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The Karatbars Exchange for Business


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A Presentation for all those who are looking for a new opportunity to tap into a niche market that is building rapidly in 120 countries around the world. With an uncertain global economy teetering on the brink of collapse many people are turning to gold as a hedge against the dangers. Karatbars are an easily affordable form of high quality gold and are also promoted through an affiliate scheme so vast numbers of Karatbars, at some point will be exchanged for goods and services in order to benefit from their increased value. This represents an opportunity to exchange your goods and services for Karatbars and then spend them for the goods and services you need once the value has risen again. That way everyone benefits as a community of members. If you would like to run a Karatbars Exchange in your country or simply join the Exchange in the UK to exchange your goods and services for gold then why not start by viewing this presentation.

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The Karatbars Exchange for Business

  1. 1. How to Use the Karatbars Exchange to Build Your Business The new opportunity to increase your sales by targeting a niche market and making use of free credit
  2. 2. What is the UK Karatbars Exchange? An online digital currency system It provides opportunities for ownership of value to be passed around the community of members through trade
  3. 3. Who can become a member? Individuals Businesses Organisations
  4. 4. What are Karatbars?
  5. 5. Are Special Occasion designs available?
  6. 6. What about Collector Cards?
  7. 7. Can Businesses use their own Branding? 1,000 Cards – same price as Classic 1 Card – 37% more e.g. extra £14.86 Sliding scale quantities in-between
  8. 8. What about Community Currencies?
  9. 9. Where do we get them from? Go to
  10. 10. Why does anyone buy Gold? To preserve VALUE £1161.80 was required in 2011 to buy the same as £100 in 1970 1 gm Gold was worth 15 shillings in 1970 – in 2011 it was worth £58 (100/0.75 = 133.33 gms whereas 1161.80/58 = 20.03 gms) That means GOLD held its value 6.66 times better than the £ over the same period
  11. 11. Why in the form of Karatbars?  Convenient to carry around in a wallet or stash in a drawer somewhere  Easy to purchase and spend by everyone – not just the very wealthy  Security features – so you can easily know for sure it is genuine gold  Easy to purchase - online or at K-Exchange Shops  Sent to you using Fedex – quickly and securely  Can be used as a currency and spent with businesses that are willing to accept them  Your business can accept them because you can also spend them with those you buy from or sell them for cash
  12. 12. What are the Business Opportunities here?  Buy Karatbars and save them to gain possible increases in value  Accept Karatbars as a currency in your shop/office and earn 10-15% by selling them on to others i.e. become a K-Exchange Centre  Promote your brand by purchasing your own branded design and selling them or gifting them as rewards/bonuses to staff/clients  Become a Business Member of the Karatbars Exchange  Promote your business services and products and earn Realms which can be exchanged for Karatbars  Use Karatpoints as an incentive to attract new custom  Earn bonuses in £’s by introducing other members  Earn bonuses in £’s from sales of Karatbars to clients/customers
  13. 13. What are the main Features of the UK Karatbars Exchange that can be of advantage to Businesses?  An Exclusive Online Marketplace where Businesses can advertise their wares at zero advertising cost.  Businesses can sell their wares to members in exchange for either or both of two currencies linked to the price of Gold which they can then spend with their suppliers (at the right time)  Bonus - Businesses can earn commissions if they want to by introducing new Business and Organisation members and from any introductions that are made by them down two legs.  Bonus - Businesses can earn Units from the purchase of Karatbars, Merchandise and Packages from any member in both legs that convert to extra commissions.
  14. 14. What are the Benefits of the Marketplace Feature?  No limit to the number of “Offers” that can be added so a Business can generate leads in multiple ways.  In a niche market your business can stand out from the usual crowd – particularly if you are in first under your specialist category!  You can also build in links back to your website pages to help with your SEO
  15. 15. What are the Benefits of being paid in REALMS which are backed by Gold?  Gold has always held value for 1000’s of years – it always will.  Ask your investment adviser – “Is the global economy teetering on the brink of severe recession and does that mean that the price of Gold is going up and likely to keep going up until the recession is well and truly over?”  The REALM can easily transfer ownership of Gold between members which means that any increasing value of the Gold passes to the new owner with every transaction.  If your business is receiving all this increasing value then your profitability is going to increase as well
  16. 16. What are the Benefits of using KARATPOINTS which are linked to the value of Gold?  Each Business is allocated an overdraft for KARATPOINTS depending on their Business Package – this is effectively a loan to the business at zero rate interest for them to use to help them gain new clients.  KARATPOINTS can be awarded like loyalty points as an incentive to buy  KARATPOINTS can be accepted in part payment as an incentive to buy – this allows you to pay off your overdraft  Use KARATPOINTS instead of lowering prices – gives you maximum profit
  17. 17. What is the Cost for a business to become a member for the different Business Packages?  Bronze Package – Joining Cost £89 - Overdraft 5,000 Karatpoints  Silver Package – Joining Cost £234 - Overdraft 15,000 Karatpoints  Gold Package – Joining Cost £534 - Overdraft 40,000 Karatpoints  VIP Package – Joining Cost £1433 - Overdraft 200,000 Karatpoints  NB – Joining Costs vary according to the price of Gold so could go up or down
  18. 18. What are the Bonuses for the different packages  Bronze - 1 x 100 E Bonus Card (£89 value), 1 x 3% Discount Card (value determined by amount of gold purchased for 12 months), 5% Commissions, 5 Units  Silver - 1 Gram of Gold (£40 value), 3 x 100 E Bonus Cards (£267 value), 3 x 3% Discount Cards, (value determined by amount of gold purchased for 12 months), Brochures, 10% Commissions, 20 Units  Gold - 2 Grams of Gold (£80 value), 7 x 100 E Bonus Cards (£623 value), 5 x 3% Discount Cards, (value determined by amount of gold purchased for 12 months), Brochures, 15% Commissions, 50 Units  VIP - 3 Grams of Gold (£120 value), 20 x 100 E Bonus Cards (£1782 value), 10 x 3% Discount Cards (value determined by amount of gold purchased for 12 months), Brochures, 20% Commissions, 100 Units.
  19. 19. What are the Dual Team Bonuses given on each Cycle?  A Cycle event occurs when you reach 50 Units on one leg and 25 Units on the other  You are awarded Units for Karatbar purchases, merchandising and packages purchased from your team e.g. 1 Unit for 1gm, 3 Units for 5gm, 5 Units for Bronze, 20 Units for Silver  You earn bonuses for each Cycle based on your Package e.g. £9 Bronze, £34 Silver, £51 Gold, £68 VIP
  20. 20. Contacts  Tony Haslam No Ink Marketing 07428 669856  To Purchase Karatbars online  To become a member and trade 100% of the value of your Karatbars using Realms and Karatpoints 800749196712135 Like to keep in touch with news – also pass on to your friends