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2009 Wa Ports Conference Tony Brun


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Presentation to the 2009 WA Association Conference. Presentation had a focus on community engagement and planning the big picture for Western Australia.

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2009 Wa Ports Conference Tony Brun

  1. 1. WA Ports Conference Tony Brun Chief Executive Officer
  2. 2. The Need for Partnership • Regional cities generally exist and develop due to having a major port • Ports are recognised in many regional cities as being the primary economic driver
  3. 3. Ports living in a community A role in sustaining regional economies and Ports an increasing responsibility in minimising impacts A need for transparency and community engagement
  4. 4. Economic Development Increasing role in diversification International Trade Sister City Partnerships Industry development Tourism & cruise shipping
  5. 5. A Framework Clearly defined MOU with outcomes: • Structure plan (approved by local government & WAPC) • Environmental Management Plan • Economic Development Strategy Necessary even if Port Authorities would rather not have them The Ports Act “provides exemption” line doesn’t cut it with the community
  6. 6. Geraldton’s Vision Geraldton-Oakajee to become: • a national logistics hub with a connection to standard gauge network • a major national scale industry hub (modelled on Gladstone in Queensland)
  7. 7. A New State Plan • Current planning myopically obsessed with Perth as the be all and end all • Need to diversify WA into a genuine multiple (100-300,000 population) city state • Ports will play a focal part in developing WA