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Tony wright modern marketing - vegas2012


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Tony wright modern marketing - vegas2012

  1. 1. Web Marketing PlansNOWPresented by:Tony WrightCEO of WrightIMC@tonynwright
  2. 2. The old way of creatingMarketing Plans• Discover your target audience• Distribution Channels• Select your media – both earned andunearned• Get Creative – make something flashy• Execute, sit back, and wait
  3. 3. Five Years Ago Marketing Plan• Go to MySpace• Get a MySpace account• Buy some Adwords• Think about ways to improve your site– but don’t execute any of those ideas– We were worried about the home page– SEO? That’s snake oil– Maybe we’ll buy some banners?
  5. 5. Your Website is the onlypiece of the marketing puzzleYOU completely control• You decide when and what to publish• You decide the platform• You decide the look and feel• You decide the budget
  6. 6. All peripheral media shouldwork to drive visitors to oneof two places• Your Website– 92% of Marketing dollars are spent ondriving traffic, 8% is spent on doingsomething with that traffic – this iswrong.*– There is no gravity online to pushcustomers through the funnel. ConversionRate Optimization can produce Gravity*– *From Jeffrey Eisenberg’s Keynote Speech at Pubcon Austin, 2010
  7. 7. All peripheral media shouldwork to drive visitors to oneof two places (cont.)• The Phone– It still works– Some people just gotta talk, especially onbig ticket or big decision items.– Call tracking platforms greatly increaseattribution and accountability
  8. 8. OOOH, Something Shiny!• Keep the strategy that EVERYTHING –print, television, radio, online, is goingto point customers to your Website.Don’t get suckered into going for shinyobjects!– Conversations should happn On yourWebsite where you control the process– Never use your marketing dollars topromote someone else’s site (unless youare in pharma)
  9. 9. Channel Distribution• Brick and Mortar still sells, but drivethe customer back to your Website toincrease the value of the sale– QR codes, offers, coupons, additionalinformation are all good ways to get thecustomer to interact with you– Catalogs still work,but use the same rulesfor Brick and Mortar– Online is where you make the most money– and if done right, where you can makethe most sales for the most products andservices.
  10. 10. Content Strategies• Just because you drive your traffice toyour Website doesn’t mean that youronly presence– Social listening and keyword mining cangive you the data to know how to write toyour audience, and what they areinterested in.• This also works for determining whereto spend you ad dollars• It also works to find links for SEO
  11. 11. Content Strategies (cont.)• Get to know your community.Participate. Engage– This creates a syndication network youcan enhance• Thought leadership and helpfulness goa long way toward attracting andmaintaining customers– Where is your audience? Be there.
  12. 12. Content Strategies (Cont.)• Check your analytics and referrers• Don’t be afraid to ask your audiencewhere they go.• It’s ok to not be first, don’t jump onevery trend. Let it play out.
  13. 13. Reach and Frequency• Content is King, but the size of thekingdom depends upon distribution– Is your content portable? Can it liveoutside your ecosystem and not causeduplicate content issues? Does it matter ifit does?– Will people want to link to your content?– Where can you go to get people interestedin your content?– Does your paid advertising support yourcontent, or is it the other way around?
  14. 14. Thank you for timeTony WrightCEO/