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Improving Untestable Code


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All developers run into this. You inherit code, a lot of it and some of it decades old. When the system is a revenue stream you can't simply rewrite it so what is a geek to do? Follow through how The GForge Group is working to take the rough edges out of their code and their process.

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Improving Untestable Code

  1. 1. Improving Untestable Code
  2. 2. BackgroundChallenges we faced with existing Codebase:● Code diversity● Dependency issues● Codebase size● Team size● Subversion● Thirst for Innovation
  3. 3. The End Game● Test automation (phpUnit, Selenium)● Build automation (Jenkins)● Code Reviews● Live code rolls to
  4. 4. Taking the First Steps● Migrating SVN to Git● Focused, Functional Testing● Code Reviews● Code rolls to
  5. 5. Moving ForwardShort term:● Add REST API● Jenkins IntegrationLong term:● Add Selenium Tests● Server-side Code Reviews● Code Refactoring
  6. 6. Recap
  7. 7. Questions?