Understanding pts results


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From NC1 Amy Brown

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Understanding pts results

  1. 1. 06 Feb 2013
  2. 2. What & Why On 04FEB13, the PTS-FR began to auto-populate PRD applications. As a result, the look of the results page (under Reports, Command PTS Summary) has changed.
  3. 3. The New Look The report reflects applications that have been submitted, (separated by type of submission), approvals (all Sailor currently on board who have been previously submitted, final denials, and anyone who does not meet eligibility requirements.
  4. 4. No Final Status (SEAOS) No final status (SEAOS) lists those applications submitted based on SEAOS that are “Submitted” or “Under Review” “Current SEAOS” column is self explanatory.
  5. 5. Months to SEAOS Note that this column computes the months based on the date you pull the report, not on the month their application was submitted
  6. 6. Application Status You must look at the “Processing Month” Note that this column to determine when shows the most that status was recent application assigned. status. If it is their first month being If there is no status submitted at your assigned, it indicates command, it will that this was the Sailor’s reflect the previous first look. status, as applicable. i.e. if it is “Failed to Submit”, don’t panic prior to checking that date.
  7. 7. Processing Month This shows the most recent month that the application was submitted. Note that one Sailor says “July 2010”. This indicates that this is the first look at current command.
  8. 8. Mandatory PRD Applications This tab shows all those applications based on PRD that were pre- populated by FleetRIDE.
  9. 9. Voluntary Spec Circ Submissions This tab shows Clarification on those how long these applications applications that were will remain in submitted prior the system (if to the changes. past 9 month to PRD mark) and who will remove them from the system is forthcoming.
  10. 10. Approved to Reenlist in ActiveComponent Names are still hyperlinked to their approval letter. They have been removed for this presentation for PII purposes.
  11. 11. Other Approvals Separate tabs are created for the following:  Conversions in AC  Conversions to FTS  Approvals for SELRES (in rate and conversions)  Tentative approvals pending documentation
  12. 12. Denied Final Active Note that some ofNames are these Sailors havehyperlinked for a previous Finalthe Final Denials. Denial in the system butThere has been an obviously haveupgrade to the reenlisted (look atletter that current SEAOS).includes the I wouldapplication history recommendto assist the contacting theseparation clerk to ECM to ensuredetermine any flag has beenvoluntary or removed from theinvoluntary record.separation for ISPpurposes.
  13. 13. Does Not Meet Eligibility This tab includes months to SEAOS as well as the Sailor’s current SEAOS.
  14. 14. Other Clarifications Requested The following questions have been forwarded up to TYCOM level:  What will the status be for a PRD submission if the Sailor is not approved in the three month period allotted?  Who will be responsible for changing that status, i.e. ECM, FleetRIDE help desk, CCC?
  15. 15. Other Info If a Sailor does not pre-populate in the PTS browser for any reason, contact the FleetRIDE help desk. If a Sailor would like to do a special program requiring OBLISERV past current SEAOS, the detailer will decide if they are going to give the orders to the Sailor or if they will waive the OBLISERV requirements.