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weaver 1 trapped


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Published in: Education, Technology
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weaver 1 trapped

  1. 1. Loki has trapped you and Lyra in a cell with an iron door and latch you can see but cannot reach. With wicked spirit I’ll lock that door. Ha! Lyra, your game is up for sure! Horus can’t save you from this – I have you and the Palmina the student trapped. Student Sheet 1 3 Engage Elicit Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate
  2. 2. I can’t reach that latch – but electromancy can help me get out. I’m guessing that the latch has a mass of about 50 g. We’ll need enough magnetism to lift it. We need a plan, Palmina I cannot help you. I am visiting abroad and I will only be able to send ‘txt msgs’. The trap is shut. Now only you can save your life. Think hard. Get a plan – escape! 4 Engage Elicit Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate
  3. 3. You can see the latch to the cell as you peer out of the slit in the door but you can’t reach it – if you could lift it with electromagnetism you’d be free. It’s made of smooth dark grey metal. How do electromancers make a plan? Where do you start? Student Sheet 2 5 Engage Elicit Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate