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National Positions SEO Company Website Conversion Service : Guaranteed Results: Call Direct 213-321-3843

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National Positions SEO Company Website Conversion Service

  1. 1. 213-321-3843 National Positions Website Conversion Service Turn more of your website visitors into your customers Imagine what it would mean to you if you could increase your website site profitability without increasing your advertising spend? National Conversion Booster offers a systematic reliable approach to increasing your sales, leads and profits by optimizing the layout of your website. How can increased website conversion rate help you? If you are like most website owners you want to make as much money as possibly can with your website. In fact optimizing your website can have a major affect on your bottom line. Now assume that your websites conversion rate is between 1 and 2 percent. If you can increase your conversion rate by just a half a percentage point you can increase revenues by 50% or more. Why you need to increase your conversion rate? Advertising on the Internet is becoming more expensive and more competitive every day. Pay-Per-Click advertising has skyrocketed in price just over the last few years. Even Search Engine Optimization is getting harder as more competitors vie for the same top rankings. On the positive side most websites are doing a horrible job converting traffic and it is often not that hard to increase current conversion rates substantially. Just imagine if we double your conversion rate your cost-per-acquisition will halve. The National Positions Conversion Cycle™ Conversion rate increases are generated by testing various aspects of your website. It is a cycle because it is made up of a number of ongoing tests. Each time a usability test is completed we learn more about what is working and why. Tony Ly, Search – Leads – eCommerce / 213-321-3843 1
  2. 2. 213-321-3843 Stage 1: Analysis Web analytics tells us what visitors are doing on your site. Analytics will tell us where people click and where they abandon or leave your website. We will take this information and choose the top pages to work on. These typically are your:  Top exit pages  Top bounce pages  Lowest time spent pages  Key selling pages Stage 2: Plan/Brainstorming At this stage we try to identify all the weaknesses in your marketing goals or funnel. Here we sketch out how you are driving visitors all the way from your advertising through to closing the sale or generating the lead. We will look at all your major website pages and identify the pages that have the greatest opportunity for improvement. During this stage we will review your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), the top points you are trying to communicate and the profiles of your main target customers. Next we try and identify the top factors that if changed could have the biggest impact on your conversion rates. This could include: Headlines, tag lines, pricing, new offers, guarantees, body text, testimonials, call-to-action buttons, graphics and much, much more. Stage 3: Design At this stage we put the plan into action. We design the various pages that we plan to test. We will test the big bold improvements first. By taking all our top ideas and testing Tony Ly, Search – Leads – eCommerce / 213-321-3843 2
  3. 3. 213-321-3843 them at once we can hope for a massive increase in results. We will work closely with you at this stage to ensure that we are positioning your products and services correctly and that the tests make sense to you and your company. Stage 4: Implement We use Google Website Optimizer to implement your tests. This amazing tool helps us split your paid and organic traffic across your existing page and the new pages we want to test. During this stage we place tracking code on each element that we are testing so that we can tell exactly what is working and what isn’t. Stage 5: Testing Testing multiple factors across similar pages is known as multivariate testing. Every week during the test we take the results we have gathered and communicate these back to you so that you can easily track which variation of an experiment is motivating your visitors the most. At the end of the test cycle we will deliver concrete and actionable recommendations based on our findings. We will then help you implement the best performing elements and pages so that you can start making increased profits right away. Testing by its very nature means continually trying new things and this is how the National Positions Conversion Cycle works. Benefits  Turn more visitors into sales or leads  Reduce your acquisitions costs  Make more profits  Enjoy more return visitors  Take your website to the next level Testimonials and Case Studies Please visit Need More Information: Email or call: / 1-213-321-3843 Tony Ly, Search – Leads – eCommerce / 213-321-3843 3