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Focus Company Summary 2011


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Focus Company Summary

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Focus Company Summary 2011

  1. 1. Get to know more of Asia with us.<br />
  2. 2. About Us<br />Company Facts<br />Focus Company Co., Ltd. is a professional full service market research company based in Seoul, Korea. We provide accurate market data through latest technology and useful insight into Korea and Asia to growing global businesses domestically and around the world through our years of experience. Ever since establishment in 2001, Focus Company has continually done over 350 research projects per year to clients in major industries. At Focus we don’t just deliver raw data, we provide insight and strategies to go with the raw data to ensure our Client’s success.<br />Established: October, 2001<br />Employees: 72 (as of April, 2011)<br />Turnover: 7,000,000USD <br />Head Office: Seoul, Korea<br />Regional Office: Busan, Korea<br />Proud Member of<br />
  3. 3. About Us<br />Reliable<br />Our top priority at Focus Company is to provide our clients with accurate data and information. Our quality control process is to involve senior researchers to examine every step, every result, and every one involved to make sure we deliver the most accurate information to our clients.<br />Fast<br />We do not rush, but we systemize every process so that our researches flow fluidly. Our teams of experts are continually trained on the importance of co-ordination and co-operation to minimize procedural errors. Also we utilize the latest IT solutions to make sure that we deliver quality results with efficiency and speed.<br />Insightful<br />Utilizing our past experience of 10 years in the market we create options and provide new insight on top of reliable data. We provide quality consulting and create educational training programs for our clients and have a support system to assist them through out the whole process.<br />
  4. 4. About Us<br />Focus Company is based in Seoul, Korea but we have coverage of Asia Pacific through our reliable partners. Our network partners are in China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia and our strength lies in FMCG, IT, Communications, Financial.<br />Asia Pacific Coverage<br />Korea<br />Japan<br />China<br />India<br />Taiwan<br />Thailand<br />Vietnam<br />Malaysia<br />Singapore<br />
  5. 5. Our Services<br />Marketing Research<br /><ul><li>New Product’s Market Potential, and Demand Forecasting Study
  6. 6. Consumer Behavior and Attitude & Usage Study
  7. 7. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) Study
  8. 8. Marketing Activity and Business Performance Measurement Study(Product Power/Price Competitiveness/Distribution/Advertisement Effect
  9. 9. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI/ICSI/ESI/PSI) and Monitoring Study
  10. 10. New Product Needs and Customer Value Study
  11. 11. Brand Power and Brand Equity Measurement Study
  12. 12. Price and Distribution Study
  13. 13. Customer Recommendation/Customer Value/User Experience Study</li></ul>Answers<br />Solutions<br />Strategies<br />INSIGHT<br />There are 2 types of Market Research Companies...<br /><ul><li>Companies who provides just data</li></ul> VS<br /><ul><li>Company who provides “Insight and Strategic Solutions” as well as raw data.</li></ul>FOCUS Company has always looked past simple data and all of us at Focus are trained to think like problem solvers rather than simple statisticians.<br />Public OpinionSurvey<br /><ul><li>Public Opinion and Social Opinion Study
  14. 14. Field survey and Research on actual conditions in each Business Sector
  15. 15. Research demand and performancefor policy making</li></li></ul><li>Past Projects<br />Market Performance Research <br />New Product Development Research<br /><ul><li>Evaluation and comparison on reference books for middle/high schools
  16. 16. Research on baby food price competitiveness strategy
  17. 17. Make-uppackage testing
  18. 18. Research on advertisement effect for online open market business
  19. 19. Research on stationery distribution status and distribution strategy
  20. 20. U&A and New Product demand research on a ballpoint pen
  21. 21. New town product development research
  22. 22. Lab productsresearch targeting on dentists (Germany)
  23. 23. New wireless Internet business model development research
  24. 24. Strategy research for releasing ‘well-being’/healthy snacks</li></ul>Forecasting Demand Research<br />Customer Satisfaction Survey<br /><ul><li>Demand research on attending in 2012exhibition in overseas
  25. 25. Demand forecasting and computer application research about New PC2TV Business
  26. 26. DTV demand forecasting and research on its main cause of error spread
  27. 27. Demand research on 2010 F1 GP - Initial Survey
  28. 28. Korea Service Quality Index (KS-SQI) Research
  29. 29. Customer satisfaction research on public institutions
  30. 30. Satisfaction research on the Ministry of Knowledge Economy affiliated organizations
  31. 31. Customer Satisfaction research on security from the National Police Agency
  32. 32. Monitoring research on JDC authorized duty-free shops service</li></ul>Market Strategy Research<br /><ul><li>SMEs’ globalization tactics and failures after the 97’ financial crisis.
  33. 33. Vietnam’s mobile communication market segmentation study
  34. 34. U.S. ‘H’ mobile communicationrepositioning research strategy
  35. 35. ‘Engine Oil’target setting research</li></ul>Brand Management Research<br /><ul><li>Lingerie brand BPI survey and repositioning research
  36. 36. Apt. complex move-in brand/product/service awareness research
  37. 37. Stock company brand awareness research
  38. 38. Research for positioning hospital brand identity</li></ul>Customer Value /User Experience Research<br /><ul><li>CEM (Customer Experience Management) agency development research
  39. 39. UX (User Experience) project</li></li></ul><li>Major Clients<br />PR/MARTKETING<br />IT/TELECOMMUNICATIONS<br />NEWS/MEDIA<br />CONSTRUCTION<br />FINANCIAL<br />FMCG/LIVING<br />
  40. 40. Facilities <br />FOCUS company has 2 FGI rooms fully equipped with high end audio and video systems. The FGI rooms are equipped with real-time broadcasting capabilities making it possible for international clients to view the interviews either at the office or home. Also a monitoring(mirror) rooms are attached to all FGI rooms for clients to view the interviews or group sessions in detail.<br />Seating capacity: 10 ~15 (FGI Room)<br />Supporting equipment: Live internet broadcasting system, beam projector, audio/video recording system<br />CATI Facility<br />Mirror Rooms<br />FGI Rooms<br />Seating capacity: 8 ~12 (FGI Room)<br />Supporting equipment: Wifi internet, Simultaneous translation system<br />Seating capacity: 60 (FGI Room)<br />Supporting equipment: Wifi internet, In-house Monitoring System<br />
  41. 41. Online Panel<br />Independent PanelOperation<br />Web Survey System<br />Maintaining panels according to hierarchical subdivision’s (gender, age, areaetc) quota sampling<br />Survey Response<br />▶<br />▶ON-LINE Questionnaire<br />▶Research Portal Solution<br />Organised Questionnaire– Off-line<br />On-lineQuestionnaire<br />
  42. 42. Key People<br />IT Solution/Import Export Department<br />CEO<br />Choi, Jeong Sook<br />Vice-President <br />Kyung-Soon, Choi<br />Experience<br />Experience<br /><ul><li>34 years of experience in IT Solution business area
  43. 43. Strategic Team Manager: Samsung Electronics</li></ul>- IT Business Team Leader- Samsung LCD, Laser Printing, Hard Drive Business <br /><ul><li>Manager: Digital Equipment Corporation Korea - Storage Business/Broadband Business
  44. 44. CEO:Yoonik CNC Co., Ltd.
  45. 45. Techincal Advisor: SAMT
  46. 46. 28 years of market research experience
  47. 47. Representative Consultant and Moderator
  48. 48. Awarded the Minister of Communication and Information Prize in 2005
  49. 49. Manager Consumer & Social Research Division: AC Nielson
  50. 50. Deputy Director of Marketing Division: Nara Communications Inc.
  51. 51. Current - Vice-chairman: Asia-Pacific Marketing Forum
  52. 52. Current – Chairperson: Korea Venture Business Women’s Association</li></ul>Academic Background<br />Academic Background<br /><ul><li>Graduated Sogang University, Marketing MBA
  53. 53. Graduated Ewha Womans University, Sociology
  54. 54. Seoul University </li></ul> - Electronic Engineering<br />
  55. 55. Key People<br />Research Department<br />Senior Director <br />Hyun, Goon Taek<br />Director <br />Kang, Youn Mo<br />Director <br />Yim, Hyun Chul<br />Experience<br />Experience<br />Experience<br /><ul><li>20 years of research experience
  56. 56. Team Manager: JoongAng Research
  57. 57. Senior Researcher : DongSuh Research
  58. 58. Current (2008~2011)</li></ul> - Lectures at the Korea Productivity CenterPR Research Application Strategy<br /> Market Research on New Product Development <br /><ul><li>15 years of market research experience
  59. 59. Strategic Director: JoongAng Research
  60. 60. Senior Researcher: Research Korea
  61. 61. Director : Nuri-telecom
  62. 62. Manager: DaeHong Comm.
  63. 63. Manager: Nara Comm. .
  64. 64. Manager: Gumgang Comm.
  65. 65. Deputy-Manager: DongBang Comm.</li></ul>Academic Background<br />Academic Background<br />Academic Background<br /><ul><li>GangWon University</li></ul> - Master of International Business <br /><ul><li>ChungAng University </li></ul> - Master of Mass Communication and Journalism <br /><ul><li>Dongguk University</li></ul> - Qualitative Market Research <br /><ul><li>YonSei University</li></ul> - Bachelor of Sociology <br /><ul><li>YonSei University</li></ul> - Master s Advertising and PR<br /><ul><li>SoGang University</li></ul> - Master of Business Administration at<br />
  66. 66. Offering Core Business<br />Improvementsto achieve<br />maximumPerformance<br />3/8/9th Floor 144-4 ES Tower, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel: 82-2-556-6440 Fax: 82-2-556-6488 E-Mail:, Website:<br />