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Creating Android apps

  1. 1. Top 20 Android Apps of 2011 – TechCrunch Report Presented By: Mobile Banner Intel© 2012, All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Legal NoticeCOPYRIGHT:Copyright 2012 AI & JS Enterprises, Inc., all rights reserved.LIMITS OF LIABILITY / DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY:We are not affiliated with Google or any of the companies noted in this report.All trademarks are the property of their owners.This report is NOT legal or accounting advice. You need to do your own due-diligence to determine if thecontent of this report is right for YOUR business. No earnings claims are beingmade anywhere in thisreport or in the marketing of this report. The publisher of this report is not liablefor any damages orlosses associated with the content in this report.In English: You are a business person, I am a business person – you need to beresponsible for yourown marketing and actions online.© 2012, All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Here is my Top 20 Android Apps guide . . . I was originally going to sell this PDF for $47! I decided to give it away :) Before we get into our PDF - I wanted to share something time sensitive with you . . . "Find The Most Profitable Mobile And App Campaigns Lightening Fast With This Covert Spy Tool And Swiping What Works..." After you check out the above KILLER STUFF, you can read on . . .© 2012, All rights reserved.
  4. 4. 1. Any.DO: To Do List | Task List - This free app manages your to-do list and helps you in getting things done orderly and in an elegant way. The app features easy capture, organization and syncing of all the things you need to do. Specific feature includes the speak your mind capability, which allows you to quickly capture tasks on the go using voice recognition.Other reviews: What people are saying: “No ads, neat look and widget, no lagging, easy to use, what else could you ask for? I was a bit suspicious of it being spyware at first, but an antivirus scan proved me false.” “I very much liked the user interface, and spent the first night experimenting the features as if its going to be my most utilized tool. Woke up the next morning, and all data was wiped out. Luckily, it was still in Google. Synchronization was easy to get back on track. Later on, it duplicated each task in Google!!! This is the second tasks tool that I try, and ends with the same problem. I am assuming that the bug is in the software and not in my Google account! Had to uninstal.”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  5. 5. “This is an essential productivity app for all android smartphones. Love the minimal design. Helps keep me get through the day since I usually forget things.” Souce: 2. Lightbox – Photos & Effects - Tagged as your photo journal, this app is your tool to capture, edit and share photos to your loved ones. The app features automatic timeline organization of postcards on Also, you do not need to worry when it comes to photo privacy as the app lets you choose from these privacy level options: 1) keep your photos private 2) selective share or 3) share them with the entire lightbox community. Check out other review: further-with-tumblr-like-photo-journals/ What people are saying:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  6. 6. “Good, but could be better feature wise. Needs more users to compete with something like Instagram. That being said a good, social photo sharing app for Android” ~ Ben “good app, but a little heavy on my galaxys…”~ Ario “Love it. Use it daily to share pictures with my daughters dad on fb who lives in a different state =D” ~ Jenna Source: 3. Amazon MP3 - This puts in together the AMAzon MP3 store and Amazon Cloud Player. It allows you to shop for music, play the music you have, and store them on your device. With this app, you can shop for over 18 million songs and over a million albums in the Amazon MP3 Store. You can play the music stored on your device as well as the music you have stored to Cloud Drive. Other review: What people are saying: “Stops playing after current song when screen off”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  7. 7. “I like this app, but for some reason it randomly stops playing after a song finishes when the screen is off, as soon as you turn the screen on, it starts playing the next song. Very frustrating when trying to stream some tunes for a long drive, or really anywhere. I assume what is happening is when the song stops, the device goes into deep sleep mode before the cloud player decides to wake up and start playing the next song. For reference I am on a 8.9" Galaxy Tab LTE. Any fix?” ~ James “This app is amazing for streaming music on 3g. Since it uploads music at the quality of your choosing, then compress it to a lower quality (aka 64kbps with Media Monkey) it Caches music, and downloads ahead, so its gapless... Idk why everyone hates this app... ive yet to have a single problem with it... lol people on here be trippin.~ Derrick” Source: 4. AirDroid - This free app allows you to "wirelessly manage and control your Android device from a web browser Over-The-Air". The app comes with a number of features, which include the following capabilities: a. File transfer between Android devices and computers b. Read, send, forward or delete messages with its SMS feature c. Photos, contacts, ringtones, and music manipulations.© 2012, All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Checkout this AirDroid feature walktrough (video): Other review: What people are saying: "This works great! Now if I could only run the phone apps from here it would be even better. Great app though!" “I had difficulty trying to use my USB cable to download phone photos from my Samsung phone to my PC. I was not successful. I discovered Airdroid, installed it, and it worked right away and is very intuitive and easy to use, even for a geezer newbie! Thank you Sand Studio for an awesome tool!” “I love the concept of having a desktop like scheme that can control your phone from your computer, but unfortunately slow file transfer speeds prevent this app from being my top choice. WiFi Transfer Pro transfers files much faster than Air Droid. But AirDroid is truly unique in your ability to review your phone book (with all photos), send and read all your text messages, etc. Looking forward to future upgrades of this app!” Source: 5. SwiftKey X Keyboard - With this app, you can have a better way of typing text as it replaces your ordinary touchscreen keyboard with this app that is powered by "smarter natural language technology". This app has the capability to understand how words work together and thus it is capable of giving more accurate corrections and predictions. Also, this app support more than 35 languages.© 2012, All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Checkout the app’s features here (in video): Other review: android-keyboard/ What people are saying: “I wish there were more levels of autocorrect, including option to turn off. I like having suggestions, but sometimes I want to type words that arent in the database, and this dang thing wont let me type them bc it keeps autocorrecting!! I appreciate being able to activate both English and Spanish kbs at same. time, though!!” “I must admit, ICS 4.0 has a really accurate keyboard but SwiftKey is just so much better than it. Predictions are extremely powerful autocorrect is mostly right. Excellence in everyway possible. Samsung Galaxy S 2 running CM9 experimental.” “Takes some time for the app to learn you, if you will, but fantastic once it does. For those with the keyboard stuck: swipe down to dismiss.” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  10. 10. 6. Skitch - an app that allows you to annotate, edit and save photos and scribble with your android device. With this app, drawing attention to your images has been a lot easier now. Other capabilities of this app include zoom and crop images, create smooth, lines, and scribbles to explain whats with the image, insert text using a special high-contrast coloring scheme for better readability. Other reviews: What other people are saying: Great program. Need full-resolution share option, though! This isnt an iPhone, it can handle it! The best android drawing app by far. I use it every day and absolutely adore it! My online suggestion is too add it to the apple app store! Its one good idea terribly executed. There is no "normal" saving system. You are always one "back key" away from losing all your work (what happened to me way more than Im willing to accept. Its quite frustrating losing a 5 minutes sketch because you receive a phone call or checked a text message. Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  11. 11. 7. BlueStacks Cloud Connect - is an Alpha version of BlueStacks Cloud Connect; this sends your Android apps to the BlueStacks App Player on your PC or even your Windows-based tablet. This app makes syncing your apps from your Android- powered phone to your computer or tablet (and vice versa) a lot easier and enables users to enjoy up to 35 applications seamlessly across preferred devices. Other reviews: application-lets-you-use-android-apps-on-your-pc/© 2012, All rights reserved.
  12. 12. What people are saying: “Nice, would be great if you use apps like WhatsApp and Viber through it though. Select device option maybe? And convince the apps the LAN is 3g?” “Problem free installation on my Vista PC and Samsung Galaxy S. Seems to be well made, looks good and obviously has a lot of potential, but I dont have a Facebook account and have no intention of opening one, so I havent gone any further.” “Good idea, but bad start... Requires facebook account to enter the site. Requests abusive access to facebook account data. When trying to sync the phone gives the error "Server not responding".” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  13. 13. 8. Qello - This paid app brings the concert right to the fan; a streaming concert rental service that lets you access all content for 30 days for only $4.99. With this app you can experience the power of high definition live music in your hands. You can watch your favorite artists anywhere, anytime - you will never miss a show!Other reviews: What people are saying: “Quality product......Doesnt slow my phone down and has a ton of great shows! Its great to just sit back and watch....and new stuff just about every other week. Five stars plus!” “This app always running even when force closed will restart itself so 1 star till fixed uninstall Nexus s 4g.” “Most of the artists Im looking for are not found. It needs more content.” “This APP Rocks!!!! I have never seen such diverse concert content and the QUALITY is amazing. Feels like youre literally in the front row!! Get it!” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  14. 14. 9. AccuWeather for Honeycomb - the company behind this app describes it as "the most trusted source for localized weather". This app is available for both Google TV and Android Tablet. It showcases the following features:  interactive weather application;  easy-to-use and playful interface;  GPS technology and interactive Google maps Weather informations delivered:  Accurate and local forecasts for locations worldwide;  Current weather conditions - displayed with location and time, temperature, humidity percentages, precipitation and amounts, wind and wind gust speed, wind direction;  WeatherAlarms for locations worldwide;  Weather display options. Other reviews:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  15. 15. What people are saying: “Great app, and swapped from Weather Channel for this, but might have to go back as widget has stopped working since upgrade. Motorola XOOM on 3.2” “App was working just fine. Then after an update it would take forever to load. On a second update they fixed that. Now after the last update, the widget is not working at all. Cant even get it to be shown on the screen” “The last updates made this app totally worthless. It doesnt respond, freuently doesnt update the widget and you cannot quit it anymore by tapping the back button. If no update fixing these issues comes rather quickly this app will be uninstalled! Great now it doesnt even load the bloody widget!” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  16. 16. 10. HD Widgets - HD widgets is an app that showcases a dozen of widget current time, current weather, weather forecast, and utility switches. Everything in this app is swipeable - from menu to the pages to the options. Other widget features include LED, flip clock, and Honeycomb clock designs. It also comes with a User Guide to help you get started, fullscreen weather activity, high resolution weather icons, quick and easy editing. What people are saying: “On the big tablet widget for my Xoom the sun at the left keeps changing position and moves to the center blocking the clock. It always does this after the tablet is on for a couple of hours. Keep waiting for it to be fixed but it never is. I finally gave up on it.” “Hi guys, really love the widgets as it real pretty. But one problem is that I recently purchased a Galaxy Note and the clock does not work at all. Please fix! Could be my phone but I doubt it.”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  17. 17. “Works great with tablets as well. Many options to select from. Its almost impossible to not find the right combination/match for your phone theme and wallpaper you might be using. Missing: - allow the user to select their own weather application.” Source: 11. Google Currents - this free app developed by the search giant is designed to deliver "beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed offline reading". It is available in 3 editions: Publisher; Google Trending; Your Favorite Blogs and Feeds. It features high speed offline reading, quick-touch sharing, and the capability to adapt to differently sized phones and tablets. What people are saying: “When I was reading an article, it started to sync, and took me to the newest article automatically before I could finish what I was reading.” ~ Xiao Hui “The app works fine, its just you cant go back. You have to use the "home" key and start over each time, when you want to check out a different news source. Flipboard is much more intuitive.” ~ Geoege Erbele© 2012, All rights reserved.
  18. 18. Source: 12. Google+ - a social networking app from the search engine that allows you to do social stuff. Some of the apps important elements include Circle that allows you of targeted sharing within subsets of a social group. It also features a functionality that is specifically for viewing, managing, and editing multimedia. With the Hangout feature, users can easily start a hangout in a video chat-room and a notification is sent to their social circles telling that someone is initiating it. And, ‘Games’ feature is also integrated into system where you can enjoy game apps as much as you want. Other review:,_Social_and_Lead_Marketing_for _Business_Blog_-_WSI© 2012, All rights reserved.
  19. 19. review/ What people are saying: “Every update keeps getting better (except when video uploads were removed, but now back). I love instant upload and being able to share with my circles from my phone. The only thing I really hope for is more fluid post updates and comments to show (like the web version). Im not sure how challenging this is from a mobile app perspective but if anyone can do it, Google can!” “I LOVE Android! I LOVE this Social Network! Its my choice over FB and all others. I really want to love this app, but hangouts and other features are simply NOT working properly. I was able to perform a hangouts with my sister on her LG MyTouch 4G but was not able to connect at all with another family member who was using a pc. HTC EVO 3D.” “Great app, especially the messenger and hangouts. But why would you force us to use the apps photo selector when we have a gallery app. The google+ photo selector is AWFUL! Please give us an option which for which app we use to select photos from. Galaxy Nexus” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  20. 20. 13. Google Maps - this app, considered by People as an ultimate map guide, this app features Navigation with free voice-guided GPS navigation system; Places that allows you to find, rate, and get recommendations for places; and Latitude, which allows you to checkout friends on the map and check in at places. What people are saying: “Best tool for everything map, location, and exploration. There maybe an expensive alternative for specialized tasks or small things you could add (see add-ons for some) but come on totally free pretty accurate voice turn by turn and street level navigation in one package without obtrusive ads and at least warns when any sensitive data may be used is 5 star in my book.” “There is NO other mobile navigation app better than this. Those permissions just so happen to be beneficial to your experience with this. Stop bitching and be greatful you indecisive a holes.” “There may be other GPS services that are better, but Maps is a great free service. I use it all the time and it hasnt failed me yet. Thank you Google!” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  21. 21. 14. Google Docs – documents sharing has been made a lot easier on android devices with this app. It allows users to create, edit, and share from your devices anywhere, anytime. You can create and edit documents and updates appear to your collaborators; you can also upload file and convert it into a Google document. What people are saying: “I love Google Docs, but this App is a shame. It adds minimal advantage over just editing your Docs in a browser. I have some very complicated spreadsheets that I really want good mobile editing ability on and this just doesnt cut it :( Please Google, take some time and make this app actually do some of the interface grunt work, either that or improve the heck out of your mobile docs site!” “New document from photo isnt working, and when I try to take a picture after installing it, the camera app wont load. I uninstalled and the camera worked fine. Reinstalled and it broke again. Also, Im hoping we get the ability to edit styles soon.” “Sorry to say, but the current interface is just terrible for anything but viewing documents. Copy one line at a time. No support fo arrow keys. Cant select-and-cut text. Keyboard keeps hiding while Im typing or navigating. We really need a tablet-optimized google doc and spreadsheet program, but this is not (yet) it.” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  22. 22. 15. Google Music – this free app lets you shop music on Android Market and listen instantly whenever, wherever you like. It is a cloud-powered music player and storage device that lets you keep your music collection online and therefore can save space in your Android device. The app features the following capabilities: a. Can manage up to 20,000 songs b. Instant access to your entire music library and save favorite for offline playback c. Share your favorite music to your loved ones and friends via Google+Note: this app is available in the US only (as of this writing) Checkout other review:,2817,2385570,00.asp What people are saying:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  23. 23. “There are a lot of people providing bad feedback and only a small margin of them actually provide appropriate bad feedback. Some of you have older phones that may not be fast enough or up to date to handle it. Some expect features that are there but they cant get them on their type of phone. (i have more than just list view). Which is a problem for the type of manufacturer and not the app. My wife has the driod global 2 and I have HTC thunderbolt and there are differences. Grow up.” “This would be the BEST music player if it had the ability to queue songs like spotify. I think a lot more people would use this. Also, sometimes on shuffle, when the song ends it doesnt go to the next song automatically, so I have to press next. Good built in equalizer. Also, for the songs that dont have a known artist but you know what artist made them: you should be able to place them in the artists folder, similar to playlists. This would ultimately fix the unknown artist issue!!! Regards. Galnexus” “Googles done it again. Now out of beta! Runs perfect on my xperia play. Should be androids default music player. Thanx Google :D” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  24. 24. 16. Price Check by Amazon - This free app is a great tool for you to know the current prices of products on Amazon. By simply doing a barcode scan or snap a product picture or type or say an item name, you can instantly get its price and buy directly from the app. It also features price sharing capability, which helps make in-store price comparison even better. Checkout other review: android/ “Used it extensively this Christmas when shopping with my Droid 2 and it worked lime a charm every time. I love, love, love this app!” “6 stars. Makes the Amazon search easier but having all the reviews set the way they are saves me a lot of time catching pros and cons versus the site.” “Everything it does, the original Amazon app does as well, including barcode & camera search, and wishlist & account management. Completely redundant.” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  25. 25. 17. Netflix - This app allows you to instantly watch TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix. Netflix subscribers can watch any movie or television show from the instant streaming catalogue anywhere over a WiFi signal as well as in 3G and 4G connections. Checkout other reviews: What people are saying: “HTC - Flyer Tab: Installed and opened just fine, but I cannot get it to accept my Netflix ID and password from the app. I go online and test it and it works fine. I thought it would work without a hitch, but NO! Time to test Hulu. Thanks but no thanks Netflix.”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  26. 26. “HTC Hero - I just installed this app and the picture is fantastic and the sound is great but they dont sync up. It is impossible to watch this way. I love Netflix and this is such a cool app. Please resolve the sync problem and you will definitely get 5 stars!” “I was thrilled to find this on the market. However, I am a country girl and sadly the signal sucks... thus so does this app! Would be nice if they would give the option to reduce the graphics for slower connections!!” Source: 18. SoundTracking - a free app developed by Schematic Labs that allows you to easily share the soundtrack to your life. With just few taps of your phone, you can share a playable song snippet, photo and location all in a single post. This app is compatible with any iphone, ipod touch, ipad running iOS 4.0 or higher.Some of its features:- Find and follow your friends who are using the app- Share your posts to friends on Facebook and Twitter followers- See what songs and locations are trending and becoming popularCheckout other reviews:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  27. 27. What people are saying: “Nice app. A few force closes...some images dont match w/song and/or artist...needs Google+ integration...with Facebook forcing the stupid timeline on people, I know a ton of people who are defecting to G+ who wont be able to use this app anymore.” “They claim they have fixed the issues causing constant crashing on Galaxy Nexus, but this is a lie. Still crashes on Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 (ICS). Dont waste your time. The developers obviously are not interested in fixing it.” “I like very much that the app can link to my Foursquare (and Facebook) accounts, as you can tag songs from where you are..trés cool...Would like to see what else can be done with it.. Update 4 January: Ok for whatever reason, I cant post anymore with the app...I hit the post icon, and it just does nothing...cant post to Foursquare nor can I post to Facebook...what the hell.. I am using it on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.” Source:© 2012, All rights reserved.
  28. 28. 19. Hipmunk Flight Search - This app allows you to find the best flight and hotel for your trip. The app provides relevant flights on a timeline, which showcases options for you to visualize the right choice. It also gives you other useful idea/details about the flight including factors like how long you will be travelling and how many stops you will make. The app also shows a map where you can see the exact location of a hotel where you will be staying. You can also do booking transactions on the app. Checkout other reviews: search/ What people are saying: “I love the look and function of the app. However, I have been using it the last week to find flights to Los Angeles and Hipmunk has constantly shown me flights that were over $100 more than the Kayak or Tripadvisor apps. While those apps showed $210, Hipmunk consistently showed $347 for the same exact flight. I dont know where the app accesses the prices from but I was disappointed that the difference in price was so drastic. I might try it out a little longer but if this keeps happening, I will have to uninstall Hipmunk” “After only 1 use hipmunk will quickly become an app of choice. very straightforward interface that makes it easy to compare costs” “Not only is the online site the most ingenius solution to multiple searches the mobile version does the same and helps you save searches to complete at your desk if needed. So cute and clean.”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  29. 29. Source: 20. Fooducate - this app educates you about the food you buy - you will know the product nutrition facts (both good and bad). With this app, you can automatically scan product barcode, see product highlights, and select better alternatives. What people are saying: “Its important to know what Ingredients? are in the foods you eat. They responded within the day adding a product they didnt know, it was kind of cool because I was the 1 that gave the information with my cellphone camera. Love the fact that they suggest healthier alternatives to whatever food you scan.” “This is one of my favorite apps.....IF it would work right. It locks up and crashes alot. It works great for the first scan afterwards, its all down hill from there until I have to remove battery from phone. I still use it, but would love it to work correctly. Fix problems and youve got youselves 5 stars! Samsung Android.”© 2012, All rights reserved.
  30. 30. “I install this app and started scanning my pantry only to find out that many of my food items were unhealthy. I like how the app gave the user an alternative food choice. RECOMMEND.” Source: "The Cold Hard Truth Is That Youve Just Stumbled Upon The Solution That Could Change Your Life For Good..."I dont think you can argue that finding white hot campaigns is the first step tomobile and App success...But until now, there was no tool that could pinpoint the hot campaigns so youdont waste weeks of time and money trying to "guess" if something is worthpromoting.Now, thanks to Mobile Banner Intel, you can easily get as many money makingcampaigns, and banner creative ideas as you want-- and the beauty is...It only takes a few minutes to use!!!If youve been wanting to get into the future, get in to mobile and Apps, butdidnt want to take the risks of testing dozens or hundreds of campaigns to seewhat works...So you can free up your time to truly enjoy your life then Mobile Banner Intel isexactly what youve been looking for.This software is so easy to use -- even if you have no previous experience...© 2012, All rights reserved.
  31. 31. © 2012, All rights reserved.