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Tony wright smx east - 2012 - lobbying


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Tony wright smx east - 2012 - lobbying

  1. 1. Presentation Title HereTony WrightCEO & Founder, Wright IMCThe Politics of RankingsTony WrightCEO & Founder, Wright IMC@tonynwright
  2. 2. Worst Case Scenarios – What Could RecentProposed Legislation Do To SEOs?• No more Analytics• Government Takedown of Your Website• Corporate controlled bandwidth• Fines for mis-labeled advertising• Sales tax on e-commerce• Sales tax on previously peformed and futureservices• The end of the internet as we know it.
  3. 3. What are lobbyists?• The old view – guys insuits taking politiciansout the lunch• The new view – like-minded groupseducating those inpower about the issuesthat affect us all– Those are not always thosein government, but may bethose with deep pockets
  4. 4. Who has the power now?• Google – Spent $4 million on lobbying lastquarter– This is more than Microsoft, Oracle, IBM or even Apple• Facebook increased it’s lobbying budget by 90%in the last year• A new trade association backed by Google,Facebook, eBay, Amazon and many others isscheduled to launch in September
  5. 5. Is anyone in search doing anything?• SEMPO Actions– Several letters to Congress and the FTC regarding SOPA, PIPAand FTC proposed regulations of Google– SEMPO encouraged its members to take action and contact theircongressmen about SOPA and PIPA• Search Leader Actions– Danny Sullivan wrote an open letter to the FTC regardingregulation of paid inclusion– Rand Fishkin came out against SOPA and PIPA on an SEOmozBlog– Various search luminaries have commented on proposedlegislation – Rob Garner of iCrossing and SEMPO being one ofthe most vocal
  6. 6. What’s not happening• There is no clear, coherent voice for searchmarketers (nor any true definition of what asearch marketer is)• Search marketers don’t have deep pockets forlobbying efforts• Search marketer’s interests do not always alignwith those who do have the deep pockets• These issues are NOT going away, in fact, theylook to get more pressing
  7. 7. What needs to happen• Someone will have to make this a priority (eitherSEMPO or a new group that works alongsideSEMPO).• Search Marketers need a seat at the InternetAssociation table• Search Marketers will need to put their moneywhere they mouth is• Consensus and compromise, from a group notknown for those qualities, will need to happen
  8. 8. Objectives• Determine the feasibility of a paid searchcampaign utilizing Google, Yahoo and Bing topromote Copyblogger branded products• Understand the optimal strategic use of paidsearch (including content networks) to supportCopyblogger’s current marketing efforts.• Assess Copyblogger’s current digital eco-systemand marketing philosophy’s compatibility withpaid advertising
  9. 9. Wanna talk ideas? I’m your huckleberry.• Contact me at:Tony WrightCEOWrightIMCtony.wright@wrightimc.comTwitter: @tonynwright972-215-7167