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A&E Blood 2 Complications


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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A&E Blood 2 Complications

  1. 1. That young nurse saved your life yesterday! These doctors are no good! Especially that young one. They employ anybody these days! Anything to save money, never mind us patients. But I feel terrible…and I get out of breath if I walk to the bathroom. 4 Engage Elicit Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate
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  3. 3. I span the blood round in a centrifuge to separate it into a solid red layer and a see-through liquid. What do you notice? You’d better make some notes for Dr Wang. It looks normal under the microscope, but look at the haematocrit results. 9 Magnified image of Mr Cooper’s blood Mr Cooper’s haematocrit 25%. Normal haematocrit 38–50%. Engage Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate Elicit
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  5. 5. If they run out of energy they stop working and die... ...and if enough of our cells die, we die. Cells in every tissue use glucose and oxygen to get the energy they need to stay alive. 15 fat cells muscle cells Engage Explore Explain Elaborate Extend Evaluate Elicit