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NABEF Media Sales Institute (MSI) 2015


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Top college graduates from across the country are visiting Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication this week as part of an intensive media sales training boot camp through the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation.

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NABEF Media Sales Institute (MSI) 2015

  1. 1. Making Money in the Digital Space
  2. 2. News-Press & Gazette Co.  The roots of the News-Press & Gazette Co., or NPG Co., stretch back to the days of the Wild West in St. Joseph, Missouri, with the publication of the first Gazette in 1845.  Headquartered today in St. Joseph, the company has been owned and operated since the 1950s by the Bradley family, now in its fourth generation. NPGCO.COM A family-owned, employee-focused company
  3. 3. Vision: To build a diverse media and technology company dominant in serving communities with the best local news, sales and information.
  4. 4. national scale and world-class technology The local partner you trust combined with
  5. 5. Which 4 companies drive local search?
  6. 6. Awareness (Attention) •Behavioral Targeting •Content Marketing •Native advertising •Email Marketing •High-Impact Ads Engagement (Information, Inquiry, Consideration) Conversion (Purchase, Loyalty) • Retargeting • SEM/SEO • Social Media • Video • Broadcast TV • Newspaper • Radio • Display & Sponsorships • Email Marketing • Social Media • Video Combination Domination
  7. 7. Combination Domination
  8. 8. Ad Trends
  9. 9. 4% 10% 11% 11% 13% 16% 17% 17% 21% 23% 32% 33% 36% 38% 55% 59% 65% Mobile campaigns Outdoor/Billboard Yellow Pages TV ads Industry organizations Radio ads Other print media ads Online ads Direct mail Email marketing Print newspaper ads Professional referrals Events Social media Referrals from friends and family Company website Referrals from other customers Source: Borrell Q1 2015 SMB Survey; N = 2,990 What drives results for SMBs?
  10. 10. Time Spent vs. Ad Spend Mobile upside vs print over-indexed Source: Mary Meeker May 27, 2015 Advertising spend based on IAB data for full year 2014. Print includes newspaper and magazine. ~$25B+ opportunity calculated assuming Mobile ad spend share equal its respective time spent share. Time spent share data based on eMarketer 4/14 (adjusted to exclude outdoors / classified media spend). Arrows denote Y/Y shift in percent share.
  11. 11. Digital share heading toward 50% Annual expenditures with each media platform Source: Borrell – LMA Revenue Summit Chicago April 29, 2015
  12. 12. Examples
  13. 13. Basic Digital plan A well-designed, search engine friendly website is the first step. Help your customers (new and existing) find you online. Drive awareness & engagement. Provide updates and service to clients on the platforms they already use! Use the power of your new digital marketing team and tools to target, convert & nurture customers. Get Found Presence Get Followed Engagement Get Focused Analytics
  14. 14. Responsive Website Clean, easy to navigate. Weekly updates for optimum search engine optimization. Your site is responsive – no matter what device the viewer is using, your site will look great! Optimized for desktop, tablet, mobile and more. Design Content Benefit
  15. 15. Social Media Custom graphics for Facebook, Twitter & more. Fresh, updated content that your followers will love. Your social media strategy is carefully crafted to ensure your customers and followers get the updates they need, but aren’t overwhelmed. Design Content Benefit
  16. 16. Display Beautiful display ads. Photos, info about your business, call-to-action and more. Your campaign can be displayed across multiple sites & devices – including our mobile apps! Design Content Benefit
  17. 17. Mobile App Rich, exciting graphics. You decide the content! Customize for your business. All the advantages of a native application, optimized for Apple and Android devices. Includes click-to- call, direct messages, push alerts and more. Design Content Benefit
  18. 18. Digital Starter Package Product Price Setup Fee Updates Responsive # page website $$$/mo $$$ WAIVED # hr/month Social Media Services $$$/mo $$$ WAIVED Weekly (# platforms) Digital Display Campaign $$$/mo $$$ WAIVED TOTAL PACKAGE $$$ TOTAL/mo $$$$ SAVINGS IN 1ST YEAR! ADD A MOBILE APP! +$$$/mo $$$ WAIVED # hr/month Our most popular basic services
  19. 19. Package Includes: Weekly Reports Search Engine Optimization Marketing Dashboard Hosting & Maintenance Basic Image Enhancement Help & Support Desk Our experts will help with these services too!
  20. 20. Much, much more! SEO Paid Search Sites en Espanol Reputation Management Web Updates Microsites We offer many additional digital marketing services
  21. 21. Digital Marketing Our plan takes into account your needs and goals If there’s a service you need that we can perform for you, please let us know! We’ll be happy to provide you with a quote for any other digital services you require. Video Content Marketing Programmatic Mobile Lead Generation Solutions to fit your growing business
  22. 22. Snapshot: Lead Generation  EMAIL IS ALMOST 40 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE AT GAINING CUSTOMERS THAN FACEBOOK AND TWITTER COMBINED. Source: McKinsey  For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. Source: Email Expert Infographic mail expert  When marketed through email, consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers. Source: Convince and Convert Getting and keeping customers
  23. 23. Gas Up and Go Gas Up and Go Partnership Program Cost and Savings Your logo/link on Gas Up & Go contest page on website Logo on your Survey page Link & graphic to place on your website & social media promoting contest Survey Results Contact information for opted-in qualified leads Promotion on our social media channels highlighting your contest Your coupon/special offer sent to entrants into your Gas Up & Go contest $$$$ Your logo included in 4 emails to our ###### member database promoting the Gas Up & Go promotion each week. $$$$ Logo inclusion on 100,000 banner ads promoting the Gas Up & Go contest $$$$ Inclusion in TV ads promoting your business as sponsor of Gas Up & Go $$$$ #### custom banners marketing your business flighted to run on our homepage throughout the month of June $$$$ Total Value $$$$ Sponsor Investment $$$$ TOTAL SAVINGS $$$$
  24. 24. Snapshot: Content Marketing  70%of consumers want to learn about products through content opposed to traditional ad methods  67% of brands use native advertising in an effort to provide more-relevant messaging  63% use native ads to increase consumer engagement) Sources: Business Insider, AdAge,, e-Marketer Content is King! We create custom content to give your brand the awareness it deserves.
  25. 25. Snapshot: Video • Powerful. Way to get your message across to consumers on the devices they now use the most. • Memorable. Pre-roll ads are memorable and perform well in unaided brand and online ad awareness. (IAB) • Effective. Double the CTRs of traditional ads and nearly three times the recall. (IAB) • Direct Response Marketing. Features clicks to your website or social media site from video (and from the web companion ad). • Integration. Pre-roll is a common thread between television, the web, and mobile. Easily repurpose your television ad for web & mobile. Video Explosion Benefits Proven to Impact Image & Persuasion
  26. 26. Web Video Pre-roll Sponsorship •#% of all web video stories feature your linkable :10-:15 video plus synchronized 300x250 display ad. An average of # video ads per month. Limited to # sponsors. •# web display ads run of site (guaranteed) per month at #% discount Investment: $/mo. Savings: $/mo. Mobile Video Pre-roll Sponsorship •#% of all mobile video stories feature your linkable :10-:15 video. An average of #video ads per month. Exclusive category to # sponsors. Investment: $/mo. Savings: $ /mo. Digital Pre-roll video
  27. 27. Snapshot: Mobile  87% of American adults own a cell phone.  29% of Americans say their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day.  44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so they didn’t miss a notification.  The average age for a person’s first cell phone is now 13.  31% of adults own a tablet device. Mobile Everywhere More Devices, More Places Continued exponential growth each year
  28. 28. The most advanced location based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude data to target specific geographic areas. GEO-FENCING • Drive mobile performance • Drive mobile reach • Identify high concentrations of customers • Increase brand awareness with concentrated spends • Target competitor’s locations • More powerful and accurate than GEO-IP targeting • The most reliable way to target mobile users in a businesses’ proximity
  29. 29. IDEAL CLIENTS FOR GEO-FENCING BRICK & MORTAR Auto Quick Serve Restaurants Insurance Agents Retail Hospitality DISTRICT SPECIFIC ENTITIES Political parties Political candidates Municipalities Counties Civic groups VENUE BASED ENTITIES Sports areas Concert halls Amphitheaters Convention Centers Colleges TRAVEL Airports Truck stops Bus stops
  30. 30. EXAMPLE – AUTO DEALERSHIPS An auto group who owns multiple dealerships wants to run a campaign to offer rebates to any potential customers who have been to one of their dealerships in the last month. This client could use geo-fencing to “draw” a shape around each of their dealerships and only target customers who have been within those shapes, i.e. at one of their dealerships. They can also layer on the component of recency and target only those customer who have visited a dealership with a set timeframe. In this example ads would only be served to customer who have visited a dealership with the past 30 days.
  31. 31. Snapshot: Programmatic  Over $10 billion spent in 2014, a growth rate of 137% YOY  Expected to grow to nearly $15 billion (+48%) in 2015…  …and to over $20 billion in 2016 (+37%)  45% of digital display revenue in 2014 (actual)  55% of digital display revenue in 2015 (forecast)  63% of digital display revenue in 2016 (forecast) Source: eMarketer, Oct 2014 It is where the money is going Targeted Display and Video Combinations of real-time cross-platform targeting tactics
  32. 32. Targeted Display and Video Site Search Marketing to those who are looking for you by keywords Contextual Marketing to those who are interested in your products and services and consuming related content Marketing to those who are familiar with you Optimized based on intent
  33. 33. Tailored Solutions create the perfect campaign for advertisers. Targeted Display and Video
  34. 34. Facebook newsfeed targeting levels: o Basic • Locations • Demographics • Mobile • Placement • Connections o Advanced • Interests • Behaviors • Advanced Demographics • Education and Workplace Targeted Display and Video
  35. 35. Thank you.Any questions?