12. 12. Getting with the programme
  13. 13. Getting with the programme
  14. 14. Attracting Prospects....
  15. 15. Key principles recap:
  16. 16. A Strategy:
  17. 17. Social media, or social networking,is simply a powerful megaphone
  18. 18. Keeping the funnelfullContent is everywhere:Blogs – yours & otherpeople’sTwitter stories & linksLinkedIn articlesYou Tube video’sNewsletters – yours orsubscriptionEverything you talkabout to one client,others will want tohear....
  19. 19. The Result ofengagementThoughtful focus on THEMUnderstanding them andtheir issuesInvesting TIME in therelationshipHaving a PLANBuilding ADVOCATESDrawing business to you