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AlwaysOn Backgrounder

  1. 1. AlwaysOn Powering the global Silicon Valley A social network and crowd-funding platform for the global Silicon Valley.” Tuesday, February 18, 14
  2. 2. THE SOLUTION A new technology platform that accelerates the way the Silicon Valley creates and builds new companies Service firms Access to capital People 36,000 Stay informed 30 Million Fortune 1000 Develop new business Blog and comment Build a reputation Private Companies Investment firms 150,000 20,000 AlwaysOn Research and analyze Recruit talent Track top companies Gov’t agencies Sell your services & products Incubators and accelerators 1,500 Join power clubs University groups Tuesday, February 18, 14 Find companies to invest in Trade associations
  3. 3. We take you to the top of the market—fast! 300,000 (1%) Power Players Company founder and entrepreneurs Big company executives rke tp ow er Venture capitalists Corporate investors and partners Institutional investors Angel investors and boosters 30MM+ Stakeholders Ma Supporting service professionals Ambitious technology managers and employees Business and consumers tech buyers Retail investors Researchers professors students Growth Company “Powerfests” Tuesday, February 18, 14 Social Media & Research Network Private Company Exchange
  4. 4. Personalized experience Reasons to believe in the promise AlwaysOn Facebook LinkedIn Angel List Twitter Crunchbase Tech/startup news Pitchbook VC Data VentureSource TechCrunch AllThingsD VentureBeat PandoDaily GigaOm Tuesday, February 18, 14 Virtualization of global Silicon Valley
  5. 5. THE PROBLEM Too much information and complexity —very few trusted sources #INFOBESITY Tuesday, February 18, 14
  6. 6. THE SOLUTION World class web and mobile design AlwaysOn Search Networking the global silicon valley News Always On Popular My news Power news News SORT Recent E Read posts by those you’re tracking Customize E Trending V S Companies over the last: 72 hours E Blogs Should I join an accelerator? by AlwaysOn O | 2 hours ago Broadly speaking, accelerators serve a very valuable role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as they are a good way for newcomers to break into the world of Amazon, AWS, and the public cloud paradox Reads 10% by 6 8 O | yesterday Shares 5-minute read ^ c 24 N 45 4 2 0% Events 1PM 5PM 9PM 1AM 5AM 9AM 6 5 Company LinkedIn Network 6 5 5-minute read ^ c 24 Buzz factor +18% San Francisco, CA, USA N 45 CrunchBase Mail “Silicon Valley is high school, except it’s only the smart kids, and everyone has a lot of money.” —Kim Taylor O | May 8, 2013 10 things to look forward to at Innovation Summit 2013 by Company Name O | May 8, 2013 5-minute read ^ c 24 San Francisco, CA, USA TechCrunch San Francisco, CA, USA N 45 Company Name San Francisco, CA, USA Company Name San Francisco, CA, USA Tuesday, February 18, 14 TOP COMPANY +12% TOP COMPANY +8% +8% TOP COMPANY -15%
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION Smart profiles and blogs: people AlwaysOn Search Networking the global silicon valley E Blog : Tony Perkins Power ranking V News O Message Founder & Editor at AlwaysOn N Share San Francisco, CA | Media & Entertainment Blogs b I Export SECTOR Power player CURRENT EDUCATION CONTACT Power player CURRENT STATUS S Power rank over the last: 72 hours E - Tech news, analytics, social network, long sector name 92% Avg. power rank Red Herring, Silicon Valley Bank University of California, Davis Avg. network rank P (415) 763-8764 H 98% Avg. buzz rank ? 87% Events 6 5 Hide details < About Network 6 5 100 80 Founder AlwaysOn, Red Herring, Upside, Churchill Club, and Silicon Valley Bank’s Technology Group. 60 40 20 Mail Professional passion First job Build the media network work Collecting stray golf balls in that connects entrepreneur- the creek along side the ial- minded people operating Stanford Golf coarse and Power connections 45 in the global innovation and selling them with lemonade at Companies backing 3 venture driven economy. the Stanford driving range. 0% W PM W AM R PM R AM F AM F PM Blog reads 77 Post shares 43 Ratings Tuesday, February 18, 14 112
  8. 8. THE SOLUTION Smart profiles and blogs: companies AlwaysOn Search Networking the global silicon valley E : AlwaysOn Power ranking V News b N Share I Blogs Message Export O Top company CURRENT STATUS S Power rank over the last: 72 hours E - Founded 2003 | Media and entertainment 92% Avg. power rank Top company SECTOR CONTACT Avg. network rank H 98% Avg. buzz rank ? 87% P (650) 493-5525 [ Events E LOCATIONS 6 5 2550 Sand Hill Road, Suite 200 Menlo Park, CA, 94025 NETWORKS Network 100 80 % | 5 60 6 5 40 Mail Hide details < Mission To be the leading media and research brand for the global innovation and venture capital driven economy. 20 0% W PM W AM R PM R AM F AM F PM Power connections Companies backing Too much information, Tweets and blog posts aggregates the news, top covering technology business, Tuesday, February 18, 14 A media network that blogs and research on the 45 3 Blog reads 77 Post shares 43 Ratings 112
  9. 9. THE SOLUTION Smart profiles and blogs: investors AlwaysOn Search Networking the global silicon valley E : Greylock Partners Power ranking V News N Founded 1693 | Private venture capital Share I Export Blogs S Power rank over the last: 72 hours E - SECTOR CONTACT Top company CURRENT STATUS ? P (650) 493-5525 92% Avg. power rank [ Avg. network rank 2550 Sand Hill Road, Suite 200 Menlo Park, CA, 94025 Events H 98% Avg. buzz rank E LOCATIONS 87% E 6 5 E 100 India E NETWORKS Network 80 % | 5 60 Twitter 6 5 40 Mail About Hide details < Greylock partners works with entrepreneurs to help them build market-leading businesses. Over the past 45 years the 20 0% W PM W AM R PM R AM F AM F PM Power connections 45 Companies backing 3 Blog reads Post shares San Carlos Tuesday, February 18, 14 77 43 Ratings 112
  10. 10. Who’s watching me Most active with 98% 92 % Bill Gurley Co-founder, Firstmark Capitol 87% Network power Buzz factor Personal recommendations and analytics THE SOLUTION Private Equity Palo Alto, CA 10% 8 Trending topics Amish Jani Co-founder, Firstmark Capitol Over the last: 72 hours 6 Private Equity San Francisco, CA Nic Brisbourne Co-founder, Firstmark Capitol 10% 8 6 4 0% 2 W PM W AM R PM R AM F AM Private Equity London, UK 4 F PM 1,025 2 434 Blog reads 0% 1PM 5PM 9PM 1AM Topic 5AM Post shares Buzz factor Consumer internet +5% Green tech -3% Investment -2% 112 +1% Healthcare 43 Ratings +8% B2B internet My map 77 Comments 9AM Total connections, trackings and backings per country Brazil Members Power players Our network 14 2 Companies Backing 3 0 Investors Backing 5 1 49% 75% 89% 75% 75% 92 99% Popular posts Over the last: 72 hours 49% 1 55% 5,055 Amish Jani Snapchat named ‘AlwaysOn global 250 consumer company of the year’ United States AlwaysOn | 9:33AM United Kingdom 924 3% Canada 467 Co-founder & Managing Director, FirstMark Capital 1% Who are the mobile power players? Tuesday, February 18, 14 1,492 84% 97% 80% Private equity 55% Palo Alto, CA 82% POWER PLAYER 99% 49% 55% 89%
  11. 11. THE PROBLEM Staying relevant 1.660 Voldemort Founder, Chair at Associated Dark Arts Deathmark Inc. Tony, I’d like to add you to my professional 1.610 Who to follow Refresh View all Justin Beiber @LuvJBeiber657782 Followed by 331,981 others Tuesday, February 18, 14
  12. 12. Find, connect and build a network THE SOLUTION 49% 75% Tony Perkins 89% Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn San Francisco, CA 75% 75% 92% POWER PLAYER Power ranking 49% 97 92 55 327 power players in common % % % 92% Connections 99% 182 40 Trackers Connect with Tony: 84% 55% 111,214 remaining 49% Invite to network 99% 49 % 55% 89% 33 Track 83 How this works Tuesday, February 18, 14
  13. 13. THE SOLUTION Blog, share, debate and build a reputation Build an exclusive profile Power ranking Top company CURRENT STATUS Post interviews, surveys and opinion Power rank over the last: 72 hours Start a debate and lead the discussion 92% Avg. power rank Avg. network rank 98% Avg. buzz rank Market and connect to Power Players 87% Engage your top execs and customers 100 Track top companies and investors 80 60 Gain testimonials 40 20 0% W PM W AM Power connections Trackers Tuesday, February 18, 14 Network value R PM R AM F AM F PM 45 3 77%
  14. 14. Content and engagement approach INPUT FILTER Power rankings on people, companies and investors AO original content Profiles and blogs Blog activity Network activity OUTPUT AO proprietary big data and social graph engine that is optimized for mobile Investment opportunities Social data and trends Recommendations Company and industry research 99% of AlwaysOn content and activity is community-driven Tuesday, February 18, 14 Whose watching me and similar to me Geolocation research
  15. 15. The services AlwaysOn offers Growth Company “Powerfests” Social Media & Research Network Private Company Exchange Exchange Sponsorships Subscriptions Subscriptions CEO presentation fees Sponsorships Advisory fees Event tickets Content marketing Company listing fees Cash and stock Research reports Cash and stock Sales achieved by direct sales + tele-sales + web and direct marketing Tuesday, February 18, 14
  16. 16. Annual Global Competitions AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Companies Venture Capital 100 Top Investors Top 20 Venture Firms OnMedia Top 100 Power Players in Digital Media OnDemand Top 100 Power Players in the Cloud OnHollywood Top 100 Power Players in Digital Entertainment Power Players in Technology Business Media Tuesday, February 18, 14
  17. 17. AlwaysOn ‘Top Companies’ since 2003 IPO 5% (49) 12 Sale price / total revenue Acquired 27% (296) 10.6 10 8 8.2 5.5 6 4 2 2.0 0 Private Independent 68% (733) AO Companies Average All private companies Median Data compiled by Morgan Stanley and The 451 Group Tuesday, February 18, 14
  18. 18. Whenever AlwaysOn publishes one of its ‘Top Companies’ lists, we devour it —we look to these lists as a barometer of how well we are staying on top of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley.” —Dan’l Lewin Senior Vice President, Microsoft Tuesday, February 18, 14
  19. 19. THE SOLUTION THE SOLUTION Focused growth company events Where the internet meets the enterprise Meet the new captains of inudstry Where big ideas meet big money Palo Alto, CA Mountain View, CA San Francisco, CA Where green entrepreneurs take on big business The mobile venture summit Where Madison Ave. meets Silicon Valley San Francisco, CA Tuesday, February 18, 14 Redwood City, CA New York, NY
  20. 20. “I have funded several companies over the last eight years that I have been introduced to by AlwaysOn.” “AlwaysOn brings together big technology executives, entrepreneurs, VCs, and private equity players to discuss and debate and, invariably, cut deals with each other out in the hallway.” — Ron Conway Founder, SV Angel Tuesday, February 18, 14 —Al Dellatre Global Managing Director, Accenture