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cs 3560 Tool Review 1


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Published in: Software, Technology
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cs 3560 Tool Review 1

  1. 1. What is MongoHq?  Tool to facilitate the running of your own MongoDB  Provides 24/7 monitoring including automated health checks, daily database backups, and automatic database optimization.
  2. 2.  MongoHQ is very easy to install:  One shell command: heroku addons:add mongohq  Visit your account on the heroku website and click the resources tab.  From there you can connect your already existing DB simply by entering the URI
  3. 3. Cost  MongoHQ provides a free version for small databases (512 MB storage).  Larger databases require a monthly fee based on the size of the database. Each GB of data (under 25 GB) costs $18/month
  4. 4. Pros They also provide automated health checks and backups daily.
  5. 5. Cons  A data breach in 2013 gave attackers access to customer account information.  They gained access to email address and bcrypt-hashed passwords.  Although this is rather unsettling, in the long run it made MongoHQ better protected and far more secure than before.
  6. 6. Comparison  Similar apps such as RedisGreen offers more support and analytic features, but is far more expensive.  Its lowest price is 39/month for the development package.  the next lowest price is 169/month for the “Basic” package
  7. 7.  This app makes it incredibly easy to keep track of your database.The User interface makes everything simple, making it faster and easier to manage your database.
  8. 8. Recommend?  I would definitely recommend using this tool, especially in the early stages of development.  Its easy to use interface and relatively cheap pricing saves its users time and money.  Once your database starts growing you might want to consider other options.The monthly charges get pretty steep as the size of your database grows.