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SME EXPERT	 TONY GATTARIADWORDS VERSUS SEOA                                                                               ...
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Adwords vs SEO


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December 2012 article that appeared in "My Business " magazine

Published in: Business
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Adwords vs SEO

  1. 1. SME EXPERT TONY GATTARIADWORDS VERSUS SEOA “Adwords s the time and difficulty in achieving Google the internet. The goal is to create content that is so rankings increases, many webmasters interesting and important, that internet users share are moving away from Search EngineOptimisation (SEO) to focus on Google Adwords. and link to it. Google measures any created links to your content and ranks the content to match. advertsGoogle Adwords enables you to list your website inGoogle searches immediately, for as many keywords If a ranking in the free organic search results can be achieved for an important keyword for your have a loweras you wish. With adverts appearing above and tothe right of search results in highly visible positions, business, the value of SEO is potentially very high as there is no cost associated with traffic Google clickGoogle Adwords is a clear alternative to SEO. Let’scompare the two. sends to your website. If you have high quality, unique and interesting content on your website, through rateWhat is Adwords? SEO has to be part of your online strategy. But SEO can be hard. Creating content that ranks than freeAdwords is a pay-per-click advertising service inGoogle search results. Most clicks on adverts cost is difficult and not something that can be automated or predicted in advance. A content producer would searchfrom a few cents up to several dollars. The cost-per-click depends on the competition for the keyword be very lucky to have one in 10 pieces of content to be shared widely across the internet. As such, results.”and the quality of your advert. Over 90 per cent of achieving a high ranking for multiple keywords isGoogle’s profits come from Google Adwords, so a very difficult task, especially for a business thatthey are heavily invested in ensuring the Adwords is not social or a producer of content. Achievingplatform works well for business. This is in contrast rankings can also take a lot of time, waiting for yourto their free search results, where Google rank content to gain the trust of the search engines.websites based on unknown and changing criteria, SEO is a high risk, high reward strategy. Replicatingwith little recourse for a business to question success across multiple keywords requiresa change in their ranking. Adwords provides: tremendous effort and a measure of good fortune.• A marketplace where you can instantly list your Measurement of ROI is very difficult with SEO and advert in front of potential customers for any in most cases won’t be known for many months. search term you choose.• A way to exactly measure your ROI. So what should you do?• Ability to control your spend to a daily budget. 1. ry Adwords and closely measure what the cost T of an enquiry is (not just the cost of a click).The downside to Adwords: Keep changing your campaign settings until the• The cost is increasing as more people use the cost per enquiry makes sense for your business. service to advertise. Focus on creating great adverts matched with• The ability to target locations is limited to cities, relevant landing pages on your website. Follow not at the suburb level. up on all enquiries and continue to measure the• Adwords adverts have a lower click through rate results week to week. You need to stay on top than free search results, so there are many users of Adwords to ensure that you are not getting you may miss out on. outranked and losing important new leads.• You must continually spend to achieve rankings. 2. on’t forget SEO – ensure your existing D A competitor can choose to out-rank you webpages follow best practice so they have a anytime they are willing to spend more than you. good chance of ranking without much additional effort after optimisation.What is SEO? 3. f you do decide to create content, create it for I Tony Gattari is ChiefThe goal of SEO is to get listings in the free search the right reasons and initially forget about ranking Energy Officer ofresults for competitive search terms. Most modern in search. Repurpose your created content in your Achievers Group andSEO strategies are based on creation of interesting newsletters, handouts to customers, and post it a much in-demandand relevant content, which is then shared across on your website and social media platforms. business educator. 43