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Monitoring and reputation management pubcon new orleans 2013


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Presented at Pubcon New Orleans 2013 on how to monitor and protect your online reputation.

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Monitoring and reputation management pubcon new orleans 2013

  1. 1. Monitoring, Response andhow to handle ReviewsPresented by Tony WrightCEO/FounderWrightIMC
  2. 2. The thing about monitoring…• There are literally hundreds of tools – fromfree to very expensive• Beware of relying on any data gleanedfrom “automated sentiment”• NO TOOL WILL TRULY MONITORREVIEWS IN GOOGLE – Must be donemanually• Monitoring the SERPs can be donethrough ranking tools
  3. 3. Creating a formula for onlinereputation• Items to consider– Reach of the venue– Influence of the poster– Tone of the content– Follow-up on the post (watch for on-topic topic)– Viral effects
  4. 4. When to respond• This really depends on your brand andresources• Reaction to every mention requirescontinued reaction to every message…– If you start and then stop, you can damageyour brand– Set proper expectations for your followers –and be prepared to do customer service viasocial media channels
  5. 5. Review Management• No matter what stat you read, knowthis…unhappy customers are more likely tocomplain online• The goal of review management is to get thehappy customers to talk– Review Portals– Staff Incentives– Staff Education• What are you doing to make your customersactual Fans?
  6. 6. Review Management –Social Media Policy• Do you have a Social Media Policy? Doyou have more than 10 employees?– Are you in a regulated field that requirescompliance?• Do your employees know your socialmedia policy?• How do you enforce violations of yourpolicy?
  7. 7. Review Management –Educating Employees• Every employee, contractor and vendorcan have an affect on your reviews– The janitor can illicit a negative review aseasily as the CEO• Management needs to make employeeeducation on social media a priority• Good customer service won’t keepnegative reviews from happening, but itdoes help stem the flow
  8. 8. Review Management –Content Marketing• Creating content that positions yourcompany as a thought leader can solicitpositive reviews.• Videos, articles, advice from experts allcontribute to the overall brand image, aswell the reviews• Content marketing also helps your SEO
  9. 9. Thank You!Tony WrightCEO/FounderWrightIMCTony.wright@wrightimc.com972-215-7167@tonynwright