Powerful Futures: How to future-proof yourself in a dramatically changing world


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Some practical hints on what is sometimes referred to as future-proofing ie adopting a proactive approach to planning your preferred future, and then developing strategies that will allow you to create that future.

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Powerful Futures: How to future-proof yourself in a dramatically changing world

  1. Powerful Futures How to future-proofyourself in a dramatically changing world Tony Ryantony@tonyryan.com.au powerfulfutures.com
  2. Want to plan your own PowerfulFuture? There are at least three perspectives. Possible Futures Probable Futures Preferable Futures
  3. Possible Futures. Dream / visualise / imagine. What are theastonishing possibilities in your life? Probable Futures. Get analytical. Determine the trends and facts. What are the most likely scenarios in your life? Preferable Futures. What do you most want to have occur in your future? If you could choose your future, what would it be?
  4. Four Upfront HintsOn Future-Proofing Yourself1. Watch the FEAR factor 2. Look for the trends 3. Let go on certainty 4. Be innovative
  5. 1. Watchthe FEAR factor
  6. How does this type of article make you feel??
  7. Now, how doesthis type of article make you feel???
  8. Some people will believeanything. Don’t be one of them!
  9. Being scared of the future will paralyse you. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway. Ask yourself this: What’s your 1 to 10 rating on your personal future (1 is horrendous, 10 is sensational)? It’s likely to end up being what you choose!
  10. Use the FEAR Plan whenyou have to do somethingthat is challenging for you • Feel good and relax (just breathe deeply for a few secs) • Expect good things (visualise the pending action in a positive light) • Action Plan (remind yourself of the 1st 2 steps you will take, just before you start) • Reward yourself (after you finish, reward yourself for using the FEAR plan)
  11. 2. Look forthe trends
  12. Have a look at some of the trends from Faith Popcorn eg SheChange; Icon Toppling
  13. Ken Dychtwald’s ‘Age Wave’ is one of the most critical trends in human history Two-thirds of all people in history who lived past 65 are alive today 1000 AD. Life expectancy 25. 1900 AD. 47. 2000 AD. 78. Up to now, we havehad a linear life plan.We learn, we earn, we He challenges us to retire, we die. have a circular life plan eg every 7 yrs, to learn, earn, and then ‘retire’ for 6 mths
  14. Retirement from life is not an option
  15. • 10 critical skills for the future: • Communication management • Reputation management • Privacy management • Information management • Opportunity management • Technology management • Relationship managementSome likely skills you’ll need • Legacy management in the future?? • Time management • Money management Thomas Frey futuristspeaker.com
  16. 3. Let go on certainty
  17. Some things in life are (relatively) certain eg the sun will come up tomorrow Many events in your life are not certain eg possible accidents Accept what you CAN change (eg your attitude to any event); and accept what you CAN’T change (eg the choices made by political leaders)
  18. Just keep learning. It encourages you to let go on certainty.• What do you consistently do to advance your knowledge?• What is new in your thinking so far this year?• What new skill do you intend to learn in the rest of this year? • At the Personal level • At the Professional level
  19. 4. Beinnovative
  20. Thinking outside the Square is very 20th Century. Instead, think outside the dodecahedron *. Thinking??! * It’s a 12-sided polygon!
  21. Look for examples of innovation in everyday life.
  22. Generate at least one set ofinnovative ideas every day!
  23. Tony Ryan’s FutureCards Mapping out your thinking and planning for the futureFree copies and details available at powerful futures.com
  24. What could you do with this info? What will you do?How and when will you do it?
  25. Imagine the possibilities if you designed your own futureStrawberry Fields, Central Park, New York