Topic 1.26 Career Incentives


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Topic 1.26 Career Incentives

  1. 1. Career Development Training Course Career Incentives 1
  2. 2. Career IncentivesEnabling ObjectivesUpon successful completion of this topic, the trainee will be able to: LIST the Career Incentive Programs and the references for these programs. IDENTIFY incentives, eligibility requirements, and application procedures for the STAR program. IDENTIFY incentives, eligibility requirements, and application procedures for the SCORE program. 2
  3. 3. Career IncentivesEnabling Objectives (cont.) IDENTIFY the incentives, choices, eligibility requirements, advantages, and procedures for the Guard 2000 Program. DIFFERENTIATE between the terms change-in-rate and change-in-rating. IDENTIFY change-in-rating eligibility requirements. LIST the change-in-rating methods of conversion. 3
  4. 4. Career IncentivesEnabling Objectives (cont.) IDENTIFY the eligibility requirements and submission procedures for the Assignment to School as a Reenlistment Incentive Program. IDENTIFY the references for Career Incentive Special Programs. IDENTIFY the eligibility requirements and submission procedures for the Twilight Tours Incentive Program. 4
  5. 5. Career IncentivesReference Publications NAVPERS 15560(series), Naval Military Personnel Manual (MILPERSMAN) NAVADMIN 307/07, Career Schools Listing (CSL) for STAR and SCORE Programs, or most current NAVADMIN message 5
  6. 6. Career IncentivesCareer Incentive Programs STAR SCORE GUARD 2000 Change of Rate/Rating School or Special Program Assignments Twilight Tours 6
  7. 7. Career IncentivesSelective Training and Reenlistment(STAR) Program STAR program:  Offers career designation to first term personnel. 7
  8. 8. Career IncentivesSTAR Incentives Assignment to Class “A” school or “C” school (but not both). Advancement to PO2 upon completion of “C” school or “C” school package listed on current Career School Listing (CSL) MILPERSMAN 1510-020 and CSL NAVADMIN 307/07. Advancement to PO3 upon completion of Phase I of AEF Class “A” school. SRB if eligible. 8
  9. 9. Career IncentivesSTAR Eligibility Requirements A Sailor must:  Be recommended by CO.  Be a PO2 or 3 or E-3* serving on first enlistment.  Have at least 21 months but not more than 6 years of total active naval service, or 8 years of total active military service.  Agree to reenlist for 4 to 6 years as required.  Meet minimum test score requirements for “A” or “C” school.  Have no NJP for the last 18 months 9
  10. 10. Career IncentivesSTAR Application Procedures 1306/7 to NPC PERS-811 10
  11. 11. Career IncentivesSelective Conversion andReenlistment (SCORE) Program SCORE program:  Offers career incentives to members who reenlist for conversion to an undermanned rating (CREO 1). 11
  12. 12. Career IncentivesSCORE Incentives Assignment to Class “A” school with rating conversion upon completion. Guaranteed assignment to Class “C” school or “C” school package (if available). Possible advancement under the accelerated advancement program. SRB if eligible. 12
  13. 13. Career Incentives SCORE Eligibility Requirements A Sailor must:  Be a PO1, 2, 3 or *E3.  Have a present rating CREO 2 or 3.  Be recommended by CO.  Meet minimum requirements for “A” school.  Have no NJP on current enlistment or within last 48 months.  Have not derived benefits from SCORE, PRISE III or STAR programs.  Complete OBLISERV requirements for other programs. 13
  14. 14. Career Incentives SCORE Eligibility Requirements (cont.) A Sailor must:  Be within 1 year of EAOS (9 months if on SRB).  Meet TOS/DOD tour requirements.  Have at least 21 months of active naval service but not more than 12 years of total active military service.  Have served 24 months in present rating.  Obtain approval from BUPERS and agree to extend for conversion and reenlist for 4, 5, or 6 years as required.  Meet HYT applicability. 14
  15. 15. Career IncentivesSCORE Application Procedures 1306/7 to NPC PERS-811 15
  16. 16. Career IncentivesGuaranteed Assignment RetentionDetailing (GUARD 2000) Program GUARD 2000:  Offers two guaranteed assignments within a 20 year career. 16
  17. 17. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 (cont.) GUARD 2000:  Restricts eligibility to 17 vice 25 years.  Allows up to 18 months of Prescribed Sea Tour (PST) waivers for first-term Sailors (temporarily rescinded).  Allow detailers greater latitude in assigning Sailors to lower priority requisitions. 17
  18. 18. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 Incentives Two guaranteed assignments during a career:  One on first reenlistment (use it or lose it).  Second may be used any time up to the commencement of 17th year of service, provided HYT limits are not exceeded. 18
  19. 19. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 Choices Sailor may choose from four types of duty:  Type ship/aircraft  Homeport for sea duty  Shore duty in specific location  Mutually agreeable billet 19
  20. 20. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 Eligibility Requirements A Sailor must:  Not be under orders.  Be eligible to reenlist per MPM 1160-030.  Reenlist for at least 4 years beyond EAOS.  Be an E-4 - E-9, or E-3 who has passed an E-4 exam with less than 17 years.  Complete a DOD area tour.  Be eligible for duty requested.  Contact detailer 9-12 months prior to EAOS. 20
  21. 21. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 Advantages Encourages direct communication between Sailor and detailer. Allows first termers to reenlist at EAOS regardless of PST for transfer at completion of PST. Allows for first-termers to be granted up to 18 months of PST waivers (not in effect). 21
  22. 22. Career IncentivesGUARD 2000 Procedures Sailors must:  Contact detailer.  Have a direct one-on-one negotiation with their detailer before a 1306/7 or naval message request is submitted.  This is Critical!  Send 1306/7 or naval message. 22
  23. 23. Career IncentivesChange-in-Rate or Change-in-Rating Opportunity for Sailors to serve in rate or ratings for which they have the greatest aptitude and interest. 23
  24. 24. Career IncentivesWhat is a Change-in-Rate or Change-in-Rating? Change-in-Rate – a lateral change in the apprenticeships in the same pay grade (e.g. SN  FN). Change-in-Rating – a lateral change in occupational skills without change in pay grade (e.g. AT2  ET2). 24
  25. 25. Career IncentivesChange-in-Rating EligibilityRequirements Sailor must:  Be enlisted on active duty (including FTS personnel).  Be a PO1 or below.  Have less than 12 years of active military service.  Request rating in CREO 1.  Have served a minimum of 24 months in current rating.  Not have a current rating in CREO 1. 25
  26. 26. Career IncentivesChange-in-Rating EligibilityRequirements (cont.) Sailor must:  Be eligible for transfer.  Satisfy eligibility requirements for rating requested (ASVAB scores, physical, security, etc.)  Be recommended by CO. Note: If on an enlistment or extension of enlistment for which SRB was paid, will not normally be considered for a change until within 9 months of EAOS. 26
  27. 27. Career IncentivesChange-in-Rating Methods ofConversion Methods of conversion include:  Change of apprenticeship accomplished by CO at Sailor’s request.  Via formal school training.  Through direct conversion.  Through successful completion in a Navy-Wide Advancement Exam.  Through forced conversions. 27
  28. 28. Career IncentivesAssignment to Schoolas a Reenlistment Incentive Provides a guaranteed assignment to a specific school for reenlistment of 4 or more years. 28
  29. 29. Career IncentivesAssignment to School as a ReenlistmentIncentive – Eligibility Requirements A Sailor must:  Meet obligated service requirements per MILPERSMAN.  Meet entrance requirements per CANTRAC.  Meet additional criteria:  Composite training  Sea/Shore rotation  Paygrade vs. skill requirement  Consistent record 29
  30. 30. Career IncentivesAssignment to School as a ReenlistmentIncentive – Submission Requests Assignments will normally occur at PRD. TEMADDINS assignments may occur any time within the members activity tour. 30
  31. 31. Career IncentivesSpecial Programs References MILPERSMAN 1306-400 through 424 MILPERSMAN 1306-900 through 968 NPC PERS-402D, 4010, Rating Detailers 31
  32. 32. Career IncentivesTwilight Tours A Sailor must:  Be eligible for voluntary Non- Disability Retirement per MILPERSMAN 1810-010.  Not have been previously transferred to the Fleet Reserve. 32
  33. 33. Career IncentivesTwilight Tours Incentives Provides a choice of geographic area for the last two years of active duty service prior to 30 year retirement. Are assigned per sea/shore flow. May be more than two years if DOD tour involved. 33
  34. 34. Career IncentivesTwilight Tour Submission Requests Submit to rating detailer on 1306/7. Submit 9-12 months prior to requested commencement of twilight tour. 34
  35. 35. Career IncentivesSummary and Review Where are the applications for STAR forwarded? Under STAR, guaranteed advancement to PO2 is available for Sailors who complete “C” Schools. Where are the ”C” School packages listed? What are the obligated service requirements for STAR/SCORE? 35
  36. 36. Career IncentivesSummary and Review (cont.) How are Guard 2000 requests submitted? How many assignment guarantees are provided for under the GUARD program? When will an assignment to school as a reenlistment incentive normally occur? What is the timeframe for Twilight Tour submissions? 36