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State of search 2014 tony wright - linked in primer v.2


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A primer for using LinkedIN - includes descriptions of Premium Services, research on how LinkedIN works with Google (using LinkedIN for SEO) and tactics on how to use LinkedIN on a daily basis

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State of search 2014 tony wright - linked in primer v.2

  1. 1. LinkedIN Primer Connections FTW! Tony Wright CEO & Founder 972-215-7167 @tonynwright
  2. 2. My History with LinkedIN • Became a LinkedIN member on March 11, 2004 • I am a “Team Professional” member, meaning I pay 106.49/month for Premium Features for me and some of my team • When I first started using LinkedIN, I hacked it to get connections • I got in trouble and lost my account for 2 months • I didn’t start really utilizing LinkedIn for anything profitable until about 2 year ago • Connect with me. I accept all connections. I’m a proud LION since day 1. My profile is @tonynwright
  3. 3. My Rank (it varies daily) @tonynwright
  4. 4. What’s in My LinkedIN? • Visually Enhanced Profile • Increased appearances in search • Ability to see who’s viewed my profile • Profile View Analytics • CRM Style contact connections • 25 inmail credits • Advanced Search Features • Teamlink (we have 3 subscriptions) • Saved Lead Lists • Recommended Leads @tonynwright
  5. 5. @tonynwright
  6. 6. Publishing on LinkedIN • Publishing content on LinkedIN became a thing over the last year, being rolled out in phases. Most people can now publish long-form content • Your LinkedIN Homepage is now powered by Pulse, which shows you content based upon your connections • You can reach your connections with Pulse pretty well, especially if your article gets traction • LinkedIN Influencers get the most reach. You probably aren’t one and won’t become one. @tonynwright
  7. 7. Publishing on LinkedIN • LinkedIN has a basic, but good primer on publishing long-form content on their site at posts-on-linkedin---overview • Go read the above if you want to know the nuts and bolts of publishing on LinkedIn @tonynwright
  8. 8. I’ve only posted 2 long-form posts on LinkedIN @tonynwright
  9. 9. Digital Sharecropping • Ongoing debate – is publishing on LinkedIN Digital Sharecropping? • Here’s my post on LinkedIn about Digital Sharecropping: my-attempt-at-digital-sharecropping • TL;DR – I build LinkedIN’s brand when I publish on their platform, so I don’t, even though I may lose business in the short-term. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. @tonynwright
  10. 10. SAMMORNEGRTNDE • I wanted to see if I could keep a LinkedIN Pulse Post from being indexed in Google • I also wanted to see how long it took Google to index a Pulse Post • I created a test post, using the word “SAMMORNEGRTNDE” which is a nonsense word that showed no previous Google results @tonynwright
  11. 11. SAMMORNEGRTNDE @tonynwright
  12. 12. SAMMORNEGRTNDE Test Results • The post was put on LinkedIN on August 12, 2014 • I checked every other day to see if the word SAMMORNEGRTNDE showed up in Google • Finally, on Friday, September 12 – 4.5 weeks after the the word was posted (and the day after Pubcon), the word showed up in the SERPs • As of now, I still have not found ANY way to insure that a LinkedIN Pulse post can remain out of Google’s index @tonynwright
  13. 13. Is LinkedIN Long Form content Duplicate Content • Content published on LinkedIN is, by default, designed to appear it originate from LinkedIN. – Here’s the code from Larry Kim’s LinkedIN Post about the SEO Code of Ethics • <link rel="canonical" href=" /20141103142649-14611789-why-seos-don-t-need- a-code-of-ethics-from-sempo" • @tonynwright
  14. 14. Google thinks your content is LinkedIN’s – but it’s still pretty smart David Baker Blog David Baker SERP @tonynwright
  15. 15. Google Indexes LinkedIN • There are currently more than 500,000 LinkedIN Pulse articles indexed in Google – Think about that – that many posts have been created in a very short amount of time. • There is no doubt that there is value within the Walled Garden of LinkedIN for relevant Pulse posts • Outside of LinkedIN, however, these posts must be super-relevant to a long-tail seacher to result in an activity – In fact, in most cases, if a Pulse post is not seen in LinkedIN, the author gets no credit (ok, that’s speculation, but educated speculation) • The question to ask before publishing is: Is this content so good that it’s going to create a desire for action amongst my LinkedIN following – or would I be better to put it on my own site where I can control the calls to action, and have better analytics insight into its performance? @tonynwright
  16. 16. @tonynwright
  17. 17. So how do I use LinkedIN? Who’s Looking At Me? • The first thing I look at every morning – because I’m vain…And I want to know who’s stalking me… @tonynwright
  18. 18. So how do I use LinkedIN? Who’s Looking At Me? • The first thing I look at every morning – because I’m vain…And I want to know who’s stalking me… @tonynwright
  19. 19. Looking for links in all the right places Find the ones that can link • Inmail is the second best link-building tool besides the old-fashioned telephone. @tonynwright
  20. 20. Check out who you are meeting with today Make sure to look for who you both know • I look up everyone I am scheduled to meet with on LinkedIN before the meeting. To the right is who I met with on Friday. He’s looking for a job. @tonynwright
  21. 21. Look at what your network is talking about Participate. If something is good, let them know • Always look at what your network wrote. You want them to do the same for you – if it’s good, let them know. Karma, you know. It’s not always a bitch. @tonynwright
  22. 22. Find your next Employee For high level employees – there isn’t a better place to find them than LinkedIN • It costs a lot to post jobs on LinkedIN – but in my experience, the candidates are worth the money. @tonynwright
  23. 23. Look, there’s a lot to know. I wanted to add more. But I stopped And I’ve just scratched the surface. Let’s do Q&A.
  24. 24. Thank You! Lets connect! Tony Wright CEO & Founder 972-215-7167 @tonynwright