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Chief Learning Officer Forum

  1. 1. Dr. Tony O’Driscoll Fuqua School of Business, Duke University Net WORK ed Learning Immersive Technology and the Future of Learning
  2. 2. Test and Disclaimer
  3. 3. Slide: Agenda = Disclaimer
  4. 4. O n My Mind
  5. 6. Slide: Red Pill or Blue ?
  6. 7. Slide: My Vision Educator Perspective My Reality
  7. 8. Slide: History Lesson 1585-1587
  8. 9. Slide: Student Perspective
  9. 10. Slide: Guido’s Perspective
  10. 11. Slide: Gutenberg Lumiere Watt Routinization 1785 – Invented 1807 – Steam Boat 1829 – Locomotive 1450 – Invented 1500 – German Bible 1520 – Literature 1895 – Invented 1903 – Great Train Robbery
  11. 12. Slide: Mind the TRAP ! Now that we are moving from factory work to anytime, anyplace work, we need an anytime anyplace educational parallel.
  12. 13. Slide: Enterprise Perspective
  13. 14. Slide: The Problem Knowing Formal Content Topic Learning Doing Informal Context Task Performing
  14. 15. Slide: Seven Scary Problems Autonomous Learner Timing Packaging Performance Routinization Value Transfer Seven Scary Problems
  15. 16. Formal Informal Learning Performance Productivity Growth Compounded Marginalization Autonomous Learner Timing Packaging Performance Routinization Transfer
  16. 17. Value Expectation Disconnect Business Outcomes Organization Level Individual Business Unit Enterprise Capability Productivity Sustainability Developmental Needs Leadership Skills Operational Needs Performance Improvement Talent Management Business Unit Enablement Strategic Needs Transformation Globalization Innovation Strategy Enablement
  17. 18. Slide: Michael O’Driscoll Grandad
  18. 19. Slide: Transatlantic radio Electricity Radio networks Telephone system Automobiles Air travel Washing machines Television Global monetary system Interstate highway system Highrise buildings Electronic computers Space travel Satellite communications The Internet Global positioning system Cable television systems Change
  19. 20. Slide: Aidan and Liam
  20. 21. the Did You Know?
  21. 22. Slide: By 2010 computers will disappear. Visual information will be written directly onto our retinas by devices in our eyeglasses or contact lenses. Going to a “website” will mean entering a virtual reality environment. By 2029 we will have billions of nanobots traveling through the capillaries of our brain communicating directly with our biological neurons. Nanobots will take up positions close to very interneuronal connection coming from all of our biological sensory receptors. When we want to experience NON-VIRTUAL reality, the nanobots will just stay still. If we want to experience virtual reality, they will suppress all input coming from the real senses and replace them with the appropriate signals Kurzweil Aidan = 27 Liam = 24
  22. 23. Slide: By the year 2010 the codified information base of the world is expected to double every Help ! Information Knowledge Wisdom
  23. 24. Slide: Explosion of information Hyperinflation of time Accelerated pace of change Constancy in human cognitive ability Digital Divide 100y=20,000y Digital Divide of a Different Kind
  24. 25. Slide: Happy 16 th Birthday ! April 22, 1993
  25. 26. Slide: Webvolution Connect “ TO” Connect “ THROUGH” Connect “ WITHIN”
  26. 27. Movie Maker Web 2.0 = Connecting THROUGH
  27. 28. Web 2.0 = UG X You Tube = User Generated CONTENT Digg = User Generated FILTERING = User Generated ORGANIZATION Blogs = User Generated COMMENTARY Technorati = User Generated PRIORITIZATION RSS = User Generated DISTRIBUTION Tags = User Generated TAXONOMY Web 2.0 = Connecting THROUGH
  28. 29. Slide: Digital Native
  29. 30. Slide: Anagram ? CHEAT TEACH
  30. 31. Slide: Getting things done requires good connections, both the human kind and the Internet kind. Schooling has confused us into thinking that learning was equivalent to pouring content into people’s heads. It’s more practical to think of learning as optimizing our networks. Learning=Net WORK ing
  31. 32. Slide: From / To STOCKS FLOWS
  32. 33. Oxymoron Jumbo Shrimp Military Intelligence Death Benefit Civil War
  33. 34. KM 2.0 SOCIAL COMPUTING = KM 2.0
  34. 35. Slide: Here Comes Everybody
  35. 36. Slide: New Value Chain Information = Currency Individuals = Transport Interaction = Transfer Insight = Outcome i 4