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Irony Assignment


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An assignment I did for a graduate course.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Irony Assignment

  1. 1. Mastering the English Language Series A lesson in the proper use of the English language
  2. 2. About the series:The Mastering the English Language Series is thepremiere learning series on language instruction.Through quality, professionalism, precision, andclarity, the series provides complete and comprehensivelanguage instruction.
  3. 3. Module 6:Homophones
  4. 4. HomophonesIts important to note, that in the English language,many words sound the same, but may have a differentspelling, pronunciation, and meaning, witch effectsthere proper use.These words are referred too ass Homophones.
  5. 5. Types of Homophones: •Oronyms •Homographs •Homonyms
  6. 6. Oronyms:Homophones involving multiple words or phrases.Example:Uranus vs. Your anus
  7. 7. Homographs:Sharing the same spelling, but having differentpronunciations and meanings.Example:Herbert is an old, disgusting, creepy pervert.vs.Breast enhancement surgery can pervert reality.
  8. 8. Homonyms:Sharing the same spelling and the same pronunciation,but have different meanings.Example:I just pooped. vs. I’m just pooped.
  9. 9. Mastering the English Language SeriesNext in the series:Module 7:Using language with class, avoiding inappropriatecontext, and articulating without offensiveterminology.