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Content Marketing, Curation and SEO - Then you can get beer


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Presented to the Dallas Wordpress Meetup on May 18, 2013.

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Content Marketing, Curation and SEO - Then you can get beer

  1. 1. Content, Curation and SEO –then you can get beerTony WrightCEO & Founder, Wright IMC
  2. 2. Agenda• Who is this guy? (no slides, I just talk about myself alot)• How do people search – then and now (I don’t knowthe future)• Earned Media – One boring slide• Simple SEO 101 (don’t fall asleep, I’m watching!)• What is content marketing (it’s SHINY!)• Curation – Not your grandpa’s plagairism• Social listening hearing aids• Results. Give. Knowledge…Market Orienteering forContent Creation (Huh?)• Random Tips are appreciated
  3. 3. How we think people search.Go toGoogleType inKeywordGo to mylanding pageClick myresultBuy myproduct
  4. 4. How people actually searchGo to searchengineType in Keyword Click on Naturallisting #1Go to Site AClick on link on SiteAGo to unrelated site Go have a CokeGo back tosearch EngineType in RelatedSearchClick on naturallisting #3Click on link tomore researchon productContinueresearchingproductLook at Porn fora whileGo back to thesearch engineand type in morerelevant keywordClick on Paidlisting #1BUY PRODUCT!
  5. 5. How did people Search?“As seen in the heatmap (left), fixationsare studded around the top 5 resultsand the majority of clicks are upon thetop 3 results (discounting the sponsoredlink). The sponsored link was actuallynot well attended to due to the fact thatsearchers are now familiar withadvertiser placement within Google.The 2008 heatmap supports the recenttrend observed by Cornell University(Their study found that the top 3 Googleresults get 79% of all clicks) and by AOL(Findings were that 63% of clicks wereconcentrated upon the top three searchresults).” – Think Eyetracking Study,2008
  6. 6. How do people search now?
  7. 7. SEOs, Content Marketers andSocialistas specialize in “EARNEDMEDIA”• Earned media (or free media) refers to favorablepublicity gained through promotional efforts other thanadvertising, as opposed to paid media, which refers topublicity gained through advertising.[1][2] Earned mediaoften refers specifically to publicity gained througheditorial influence, whereas social media refers topublicity gained through grassroots action, particularlyon the Internet. The media may include any massmedia outlets, such as newspaper, television, radio,and the Internet, and may include a variety of formats,such as news articles or shows, letters to the editor,editorials, and polls on television and the Internet.
  8. 8. SEO 101 –The four C’s of Success• Code: HTML, Content Management Systems,W3C Compliance, Java Scripts, oh my!• Content: Words mean things. Without words, youare invisible• Connections: Links and Likes is the “whuffie” ofSearch. The quality of your friends tells Google alot about you in general.• Communications – Social gets links. Content onother properties gets links. Good content getslinks.
  9. 9. Shiny, happy Content Marketing• Content marketing is not new• Content marketing is not magic• Content marketing is simply writing goodstuff• Content marketing is also publishing,syndicating, marketing, influencing, andproviding information• Content marketing has been and alwayswill be here – under any name
  10. 10. Curation – It’s not stealing if it’sreasarch• Understand Fair Use – usually ok toinclude the first paragraph and a link• Link to what you love – and let the lovecome back• Don’t just curate – comment. Have afreakin opinion (SEE OUR WHITEPAPER!)• Can’t be first? Be best.
  11. 11. Results. Give. Knowledge.• Search is the compass for your marketorienteering.• Both paid and natural search analyticsprovide maps for Social Media ContentStrategies• Keywords are comforting…Wordsmithingis over-rated• Google Analytics works great for miningvaluable content creation data.
  12. 12. Social Listening – What’d you sayabout me• Social listening tools can be expensive• Here are some free ones– Google Analytics– Google Suggest– Google Insights– Google Keyword Tool– Twitter Search– Facebook Search– Google Alerts– Hell – just Google “Free Social Listening tools”– Ok – on 3 everyone shout their favorite one
  13. 13. What do I do with this information?• Answer consumer questions• Appeal to audience interests• Use the six weapons of mass influence– Reciprocity, Commitment and Consistency,Social Proof, Authority, Liking and Scarcity• Drive your audience to where you wantthem and define the action you want themto do!
  14. 14. The Link Economy• Link building is a <$1,000,000,000 industry• Bought links are against Google’s Terms ofService• Social Media naturally generates links– Let’s talk Nofollow for a second…forgive me whileI put my geek hat on• Integrated marketing teams with creativeideas are more successful that stand-aloneSEOs or SMMs.
  15. 15. Random Tips• it.• Google Analytics. Worship it.• When writing headlines, split them up. Social on one side, SEO onthe other• Bullet points drive keywords home• Overoptimization is real. Don’t do it.• Always get the link. Remember, the links affect the ranking• Understand that Social drives Search, rarely does search drivesocial.• ANSWER PEOPLE’S QUESTIONS• Create a syndication strategy for your niche• Buy influencers a beer• If you can’t write – find someone who can• Search = Direct Response, Social = Branding, Content = Authorityand Syndication You need the all.
  16. 16. How can I help You?• Follow me on twitter @tonynwright• Email me at• Call me at 214.529.0703• Visit our company website