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Here is the Veteran's Day Edition of Navy Career Wise and the latest summary from the past few days that may need to be discussed and review among our Sailors and Navy leaders.

These were posted daily in our Navy Career Wise social page as timely as it occurs. Visit for discussion, questions and follow up.

Remember - simplify our communication; use our current tools (i.e. smart phone/tablets) and subscribe to NCW FB Page to catch up on the latest - so we can continue free up our Outlook emails on something more important.

Realized Chief Astro no longer forwards email of this nature and has removed all email distribution and subscribers.

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Navy Career Wise SocialGram 14

  1. 1. Navy Career Wise PRINT Edition. For those who have low bandwidth & limited access online. Compiled from this weeks posting on MSC Social Media Career Page: . For comments & questions contact Chief Editor: NCC(AW/SW/SCW) Astro at Military Sealift Command via your CCC. *** Navy Career Wise Weekly Update & Training *** Here are just some example of notes posted at Navy Career Social page: companies require some form of military ID. Click this Navy Career Wise Link for details on where, when & how: *** Career Tools Free to Active duty members & their Family and Retirees: DANTES & KUDER *** DANTES funds the Kuder Journey, which offers tailored career guidance to our military Service members. Kuder Journey is provided free to active duty, Guard, and Reserve Service members only. Whether at the beginning, middle, or transition stage of their military career, Service members can access this free, lifetime resource anywhere there is an Internet connection, 24/7/365. *** Navy Career Wise Deals #3 of 3: Veteran’s Day Discounts – Retail Stores & More Including Lowes and Home Depot Deals *** Here are some additional Veteran’s Day Discounts. In all cases, be sure to provide proper ID or proof of service. In addition, some of these stores are franchises, so verify participation before assuming the discount is in place. Click the NCW link for the list of establishments & details: *** Deal 2 of 3: Free Park Admissions for Veterans Day *** All National Parks, Busch Parks and much more are free to Veterans & Military family this Veterans Day. Click this Navy Career Wise Link for details on where, when & how: *** Deal 1 of 3: Veteran’s Day Free Meals and Discounts *** Here are some deals for our veterans and military family. Please note that most Retirees, family members, and civilians can purchase a lifetime user code for $35 by contacting Kuder Customer Support at or 877999-6227. In three easy steps and less than 30 minutes, Service members can register for their free account and take all three assessments. No middle man is required to issue tokens or activation codes. 1. Visit: 2. Watch the provided tutorials: User Registration, Overview, How to Take the Assessments, and Job Search Tool (optional) 3. Register as a new user. For more Journey information or training tools, visit the DANTES Counselor Support page or contact: *** January 2014 E7 Navy-Wide Examination and FY-15 Active E7 Selection Board Cycle 222 *** NAVADMIN provides guidance for administration of the cycle 222 E7 Navy-Wide Advancement Examination and the Fy-15 Active E7 Selection Board. It is the responsibility of the candidate and command to ensure the candidate's Official Military Personnel File(OMPF) is up to date and any issue impacting the eligibility of the candidate is identified to Pers-802/81. Read the latest NAVADMIN:
  2. 2. *** San Diego area Counselors: Career Development Course Training Schedule *** There are still 18 seats available for this course (as of Nov 4). This will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. If you plan on sending your sailors this require that the CCC teach one of the topics available in the schedule. Please contact NCC Ortiz of Commander Naval Surface Forces Pacific, N44 CRUDES/AMPHIB ISIC Waterfront Readiness. This will be held at Career Information Center BLDG 3416 San Diego, CA 92136. on the following dates with the following topics: • 18-Nov-13: CIMS / Career Counselor Systems Overview, CWAY, HYT/Reenlistments/Extensions/SRB, Career Management System/Interactive Detailing, , General Advancement Information, US Military Apprenticeship Program, Conversion Opportunities, Commissioning Programs, Career Development Boards (New Video) & Retirements/Fleet Reserve • 19-Nov-13: VA Benefits, Online Career Tools/Online Resources, Transition Assistance, Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) For details and to register call: (619)556-9205. *** Career Waypoints Delayed and Extended *** Ongoing maintenance affecting Career Waypoints has negatively impacted our ability to release September results and your ability to submit October applications based on September results. We intend to extend the submission window for October applications until Friday, November 8, to allow you time to review and submit October applications. We expect Career Waypoints to be back online later this week and we'll be able to release results at that time. *** Hampton Roads / Norfolk Counselors Monthly Training *** Area Wide Career Counselor training will be held Thursday November 21 at CEP-86 from 0900-1200. This is a mandatory monthly training to all 9588 and Career Counselors. •When: Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:00 AM-12:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada). •Where: NAVAL STATION NORFOLK BLDG CEP-86 Topics: Setting up a program, Quarterly Retention Team Meeting Monthly Report. *** Navy Career Wise Discussion: The new Black Coverall or the current NWU as Uniform *** Which uniform at sea would you rather have, the current blue camouflage Navy Working Uniform (NWU) or the new flame-resistant coveralls (as pictured... here) that will begin to hit the fleet in December (also sport ball caps, which will make a big comeback in the fleet, a top admiral said). For those who complained about the NWU - this is your answered prayer: black coverall. Is this too soon? Velcro nameplate? Tell us your thoughts on this discussion link.:
  3. 3. *** Advancement and Time and Rate *** The basic requirement to be eligible for advancement is TIR. There are certain elements that must be reviewed and defined to understand TIR. You must understand (1) how many months TIR you are required to have to be eligible for the next highest paygrade; (2) when does your TIR date start for your present rate; and (3) when does the computation for a particular cycle end or in other words Terminal Eligibility Date (TED). For more specific details and examples and scenarios please view the latest Navy Career Wise Info-Graphics: *** Trouble Assistance: Transition Assistance Program (TAP) *** The TAP website has been decommissioned and its functionalities have moved to a new TAP web application. These functionalities include allowing the Transition Counselor to create checklist DD Forms for Service members transitioning to civilian life (specifically DD Form 2648, DD Form 2648-1, and DD Form 2958) as well as view TAP Reports. In addition to these capabilities, the new site allows a Transition Counselor to manage Transition GPS attendance data and to view Service member's VMET documents. To visit the new site, please select the following link: For further assistance, please contact the Transition Assistance Helpdesk *** Open Jobs / Ratings for Sailors *** Professional Apprentice Career Track (PACT) Program has the following Rating Entry General Apprentice (REGA) Quota for the Month of October 2013 & the ratings that have the greatest opportunity for approval and a need for PACT Sailors are: - Aviation (A-PACT): ABE, ABF, ABH, AO - Engineering (E-PACT): DC, EM & EN - Surface (S-PACT): CS (with SRB Available), OS, BM. For actual quotas visit the NPC CWAY website. Don't Forget: Career Development Board is a must prior to selecting a rate for your strikers/undesignated Sailors. (NCC A) ***More Computer Updates: BOL is still Not Accessible *** NPC has refreshed the BOL about detailing and enlisted placement, but upgrades are still underway for BUPERS Online (BOL) access as of Nov 7. Full BOL restoration dates are unknown; tasks may take longer to accomplish. See FAQs for workarounds (updated 31 OCT) by clicking this: For hands-on help, call (866) 827-5672 (NC1 P) *** Wanted : Navy Career Wise Social Media Admin Volunteers *** If you are interested – during your spare time outside your duty as Navy Counselor - in joining the Navy Career Wise Team as Content Creator, Info-Graphics artist, Photographer, Social Media Administrator for YouTube, Twitter & Slideshare: Start posting your input for at least 3 weeks – as yourself (as if you are the admin and want to see how savvy and well verse you are on Navy rules, counseling and Social Media) on NCW Facebook Page and then email or if you are ready to commit on this volunteer effort. Details and requirements are posted on Navy Career Wise Facebook Page.