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Brand you


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Powerpoint presentation on creating your personal brand as a financial services professional, as presented at Adviser Edge 2013, Gold Coast, Australia.

By Tony Vidler
Strictly Business Ltd

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Brand you

  1. 1. Brand: YOU
  2. 2. Today...the roadahead... Does Brand matter? Individuals have brands? What is a brand Brand: YOU...and your business branding Creating Brand: YOU Your value proposition, or USP Being different: but blending in Behavioral Attributes How to: Positioning Getting credibility Free Press tips ...and...some lessons & direction...
  3. 3. “Brand” and Social MediaSocial Media Examiner Brand awarenessnoted that 72% of their matters: brands in theclients reported closing initial-consideration setmore business as a can be up to 3 timesresult of social media more likely to beefforts, and 52% purchased eventuallyreported increased lead than brands that arentgeneration results. in it... “Winning the Consumer Decision Journey”. McKinsey Report, by David Court
  4. 4. The Brand: YOU challenge for Professional AdvisersBeingdifferent...While fitting in!
  5. 5. When People think “Branding”...
  6. 6. What is a Brand?USPUSP Identity Identity Position Position
  7. 7. Your what people believe about you...
  8. 8. Barack Obama
  9. 9. BRAND Obama?
  10. 10. Steve Jobs
  11. 11. BRAND: Jobs?
  12. 12. Lance Armstrong
  13. 13. BRAND: Armstrong?
  14. 14. Gina Rinehart
  15. 15. BRAND: Rinehart?
  16. 16. Elle Macpherson
  17. 17. BRAND: Elle?
  18. 18. Julia Gillard
  19. 19. BRAND: Gillard?
  20. 20. Sir Donald Bradman
  21. 21. BRAND: The Don
  22. 22. Attributes of “A” BrandValue proposition + Brand identity +Positioning = BrandM s t a d vic e bus ine s s e s c o m p e te o n o“a p p ro x im a tio n” a nd “re la tio ns hip s ”All financial advice businesses areapproximately equal – To The Customer...Until “relationships” come into the equation– this is a differentiator
  23. 23. Your Reduce belowBusiness’ industry’s standardBrandPosition Strategic Eliminate Create Value Industry takes What the industry Proposition for granted Has never offered Do something Above the industry’s standard
  24. 24. WhenBusiness BrandandPersonal Branddo not mesh...thecustomer thinks:
  25. 25. Are you serious? In the a bs e nc e of strong brand positioning the customer uses these decision making filters: Price Delivery – availability and convenience Relationships
  26. 26. The Business Brand and Brand: YOU meet... Identity USP USP Position Identity Position
  27. 27. YourPersonalBrandBeing Different....while looking the same.
  28. 28. W deal with hyyou?You have to know:1.Why are you so special?2.Who are you targeting?1.Why should they dealwith you? These are theningredients of your value proposition
  29. 29. YOUR Proposition Checklist Ag re a t va lue p ro p o s itio n: Defines what you DO Is different to competitors Creates interest, or intrigue Is strong and confident Is about an outcome Uses simple language Is succinct Is convincing – because YOU believe it
  30. 30. EXAMPLE: What’s my value proposition? Adviser to the Advice Industry (is a positioning statement) I get my customers more customers (is the value proposition) My service is unique and advisers love it, as they get practical tools and help that they can use easily and quickly to remove risks from their business, and create new business opportunities. The key benefits are advisers have safer and easier businesses to run, that make more money for them and grow in value. (It may not be great, but it seems to work!)
  31. 31. Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet how to say......My Brilliance! + My Passion! = YOUR gainWhat do you do? How would a customer describe what you do?Customers Alternatives Why would a potential customer choose your competitors in lieu of you?The IDEAL Client is: A "Good" Client is:Your Key Differentiators for the IDEAL client are: Your Key Differentiators for a Good client are:KEY Value to the customer? KEY Value to the customer?Secondary Value to the customer? Secondary Value to the customerTHE Essential Value Propositionwhat makes me unique...what I do to create the customer benefits from that....YOUR Unique Selling Proposition is therefore:         
  32. 32. Some real examples.... I put in place the plans that buy people time, when they need it most. I help business stay solvent when disasters strike What makes me unique is my ability to grasp complex technical information REALLY quickly, and provide practical simple solutions straight away that clients benefit from. What makes me unique is my ability to positively influence people to change their thinking on how their financial future can be, and then help them make it happen the way they want it to. I arrange the plan and tools to help people get predictable income streams when they are no longer working I am great at taking complex financial problems onboard, and working out and delivering simple solutions that work for my clients. I fix financial headaches.
  33. 33. Brand: YOU isabout beingdifferent...While fitting in!
  34. 34. Brand Management is Business EthicsHow’s this going to come across on Fair Go?
  35. 35. Color in Brands
  36. 36. Brochures: Business , ! - . / ! 01 % 3 , . 4 5 , , % 6 ( 2 0 - . /0 123!45!4 2!- . / 0 2!6 81439 ( 7. cards: Consistent ! " # $ % ( )* + ! " #$ !" % #( & &!" ! " #$% ) * + - . - / . 0 ! * 1( ) &+ $ * * * + , , &( , + #) $:; :!< 5=!* >>? @!B5C 0 57!D. A 8( EF !* , , + A 70 !- G7. imagery 23 4 3 23!>H!+I >!J KJ I 53 6 3!L L L :1430 4F 0 5:7N ( 9MN:( 44OPQ F7E 0 5C Q 4579/ 0 F Q 0 2. 7:( 7N 07Q . 23 Websites:Video’s: Presentation materials:
  37. 37. Your Behavior is what gets you in. Or OUT.
  38. 38. Marketing 101
  39. 39. The Strategy Marketing systems feed the funnel Website is the core of the content marketing, or engagement, strategy Social media feeds the funnel, AND, produces content and traffic to the website and blog. Email, e-zines & social media provide ongoing engagement; and deliver content. When they have an itch, they know I am the scratcher When they have an itch...the sales process begins A CLIENT (SALE) RESULTS
  40. 40. Getting attraction...and traction...
  41. 41. Beginners Brand Positioning Tactic
  42. 42. Leveraging other people’s networks  Curate content  Images & for your market Video’s rule  Develop a  Keep it light – “personality” your friends are  Interact there  Helpful consumer tips  Like others pages Connect to journalists Connect to Influencers Feed your blog in Share articles – home page, groups,  Feed your direct to contacts content in & Observe – watch cross-promote what people like, your #SM then feed that in  Rule of thirds! Be PROFESSIONAL
  43. 43. Do you like what you found about you?
  44. 44. Using keywords for better SEOTwitter: Blog: www.financialadvisercoach.comBlog stats:
  45. 45. Already too much to do?’ll have lots of time if you have no customers...your ROI is “survival”
  46. 46. ExponentialResultsNewsletter (Tips, Taps & Trends– 1,400+ readers/fortnight)LinkedIn: now 1,150+ 1stconnectionsTwitter: 1,300 + followersBlog: 1,500 + following; 70reads/day and rising...Facebook: 240+ fansLearning and dabbling withPinterest (BIG deal),You Tube (BIGGER deal),Google+ (bound to be BIG, but astruggle for me...)
  47. 47.  Clarify your core offerCreating buzz...  Know your target market  Know how they benefit from you  Put that into a “value proposition”  Work out where they are, or are going to be, and be there.  Your value proposition HAS to fit with the overall business brand and focus on customer benefit  Marketing the brand goes beyond just you & the customer  Customer benefit must be “outcome” focused  Engagement marketing is critical
  48. 48. The Journey to “Success”
  49. 49. The Journey to “Success”
  50. 50. Your Market Influence This is Brand: YOU
  51. 51. F m inform or ore ationor to connect Or, visit the website for loads of FREE stuff @TonyVidler