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Smu class may 2015 tony wright - final


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Online Reputation Management has changed. Have you changed your online reputation management stategy?

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Smu class may 2015 tony wright - final

  1. 1. Tony Wright CEO & Founder 972-215-7167 @tonynwright Reputation Management is Dead. Long live Reputation Management.
  2. 2. What this is NOT about This is NOT a presentation on how to remove negative items about you. This is NOT about stats – you want stats, you can Google them. This is NOT about convincing you to do Proactive ReputationManagement – if you aren’t convinced now, my 10 minutes won’t convince you. @tonynwright
  3. 3. Do you know this dude?
  4. 4. You wanna get involved in this mess?
  5. 5. The Definition of ORM has changed Trying to “remove” bad listings from SERPs? You’re are doing it wrong. Online reputation management is truly the MANAGEMENT. of your reputation, not CONTROLLING your reputation. Anyone offering a quick fix is lying at best – they may even be conning you. The only way to combat a bad online reputation is to create a better one. @tonynwright
  6. 6. First things first Are you monitoring your online reputation frequently? Are you telling your side of the story NOW? Don’t wait until a crisis hits! Do you have relationships with influencers within your space? Do you have a social media policy for employees in place? @tonynwright
  7. 7. Trying to do PR during a crisis is like trying to eat a salad during a heart attack.
  8. 8. The New ORM ALWAYS tell your side of the story – and make sure it shows up Make sure your side of the story is palatable to your target audience (you do know your target audience, right?) Seed the SERPs, don’t expect to replace them Use proper channels for reponses to negative items @tonynwright
  9. 9. Try to avoid the Striesand effect.
  10. 10. The Bottom Line Keep telling your story and make sure it’s being seen. Have others that will help you tell your story. Don’t try to have perfect SERPs or Reviews – they actually look fishy. Monitor all the time. Remember that reviews and SERPS involve logorithmic perception – the more good stuff you have out there, the more positive you are likely to be perceived. @tonynwright
  11. 11. Tony Wright CEO & Founder 972-215-7167 @tonynwright Thank You! Lets connect!