Spiritual awakening


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  • Spiritual awakening is not a one off event.  Essentially it is a journey of allowing of the Message of Love to be fully and uniquely expressed through you.This gives you true fulfillment and aligns you with the meaning and purpose of your life, both on a personal and universal, level.Spiritual awakening changes the way in which you see the world.  It changes your world view to one of AT-ONE-MENT with all things.This journey of spiritual awakening and development is a journey into the unknown but not the unknowable.This journey has been mapped in various ways and through different stages and steps.  In this outline of the journey of spiritual awakening I share with you
  • Spiritual awakening

    1. 1. http://www.tonycuckson.com
    2. 2. An Overview of Spiritual Awakening http://www.tonycuckson.com
    3. 3. * This journey has been mapped in various ways and through different Stages and Steps. In this outline of the journey of spiritual awakening I share with you * An overview of the Journey including Maps. Paths. Stages. Signposts and Steps http://www.tonycuckson.com
    4. 4. There are many maps of the spiritual journey that come from all times and all cultures. Such maps include:- * The Way of Chakra Healing. * The Hero’s Journey. * The Way of the Radiant Heart * The Eightfold Noble Path. * The Eight Limbs of Yoga http://www.tonycuckson.com
    5. 5. There are essentially two paths within all the spiritual traditions of the world. These are:- * The Exoteric Path – The Path of the Many. * The Esoteric Path – The Path of the Few. Essentially the path of spiritual awakening is that which is taken by the few. http://www.tonycuckson.com The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both – Robert Frost
    6. 6. Each of these Maps and Paths have various stages but for the most part each includes the following aspects of the spiritual journey:- *The Call to Adventure. *The Search. *The Struggle. *The Breakthrough. *The Return. http://www.tonycuckson.com Knight of the Holy Grail – Harold Hitchcock
    7. 7. The following are the paths related to mystical paths of various traditions:- * The Way of Gnosis – Christian mysticism. * The Way of Zen – Buddhist mysticism. * The Way of the Sufi – Islamic mysticism. * The Way of Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism. * Raja Yoga – Hindu mysticism. http://www.tonycuckson.com The Pilgrim – Baron Arild Rosenkrantz Danish, 1870 - 1964
    8. 8. There are any number of signposts along the way. The journey of spiritual awakening is invited in many ways. In my writings and recordings I concentrate on those ways that I love most. A sample of such signposts includes:- * Movies. * Fairy tales and mythological stories. * Archetypes. * Songs, poems and pictures. * Shapes colors and sacred geometry. * and practices. . http://www.tonycuckson.com Twilight Fantasies - Edward Robert Hughes British, 1851 - 1914
    9. 9. Along the spiritual journey there are various transitions and initiations. Although spiritual awakening can begin at any age after fourteen years it tends to follow a progression. This includes the following life transitions:- * The First Half of Life – 0-35 years. * Midlife – 35 to 50 years. * The Second Half of Life – 50+ years. While it is important to journey the path of spiritual awakening during mid-life it becomes more essential as we get older. http://www.tonycuckson.com The Voyage of Life: Youth Thomas Cole (1801-1848),
    10. 10. What ever spiritual path you set out on you will need the following attitudes for both the accent and decent stages:- * Commitment. * Discipline and * Practice. These are three essentials of the journey. You will not progress very far if you are not committed. This is why the Master Jesus warned against being lukewarm in becoming a disciple. The Pilgrim Baron Arild Rosenkrantz Courtesy Peter Nahum at The Leicester Galleries http://www.tonycuckson.com
    11. 11. The journey of 1,000 miles begins with the 1st step. Here I share with you the 1st three steps. I call these the 3 steps to Heaven. This is the way that you take the journey of spiritual awakening to the end of the road which is always a new beginning. With each step begin with * Setting your intention – then * Paying attention – then * Take Action. It was in order to support this 2nd step of paying attention that I wrote Following Love’s Messenger – 21 Ways to Open the Heart Chakra. Loves Messenger - Marie Spartali Stillman http://www.tonycuckson.com
    12. 12. The steps along the journey of spiritual awakening need to be grounded. Spiritual awakening is not away from the body but through the body. This is not a journey to transcend the body but to love the form of the body to such a degree that the radiance of love transfigures it. Grounding is through a committed spiritual practice that you do each and every day. * Meditation/Prayer * Yoga or other body practice. * Spiritual Reading. * Service/Devotion. This is by no means an authoritative list. http://www.tonycuckson.com The Infant Samual at Prayer - Sir Joshua Reynolds
    13. 13. The true spiritual awakening experience has different names within different traditions. These include:- * The Breakthrough Experience. * A Glimpse of Enlightenment. * A Dwelling within the Light. * Salvation. * Satori. Rapture Henry John Stock http://www.tonycuckson.com
    14. 14. Signs of spiritual awakening are many and varied and of different intensity. They are sometimes very brief and at other times they can last many years. Major phases of spiritual awakening include:- * The Dark Night of the Senses. * The Dark Night of the Soul. * The Wandering in the Desert. Hope in the Prison of Despair Evelyn Pickering De Morgan http://www.tonycuckson.com
    15. 15. Other intimations of spiritual awakening include:- * Living outside of time – the real experience of eternal life. * Knowing that you are both mortal and immortal at the same time. * Losing your fear of death. * Expanding beyond your senses and the body. * Feeling deep transpersonal Love. * Knowing who you are. * A peace that passeth understanding. * A profound clarity of purpose. . http://www.tonycuckson.com The Angel of Death Evelyn Pickering De Morgan
    16. 16. This journey takes into account many things including. * Age and Gender. * Level of Consciousness Fear Based Re-active. Awareness Based. Intuitive Based. Creative Based. Visionary Based. Sacred Based . http://www.tonycuckson.com Eve Anna Lea Merritt
    17. 17. This journey takes into account many things including. * Level of Faith. Primal Faith. Intuitive Protective Faith. Mythic/Literal Faith. The Interpersonal Self. Individuate/Reflective Faith. Conjunctive Faith. God Grounded Self. The Annunciation James Jacques-Joseph Tissot . http://www.tonycuckson.com
    18. 18. To find support for the journey of spiritual awakening through Poetry. Storytelling Songs. Movies. Archetypes. Practices. In the Forest of Arden Hon John Collier . http://www.tonycuckson.com
    19. 19. 21 Ways to Pay Attention including awareness of 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. The Songs you Sing. The Stories you Tell. The Language you Speak. The Movies you Watch. The Patterns you follow. The Images you connect with. The Places you visit in your Life. And 14 other invitations including practices, meditations and blessings for the journey of opening the heart. http://www.tonycuckson.com Due for Publication 20th March, 2014
    20. 20. For information on • • • • • • Talks. Storytelling. Workshops. Tour Guiding in Ireland (with Bee Smith). Concerts Courses Email Tony Website http://www.tonycuckson.com You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born) with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” – Rumi storyteller@tonycuckson.com http://www.tonycuckson.com
    21. 21. Circle with Tony https://plus.google.com/+TonyCuckson Befriend Tony https://www.facebook.com/tony.cuckson Connect With https://twitter.com/tonycuckson Email Tony http://www.tonycuckson.com storyteller@tonycuckson.com
    22. 22. If you have found this outline of the journey of spiritual awakening of interest or benefit then I would most appreciate your sharing it with friends on one of the social networks below. At the Dowra Fair Tony Cuckson . http://www.tonycuckson.com
    23. 23. http://www.tonycuckson.com