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  • History has shown that MARKET ECONOMIES are typically characterized by extended periods of stability occasionally punctuated by TECHNOLOGICAL DISCONTINUITIES that stretch the existing ECONOMIC ENVELOPE into a FUNDAMENTALLY NEW TOPOGRAPHY. In the past, technologies such as the PRINTING PRESS, and the STEAM ENGINE were catalysts for social and economic discontinuities such as the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Today – almost 20 years since the Mosaic browser was introduced to the world on April 22, 1993 - the transformational impacts of the Internet on market economies – and the ENTERPRISES that operate within them - are creating a new cycle of CREATIVE DESTRUCTION where our existing MENTAL MODELS of how value is CREATED AND CAPTURED are being challenged on almost every front. How we collectively deal with this new wave of CREATIVE DESTRUCTION, to my mind, is the most PRESSING AND PROBLEMATIC issues of our time and one that we as LEARNING PROFESSIONALS have largely NOT PAID ADEQUATE ATTENTION TO
  • Today I want to share a VISUAL STORY that makes the argument that INTERNET TECHNOLOGY has permeated what we do SOCIALLY, PROFESSIONALLY and EDUCATIONALLY to such an extent that we have become oblivious to the PROFOUND CHANGES it has wrought on how we CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, COORDINATE, COLLABORATE, and TAKE COLLECTIVE ACTION Furthermore, I want to argue that our COLLECTIVE FAILURE to recognize this TECHNOLOGICAL DISCONTINUITY is IMPEDING US from unleashing the CREATIVE CAPITAL that lies LARGELY DORMANT within the ENTERPRISE today. Finally I want to suggest that - as learning professionals - we have not taken time to UNPACK THE IMPACTS that the convergence of Social, Local, and Mobile technologies will play in REDEFINING THE ROLE OF LEARNING in the MODERN DAY DIGITAL ENTEPRISE
  • Technological Discontinuity is driving increased CONECTIVITY and COMPLEXITY both of which are driving more UNCERTAINTY in the Global Marketplace Enterprises have to become INSTANT TO DEAL WITH that uncertainty. They way they become instant is by RECONFIGURING THEIR NETWORK OF RESOURCE AND CAPABILITY to deal with the UNEXPECTED Learning’s NEW JOB is to help the organization reconfigure its network to the problem or opportunity at hand. In short I want to explore WHAT IT IS WE CAN AND SHOULD DO as learning professionals to help create INSTANT ENTERPRISES: Organizations that exist in a PERPETUAL STATE OF READINESS FOR THE UNEXPECTED because they can COALESCE CAPABILITY around an UNANTICATPED REAL TIME.
  • Lets begin by exploring how the web has evolved over the past 19 years. As I see it, the web has basically evolved through three evolutionary waves in its short lifetime: Wave 1: Read Only - Democratization of Access, Anyone can connect TO the Web, http://www . Connect TO the WEB Wave 2: Read/Write Web: Democratization of Participation, Anyone can consume or produce content on the web. (Wikipedia) Wave 3: Do/Build Web – Democratization of Co-Creation. Anyone can create application or environment and capture value for doing so. (Apps, Worlds). People Connect WITHIN the Web Connecting within the web is not just an AVATAR story. Mobile technologies and location based services are creating an INVISIBLY PERVASIVE WEB that is INSTRUMENTED, INTERCONNECTED AND INTELLIGENT. In other words, each of us ARE CONNECTED TO AN AMBIENT SENSORY NETWORK whether we are moving through VIRTUAL or PHYSICAL space.
  • The INVISIBLY PERVASIVE WEB is just like the air in this room. We don’t realize how much rely on it until to survive until it is taken away from us, and yet while it is here we are largely unaware of it. It is ALWAYS ON, and ALWAYS THERE and YET WE DON’T SEEM to CARE! Fallen Prey to LAW OF DIMINISHING ASTONISHMENT There seems to be some kind of UNCONSCIOUS COLLUSION going on where we are COLLECTIVELY BLISFULLY UNAWARE OF THE PROFOUND SHIFT THAT IS TAKING PLACE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. We are our own WORST ENEMY because we fail to see the TRUE POSSIBILITY that PERVASIVE TECHNOLOGY provides in changing the game for learning
  • As I probed more deeply into why we appear to be COLLECTIVELY UNCONSCIOUS about the PROFOUND CHANGE we are experiencing, I started to EXAMINE by the role that TIME PLAYS in determining THE RATE OF CHANGE OF SOMETHING. Whenever we say the words … “RATE of CHANGE” … TIME ITSELF is baked into that equation…. It’s right there in the DENOMINATOR But with each SUCCESSIVE TIME DERIVATIVE, the RATE OF CHANGE ITSELF is also CHANGING. Lets take Distance, VELOCITY and Acceleration as an Example It is easy enough for us to COMPREHEND VELOCITY AND ACCELERATION ….. we feel it in our CAR……   But when we move into a THIRD DERIVATIVE RATE OF CHANGE …… ….Quite APPROPRIATELY DEFINED as JERK ….. We loose the ABILITY TO COMPREHEND IT VISCERALLY
  • Here, I’m suggesting that the TIME-SIGNATURE OF LIFE IN THE 21 ST CENTURY is NO LONGER SYNCHRONIZED WITH VELOCITY OR ACCELERATION….. …. INSTEAD, it is SYNCOPATED WITH JERK…. And as a result, TECHNOLOGY is LITERALLY jerking both the ECONOMY and HUMANITY AROUND. These are my kids, Aidan is 10 and Liam is 7. As a parent I am struggling to figure out how to prepare my kids for a world I can barely imagine. What SOCIETY, POLITICS AND ECONOMICS will look like 6981 days from now is almost a COMPLETE MYSTERY and yet I need to prepare my kids for that EVENTUALITY. In many ways, we in the LEARNING FUNCTION faces the same challenge in PREPARING EMPLOYEES to COMPETE in an increasingly CONNECTED, COMPLEX and UNPREDICTABLE world.
  • AND SO, as TECHNOLOGY STARTS to SERIOUSLY JERK US AROUND, we find ourselves facing a DIGITAL DIVIDE OF A DIFFERENT KIND This divide is NOT about the HAVES and HAVE NOTs in terms of ACCESS   It is a divide about the KNOW and KNOW NOTs in terms of SURVIVAL. Given that each individual’s ABILITY TO PROCESS AND STORE INFORMATION has REMAINED RELATIVELY CONSTANT OVER TIME, how do we BEGIN to BRIDGE this EVER-WIDENING DIGITAL DIVIDE? As learning professional how do we prepare employees for a world where: Technology is Proliferating Information is Exploding Time is Compressing Change is Accelerating
  • There is a basic progression that GOVERNS THE EVOLUTION OF MANAGEMENT in all market economies: Fundamental Properties of the Universe are transformed into SCIENTIFIC understanding… Then developed into new TECHNOLOGIES…. Which are then applied to create products and services for BUSINESS…. That ultimately define our models of ORGANIZATION Newton’s Laws of Physics Leads to the Creation of the Internal Combustion Engine, Which leads to the creation of the Automobile which Culminates in the Sloan Management System and the Assembly Line.
  • DIGITAL ENTERPRISE DARWINISM: Organizations that cannot evolve as quickly as the environments within which they operate are destined to regress to a mean of mediocrity. As technology drives increased uncertainty organizations that cannot evolve and adapt will go the way of the dinosaur. As a result we are seeing changes in the very size and structure of enterprise.
  • Since the inception of the enterprise we have seen MULTIPLE FORM FACTORS Functional Structure, Divisional Structure, Matrixed Structure, Multinational Structure Globally Integrated Enterprise. The lesson here is that the BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE of Enterprise Co-Evolves with the TECHNICAL ARCHITECTURE that undergirds it. The challenge with this basic progression is that it implies there is always a STRUCTURAL Lag between when value is created and how organizations structure themselves to capture that value optimally.
  • Lay out the Setup: People within enterprises have been carrying the burden of Structural Lag for many years Now that the web has been bolted on to the enterprise we are starting to see Co-Evolution take hold at an accelerated rate. Technology is jerking companies around! People now have the ability to leverage Social, Mobile and Local technologies to find new and different ways to drive workflow The result is an organizational form that is more organic than mechanistic, operating more like an organism than a machine. Sensing and responding to its surroundings more autonomically taking cues from the its senses at the edge and responding in real time to unexpected events. Future of enterprise could consist of a billion one person enterprises working through the www platform. HOWEVER: New social and participatory technologies create promise and peril for the modern day enterprise. The promise is that social technologies make rich exchanges possible without the need for formal structures. Coordination Costs are dramatically reduced in networked structures. Cell Phone example Promise of the Dynamic Networked Organization: Priorities are set by clusters of experts that make decisions. Decisions are communicated in real time through social media applications. Work is shared on a secure collaboration tech platform. Individuals are able to apply themselves to the work based on their skills and availability. Organizational Functions become less relevant and Re-Orgs become obsolete. The perils is that just like individuals can orchestrate capability around endeavor as they did in Tunisia and Egypt they can do the same at IBM or GE. As, Mark Benihoff famously quoted: I am not as worried about the Arab spring as I am about the corporate spring. Structural Lag is so much of a boat anchor that it literally tears the social fabric of enterprise apart.
  • At the heart of the capacity to innovate and adapt is the ability to learn. An organization cannot innovate or transform itself without first learning something new. To succeed in this increasingly connected, complex and unpredictable business environment organizations will require that individuals change the way they think about and act upon what is know and what needs to be known in order to produce, transform and innovate at unprecedented rates.
  • In a network context we need to think about a new value chain where: Information is the Currency Individuals are the Transport Mechanism Interaction is the Transfer Mechanism Insight is the Outcome.
  • Learning and Change are two sides of the same coin. Just as business has had to change due to market economies and the arrival of the internet, so too must the learning function. The perennial challenge for the learning function is to ensure that human capital investment yields a workforce that is more productive, more adept at transformation and more innovative than the competition. Just as Organizations and Individuals have had to adapt to respond to the changes that technology is driving, so too must learning!
  • Set up LOST COLONY STORY: Family trip to Manteo NC Figure out Lost Colony Blacksmith Clothes Bakery School
  • Everything is becoming So Lo Mo, but not moving in Slow Motion….quite the opposite! We are going to be in a world where everyone is connected to everyone else in real time Goal of the Instant Enterprise is to coalesce capability around endeavor at moment of need to create content or solve a problem Goal of learning is to get the Enterprise Elephant to dance in concert with So Lo Mo Beat and the answer is not faster e-learning courses online but more fluid collaborative learning on that amplify the established organic learning flows on the network.
  • E learning keynote final

    1. 1. Ins tantVoice: Tony O’Driscoll (@wadatripp)Visuals: Gary Zamchick (@zamchick) #IEL12
    2. 2. IntroductionLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 2
    3. 3. 3 W’s and 5 C’sLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 3
    4. 4. The Instant EnterpriseLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 4
    5. 5. Part 1: Technology DisruptsLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 5
    6. 6. WebvolutionLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 6
    7. 7. Technology From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 7
    8. 8. Diminishing AstonishmentLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 8
    9. 9. 3D Rate of ChangeLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 9
    10. 10. Jerk SyncopationLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 10
    11. 11. Electronic ExoskeletonLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 11
    12. 12. DDDKLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 12
    13. 13. Technology Question How must LEARNING change to address the DIGITAL DIVIDE of a DIFFERENT KIND?Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 13
    14. 14. Part 2: Enterprises RespondLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 14
    15. 15. Basic ProgressionLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 15
    16. 16. Digital Enterprise DarwinismLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 16
    17. 17. Co-evolution versus Lag?Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 17
    18. 18. Instancy: Promise or Peril?Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 18
    19. 19. Enterprise From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 19
    20. 20. Enterprise From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 20
    21. 21. Enterprise Question How must LEARNING change to help organizations become INSTANT ENTERPRISES?Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 21
    22. 22. Part 3: People adapt…Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 22
    23. 23. …faster than organizations do!Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 23
    24. 24. People From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 24
    25. 25. The i4 Value ChainLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 25
    26. 26. People Question How must LEARNING change to help amplify and augment the i4 VALUE CHAIN?Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 26
    27. 27. Part 4: L2CLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 27
    28. 28. Lost Colony StoryLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 28
    29. 29. Learning From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 29
    30. 30. Learning From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 30
    31. 31. Learning From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 31
    32. 32. Learning From/ToLearning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 32
    33. 33. In a Nutshell We don’t need new TECHNOLOGY or PEDAGOGY or ANDRAGOGY… …we just need new THINKING… …on how to leverage the INVISIBLY PERVASIVE WEB to… …create INSTANT ENTERPRISES that… …can respond in REAL TIME to UNANTICIPATED CHANGES in the BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT!Learning in the Era of the Instant Enterprise Slide 33