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Third Place - Closing the Loop


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A short presentation on how Medusa TPM, DoorGuard, Portals and Social media combine to create instant booking, access and enablement of visitors and members.

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Third Place - Closing the Loop

  1. 1. Closing the Loop From Marketing to to make your space truly usable
  2. 2. Let the People Work! Third Place Solutions by Medusa
  3. 3. Medusa Medusa Portal & Social Resources andThirdPlace DoorGuard • One-click Pin-code AccessoriesMaker • Main door entrance Access provision • Copiers & Scanners for Visitors and • Shared calendars• Infrastructure • Admin Members • Payment Management • Security • Meeting rooms,• Internet, WiFi, storage and other Security resources• Timed Access Control, record keeping
  4. 4. Marketing & Awareness Booking, Charging Enable the user/member Physical access arrangements Internet and resource access
  5. 5. Each platform has an APIThis enables an Portal – application to enquire New User or instruct an unrelated application DoorGuard – Create PinSo process works in real- Medusa TPM – time: Pin-codes are create WiFi ticket instant if required
  6. 6. Website is an Initial Point ofcontact for prospective members.Use of social media, geo-location.Check out Liquidspace forexample.
  7. 7. Portals are places were members can manage their servicesProviding shared calendars allows live bookingLook at Cobot, Centre-Charge, Nadine, Liquidspace
  8. 8. Instant Pin-code allows physical access
  9. 9. Instant Pin-code allows physical access
  10. 10. • Allows access to Internet with same PIN code• Timed access• Wired & Wireless is the same• User levels of performance• Security and monitoring
  11. 11. Drop-in ApplianceDesigned for shared-spaceManaged by Web screen, Apps or APIsSpecialist WiFiCreates environments for visitors, members. meetings, conferences, training, day offices, data centre and more.
  12. 12. • Meeting room and Day Office networks• Add copier / Scanner / fax• Create additional secured areas• Add vending• Admin network and cameras
  13. 13. Use iPhone APPs and Gadgets for manual setupBuild your own with the APIs
  14. 14. For information on PBL and Medusa, new products and documentation:thirdplacemakers.cominfo@medusabusiness.comwww.medusabusiness.comJOIN THE EARLY ADOPTERS PROGRAMME