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Learning menu

  1. 1. This display is based on activities suggested in Jim Smith’s The Lazy Teacher. I made it to remind me of the activities we can have in lessons that focus on the students “doing”. (read the book, it is awesome) Quick = 10mins Chunky = 20-30 Huge = 40+
  2. 2. Arrest me You have been arrested and charged with being an outstanding learner in this topic. What 5 pieces of evidence will the prosecution use to prove this? Is there enough evidence?
  3. 3. Choose a letter/number 1 letter A-Z 1 number 1-10 Come up with this many words beginning with this letter that are linked to the lesson topic
  4. 4. Animal memories Think of an animal. Write words linked to this lesson that begin with the letters of that animal. (Laugh if you like but this is tricky) For example “Lion” in a forces lesson.... Lever Impulsion Orbit Newton
  5. 5. Just a minute Can you talk for one whole minute About this lesson topic? The listener should be a timer and listen for any repetition, pauses (of more than 5 seconds) or mistakes. Don’t want to talk? Try drawing ideas.
  6. 6. Thunks Can you create a question that has no easy answer? Examples: How might we breath if we didn’t have blood? What would we miss most without electricity?
  7. 7. Killer Question Think you have learned loads today? Write your hardest (1,2 or 3) questions about this lesson. The answer must have appeared somewhere in the lesson today.
  8. 8. Frustrated by... There are usually things we haven’t learned yet. What questions remain unanswered about this topic for you and your group? Decide which one to offer up to the class.
  9. 9. What if... Have some fun with a concept and try to make a “what if” question. Examples: - What if gravity were only half as strong? - What if we could see smells? - What if we could use our own movement to generate electricity?
  10. 10. Forrest Gump In this movie the lead character famously says, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” What is the topic of this lesson like? Respiration is like a fire because....?
  11. 11. Who would win? In an imaginary contest (you can decide the rules) who would win? - Respiration or photosynthesis? - Mo Farah or Usain Bolt over 800m? - Insulation or solar panels to reduce energy use? - Chemical pesticides or natural predators?
  12. 12. 5-3-1 Decide on 5 things to write down about a topic i.e. causes, outcomes, problems Etc. Choose the three most important Justify your thinking about one of these. Find 2 other people who disagree with you and discuss why.
  13. 13. Varied Variables Plot of a graph of variables chosen by you but linked to the topic. - How about happiness against time? - Excitement of a carbon molecule in the carbon cycle? - Bank balance against energy saving measures?
  14. 14. Multiple minds What is everyone else thinking and is it any good? Prepare your idea on a topic so you can explain it inside of 30 seconds. Go and mingle and gather as many other ideas as you can then return to your seat and select the quality ideas.
  15. 15. Learning profile Based on your own/a friend’s assessment of your learning, make a report about what key ideas you have learned so far, what mistakes you have made and what your next step might be.
  16. 16. What happens next? After reading a passage or seeing a picture, predict what might happen next with reasons for your thinking. Find someone who predicted differently and discuss why.
  17. 17. Caption Competition Write a title, or speech bubbles or thought bubbles that could be added to a picture you have been shown.
  18. 18. Odd One Out Come up with three ideas about the lesson but make one of them an odd one out. Can other people pick the odd one out and figure out your reason for it?
  19. 19. Bluff, prove it. You should decide on 5 things that you know about the lesson topic i.e. - why something happens - what effect it has on people - when it can be a problem - how it is used in industry. Then decide on 2 things you don’t know but will pretend you do. Tell a partner your 7 ideas, they can only ask you to prove you know 2 of them. Can you bluff your way to genius?
  20. 20. 5 degrees of separation Can you link two ideas together in just 5 steps? For example Tuna fish  mobile phone. 1. Tuna swim in the sea 2. Chemicals such as mercury can build up in big predators like tuna 3. We eat tuna 4. Mercury can be harmful to us 5. We use mobile phones which can contain mercury
  21. 21. Penny for them.. Let’s have a relaxed classroom discussion about the lesson topic in your life. You decide where to take the conversation. What is your vision? What do you think about this idea
  22. 22. Would it be possible to? What is the most elaborate way that you could demonstrate learning on this. Come up with ways to make this happen with thought given to problems, resources, time and finance. Samsung could have recently paid a $1bn fine to Apple by delivering 30 truck loads of 5 cent coins to Apple HQ 
  23. 23. Judge and Judgement We will have a mock trial where “prosecutors” need to build a case against someone who they think needs bringing to justice for a crime. The defence may be charged with: - Exceeding their fair share of electrical usage - An unhealthy lifestyle - Damaging the environment
  24. 24. Crime Scene You will have a picture of a crime scene to do with your lesson topic. What do you think happened? What clues might there be? Can you explain the situation?
  25. 25. Rewrite History Can you imagine where we would be if something had not happened? What if we had never found oil? What if we had never discovered antibiotics? What if the computer chip never existed?
  26. 26. Predict the future What might happen if.... Can you foresee the outcomes of a particular situation. - If we don’t find new antibiotics.. - We find a cure for all cancer... - We genetically modify our children...
  27. 27. Jeremy Kyle It could be any game or chat show but do you know enough about a topic to design a TV show or a section of one that is based on our lesson topic? “He says he has a balanced diet but will a lie detector test say otherwise”
  28. 28. Textbook challenge! Timed or speed challenge. Evidence Hunt. Question/Task/Diagram to improve the book.
  29. 29. I Quit! Mr Williams’ quits teaching for the lesson and someone with a more original learning idea takes over. This is a serious suggestion, but you need to propose your learning activity beforehand.